26 Jan 2016

Making A Murderer: Public Faith / Internet Justice

When the public loses faith in the justice system, what happens next? Feminism LOL

The Great Wall Of Lauren Southern

Why is nearly every popular libertarian woman blonde? Diversity in this movement sucks!... That Guy T.

Feminist Fairy Tale: Boy Gets Drunk - Boy Harasses Girl - Boy Shamed

That’s what a recent BBC report would have us believe. If it’s not males' raucous and drunken behaviour at fault, then it’s the media pushing those patriarchal Hollywood rom coms that teach girls they have to surrender to male heroes to score themselves. Umm.
Funnily, the Sheffield University louts who the BBC featured didn’t seem to me to have much in common with George Clooney.

Red Doors & Wristbands: Britain’s Secret Apartheid Systems

By Michaela Whitton (ANTIMEDIA): A private firm housing U.K. asylum seekers announced on Monday that it will stop making refugees wear red wristbands after their stigmatising identification policy was met with a public outcry.
Clearsprings Ready Homes in Cardiff has a contract with the Home Office to provide accommodation to those seeking asylum in the city. Since May 2015, the firm has operated a policy of issuing asylum seekers with the red plastic bands which they were instructed to wear at all times. The distinctive wristbands entitled asylum seekers, who are not permitted to work, to three meals a day.
Residents of Cardiff’s Lynx House who provide initial accommodation for asylum seekers spoke to the Guardian under condition of anonymity. They claim the wristbands further stigmatise them in what is already a hostile environment. In a statement on Monday, Clearsprings Ready Homes said the sinister identification techniques would cease from January 25th and that they would find “alternative ways of managing the fair provision of support.”

Deflating Oil market

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss that there is no story that is not true and what is good among one group of people is often an abomination with others. They look at negative oil prices and energy sector job cuts in the days of high leverage and low investment. In the second half Max interviews author and former investment banker Nomi Prins of the Strategic Intelligence Newsletter about the global economic depression, as central banks attempt to taper a ponzi.

Someone Made A List Of American Politicians That Admitted The System Is Controlled By Special Interests

By CoNN (ANONHQ): Politicians are all corrupt; those few who do initially join to “help the people” either soon get corrupted, or are mulched out of the system. None are more corrupt than those who are at the very top of American politics; the so-called survivors.”
The Intercept’s Jon Schwarz has collected several quotes from politicians; some who made the mistake of admitting their own wrong-doings, and others who were “whistleblowing” on the corrupt nature of American politics. Have a gander at the following quotable quotes, as uncovered over two articles by Schwarz and The Intercept’s discerning readers:
I gave to many people, before this, before two months ago, I was a businessman. I give to everybody. When they call, I give. And do you know what? When I need something from them two years later, three years later, I call them, they are there for me. And that’s a broken system.” — Donald Trump in 2015, attempting to explain that the system was corrupt by pointing out that he was the cause of some large part of said corruption. Don’t vote for the guy who claims to want to help you; vote for ME, I’m already corrupt!”

Domestic Violence Shelters In Canada: Official Records

TheSkeptic Feminist seems to have missed this bit of info. But they seem sincere, so bringing it to their attention (and yours, faithful insert bad wordage here viewer) seems prudent.

Wedgie Hates’s Petition - International Men’s Day (2016)

Establishments such as York University and the BBC (to name a couple) have shown hatred and vilification towards men and that will be met with truth force and non-violent opposition.
In response to the hatred and vilification of men by establishments such as York University in relation to International Men's Day  2015, IMD 2016 is planned to be a day for men to go their own way and live Saturday 19 November 2016 according to their own best interests for a full 24 hours.
Whether that's a bbq and steak with the guys and a few beers or staying home playing video games, this will be a day for men to reject cultural expectations, take the day off work and do what they want.
IMD 2016 falls on a Saturday so it should be much easier for men to stay off work this day, but men everywhere are being called on to take the day off work.
If you are prepared to support men and refuse to work on IMD 2016, then please sign the petition.

There Are Parts Of Britain Where More Men Than Women Are Killed By Partners Of The Opposite Sex

By Male victims of domestic violence are being urged to report their suffering following a rise in the number of men killed by women in the home.
Nationally, the number of women killed through domestic violence is double that of men but in some parts of Britain, it’s the other way round.
In Cornwall, men made up four out of the five most recent victims.
Authorities say they have been trying to tackle the issue following a review which suggested there could be a ‘chink in the chain of support for males’.
The majority of deaths in domestic abuse cases are usually carried out by current or former partners, including heterosexual and homosexual couples, but the figures also include family members such as siblings and parents.
One of the few male-only refuges nationally was introduced in Cornwall just over a year ago, in a secret location.
Mark, not his real name, spent several months at the male-only refuge after he escaped a violent relationship that left him hospitalised several times.