23 Jan 2016

Fine Print Reality v Big Print Dreams

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss all the small print taking away the big print hopes and dreams. In the second half, Max interviews Dr. Chris Day of 54000doctors.org and his lawyer, Tim Johnson, about the recent strike by junior doctors and the war against whistleblowers paving the way for privatisation.

Freemasonry Has Doomed Western Society

Henry Makow: Is there any hope for a society that allows a satanic cult bent on its destruction to operate openly, and embraces its members as its leaders? "Freemasonry" is the lever satanist bankers use to control the world. Even the alternate media will talk about the "Jews" but rarely mention Freemasons.  In this vintage essay, aimed at a Muslim audience, Ernst Zundel provides an overview of Freemasonry and its power.
"So deeply accustomed are Westerners to the acceptance of these secret societies in their midst that they have no misgivings in electing or appointing known Freemasons to public office..."
By Ernst Zundel: Unknown to most people ... is the tremendous power and influence exercised in the Western world by some branches of a politicized Freemasonry and all its cover organizations, such as the Kiwanis, Rotary, Lions, etc.

Gregory Alan Elliott found Not Guilty In Twitter "harassment" Case

"Some fantastic news to start the weekend with, Gregory Alan Elliott has been found Not Guilty in Twitter "harassment" case. The case is expected to set a precedent for on line harassment cases, which will be absolutely fantastic going forward." 5hadowfax


“Bodie is getting dead.”
By The Dissident Dad: Those were the words out of my 4-year-old’s mouth as the vet was on her way to our house to put down our 15-year-old German Shepard.
While this event was traumatic enough, within 12 hours, my children came face to face with yet another death.  We noticed buzzards circling in the backyard, and when the kids went to see what had happened, the only thing left was a cat’s tail. 10-month-old kitten Queen Elsa was dead.
Due to these two events, the last 24 hours has been a pretty sad period over at the Ameduri home, with the topic of death front and center. As far as the dog, the kids asked a dozen times why we didn’t just let Bodie pass — why did the vet have to give him a shot? We explained that it was the humane thing to do, and that by doing so we helped our dog avoid the pain of not being able to walk, use the restroom, and potentially even starvation due to a loss of appetite.
It’s funny, I’ve never given much thought about the right to death debate, but as I was explaining why it was humane to kill our dog, I couldn’t help but think about why it wouldn’t be just as humane to allow a person to do the same if they so desired. While I’m not going to open up that can of worms, I started to appreciate the notion that individuals should have the freedom to chose how they want to end their own lives.

Farrakhan - Alex Jones Interview (Full Version)

In a very honest and informative session, the Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan sat down for an interview and a dialogue with Alex Jones of Infowars.com. The approximately 90-minute session covered important subjects and must be heard in its entirety.

Sliman Mansour And The Art Of Steadfastness

By Linda Paganelli: The history of modern Palestine can be traced through the work of its artists.
After the 1948 ethnic cleansing of Palestine, what has become known as the Nakba, the theme of refugees — “hopeless, helpless and without homes” — dominated.
But, as veteran artist Sliman Mansour explains, after the emergence of the armed struggle in the 1960s, “Palestinian art became proud.”
“The Palestinian woman with her nice dress, flowing hair and long neck: the woman is a symbol of the revolution,” he says.

Airbnb Told To Cease Profiting From Israel’s War Crimes

By Ryan Rodrick Beiler: Airbnb, the popular travel website, is the target of a new campaign against its listings of accommodation in the settlements built by Israel in the occupied West Bank.
Five organizations launched a campaign called Stolen Homes on Wednesday calling on Airbnb “to immediately stop listing vacation rentals in Israeli settlements, all of which were built on stolen Palestinian land and deemed illegal under international law.”
A petition notes that “through earning fees from settlement vacation rentals, Airbnb is directly profiting from the continuing occupation and dispossession of Palestinians.”
The petition is supported by the US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, American Muslims for Palestine, Jewish Voice for Peace, the US Palestinian Community Network and Codepink.
Earlier this month, +972 Magazine reported that not only does Airbnb list accommodation in Israeli settlements, but that without exception the listings do no mention that they are located on occupied land.

Settlement profiteering

The issue has since been covered in the Israeli and international media.

Starvation Propaganda Against Syria: ‘Syrian Girl’ Explains

British Doctors Accuse Israel Of Medical Torture

By Stephen Lendman: Seventy-one UK doctors along with 343 academics want the Israeli Medical Association and its members expelled from the World Medical Association.
They want joint projects with Israeli universities banned. They accused Israeli doctors ofmedical torture on Palestinian patients.
Thousands of Palestinians are imprisoned solely for political reasons. Vital medical care when needed is routinely denied or inadequately provided, pain meds substituting for treatment, causing needless suffering, at times resulting in death.
In 2000, former Israeli Abu Kabir forensic institute head Dr. Yehuda Hiss accused Israel of killing Palestinians to harvest their organs.
Interviewed on Israel’s Channel 2 at the time, he said “(w)e started to harvest corneas. (What) was done was (unethical). No permission was asked from…famil(ies)” of victims.
The 1990s-aired Channel 2 report said Abu Kabir forensic specialists harvested skin, corneas, heart valves and bones from bodies of Israeli soldiers, its citizens, Palestinians and foreign workers – without obtaining legal authorization.