20 Jan 2016

Sir Tim Hunt To Leave Britain: How Feminists Chased Away One Of Britain’s Geniuses

Feminists have chased away one of Britain’s finest scientific minds. Sir Tim Hunt, the Nobel prize-winning scientist who was forced to resign from an honorary professorship at University College London (UCL) after false allegations of sexism is now set to leave Britain for Japan.
By Allum Bokhari: Hunt was accused of sexism after aggrieved progressive journalists took Hunt’s ironic, self-deprecating comments about being a “chauvinist monster” and presented them as genuine. One of the journalists, Connie St Louis, was later found to have a history of exaggerated claims – most notably on her CV.
A recording of Hunt’s speech eventually exonerated him, revealing not only that his comments were a joke, but that he had also gone on to praise the achievements of women in science. The President of the Royal Society eventually conceded that Hunt should not have had to resign, and had been the victim of a “Twitter and Media storm.”
Hunt said he had been “hung out to dry” by UCL, who had given him the choice of resigning or being fired.
Sir Tim, along with his wife, Professor Mary Collins, are now planning to leave their long-time home in Hertfordshire and move to Japan, a country far removed from western panics about sexism.

Boys Have Been Abandoned By The Gender Equality Bandwagon

I plan to examine the impact of academia’s foremost weapon in the fight for equal opportunities for women – Athena Swan. I intend to question the most sacred academic cow and stimulate open discussion on equal opportunities itself.
The rationale behind equality of opportunity is the idea of increasing the pool of talent from which selection occurs. This lies at the heart of meritocracy and this is what these policies are about. For example, the Royal Society explains that it: “…fosters excellence in science. But this can only be achieved if we select from the widest range of talent and that’s not possible if unconscious bias is narrowing down the field for non-scientific reasons”.
I will argue that there are two other equally vital ingredients to a fully functioning meritocracy.
Firstly, a level playing field where the rules are fair to those playing the game. Secondly, effort and our ability as a society to cultivate it (here we could look at the role of the family as well as the workplace but I will leave that discussion till another day). These are key to the whole meritocratic formula and often get left out.

Ode To An Unsung Hero

By : For as long as I can remember, feminists have portrayed the working life of men as a privilege. Work was a gift to be sought after. Men escaped the drudgery that confronted the housebound wife. Work was freedom.
Some of what feminists said about work was true. Some, perhaps many men, preferred to march off to their job each day rather than stay at home. It would certainly, in some instances, have been more stimulating and engaging than changing dirty nappies (diapers). Of course the unrivaled joy of bonding with your flesh and blood, watching first steps and hearing first words is never mentioned by feminists. I remember my mum playing her weekly games of badminton and going to other classes with her best friends, our neighbors, while their hubbies worked. Mum worked hard at home, but she also socialized, laughed, drank tea and ate cake in the company of people she called friends, hardly hell on earth.
Would some women have longed for something more in their lives? Yes, of course. So what?
How many men who were breaking their backs digging ditches at 7:00am on a frosty morning and longed for something more?

A Supportive Message To Boogie2988

Warning: video contains extreme feels.

The Story You Aren’t Being Told About Iran Capturing Two American Vessels

By Justin King (TFC): The airwaves in the United States were filled with images of sailors on their knees while a US Navy vessel was searched. Unjustified outrage swept the nation. The US Secretary of Defense blamed the incident on a simple navigation error, however a chain of events leading back to 2009 demonstrates the facts are a little more complicated than first appear. The chain of events leads defense analysts to one unmistakable conclusion: Iran has the ability to disrupt US GPS systems. For western military analysts, the thought is terrifying.
The West uses GPS for much more than replacing a compass and a map.
In 2009, Lockheed Martin’s RQ-170 Sentinel showed up on a runway in Kandahar, Afghanistan. The aircraft entered service two years earlier, but the public was unaware. The bat wing styled drone is reminiscent of the Stealth Bomber. The similarities extend beyond the cosmetic, and the RQ-170 is the premier spy drone in the US fleet. This was the drone used to map out Bin Laden’s compound. It was tasked with keeping an eye on Iran’s nuclear program. That’s when things got interesting.
On December 4, 2011 a RQ-170 Sentinel crashed into the Iranian countryside. Iran claimed its electronic warfare unit brought the plane down. The US Department of Defense stated the aircraft was flying over western Afghanistan and crashed near or in Iran. The aircraft was 140 miles inside Iran’s borders.

The Collapse Of Parenting

Mainstream magazine affirms the importance of parental authority
"A functional family unit hinges on the one social construct that contemporary society has been working hard to dismantle: hierarchy."
By Cathy Gulli: The Collapse of Parenting: Time for Parents to Grow Up (Excerpts by Henry Makow):
A functional family unit hinges on the one social construct that contemporary society has been working hard to dismantle: hierarchy. "You need a strong alpha presentation to inspire a child to trust you and depend upon you," says [Vancouver psychologist, Gordon] Neufeld of parents. "If we don't have enough natural power then we're hard-pressed to [make] the demand or [set] the limit" for children. "The parent always has to be honoured as the ultimate person," he continues. "We need to put parents back in the driver's seat." ... That's partly why a "culture of disrespect" has sprouted in North America. As kids have become less attached to and influenced by the adults in their lives, same-age peers have come to matter more to them.

"Unhinged" - Circumcision Key To Jewish Psyche?

Endocrinologist traced Jewish behavior to an hormonal imbalance caused by circumcision.
Henry Makow: Roger Dommergue was the half-Jewish scion of a wealthy French family that converted to Christianity. He was raised by his Jewish maternal grandmother but was not circumcised. He fought with the Free French air force during World War Two and was a Freemason for a while. He earned PhD in Psychopathogy and was a professor and controversial writer.  These notes were compiled by Bert from the subtitles of an YouTube interview in French. Thank you Bert! [Editor's Note: I present this for your information and reserve judgment.]  - See more at: http://henrymakow.com/2014/09/Circumcision-Explains-Jewish-Psyche.html#sthash.VmYJ8DfV.dpuf  On what do we blame, or can we blame, objectively, the Jewish mindset? [which is becoming universal] "To be able to win in one operation 500 billion francs, and crash the Bank of England with one phone call, you have to be a Jew... I found the origin of this Jewish speculation -- this speculative-parasitic mind, Jewish of course, which for 5,000 years... has weighed down on the entire planet; it's the 8th day circumcision which we'll talk about...

Storm Clouds Gathering In Iran And Saudi Arabia

Luke Rudkowsi interviews Aaron Hawkins of Storm Clouds Gathering in a remote area south of the border where Aaron is building a secret intelligence hub. The two discuss important developments with the control of oil with two major factions Saudi Arabia with U.S and Iran with Russia.