2 Feb 2016

How Rothschilds Use America To Dodge BILLIONS In Taxes

Submitted by Tyler Durden: Back in September 2012 we first presented “the world’s biggest hedge fund nobody had ever heard of”: a small, previously unknown company called Braeburn Capital which, however, managed more cash than even Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater, the world’s largest hedge fund.
How had the little firm operating out of a non-descript office building in Nevada achieved this claim to fame? By managing the cash hoard (now well over $200 billion) of the world’s biggest and most valuable company: Apple.
But what was perhaps more notable is where Braeburn was physically located: Reno, Nevada.
We explained the company’s choice for location with one simple word: “taxes,” or rather the full, and very much legal, avoidance thereof.
Three and a half years later we encounter this quiet Nevada town once again, and once again it is Reno’s aura of tax evasion that brings is to the world’s attention courtesy of a Bloomberg report discussing “The World’s Favorite New Tax Haven.”
Only instead of Apple this time, the focus falls on a far more notorious company: the Rothschilds.

Jewdas - A Glimpse Into Jewish Left Duplicity

By Gilad Atzmon: The Zionist UK Jewish Chronicle reported last weekend that Jewdas, a so-called  ‘Left’ Jewish group, recently participated in an Anti-Fa march in Dover against ‘right wing extremists’ who oppose the entry of Syrian refugees into the Kingdom.
In fact, many British humanists and ethically oriented beings agree that the UK should provide shelter to refugees from a battle zone, especially when it is Britain that made Iraq, Syria and the entire region into a battle zone. One could anticipate that ‘Left’ Jews would be at the forefront of a call to help Syrian and Iraqi refugees because Jewish Leftistsought to know that the 2003 criminal war against Islam in particular and Arabs in general was an immoral Zio-con operation. The Jewdasses must know that it was Lord Levy and the Labour Friends Of Israel who were Tony Blair’s leading fundraisers when Britain was taken into that criminal war. They should certainly remember that Jewish Chronicle writers David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen were the leading advocates for the war within British media.
So it was not a surprise that Jewdas joined the Anti-Fa campaign for Syrian refugees.  But astoundingly, none of the expected humanist concerns brought Jewdas to the streets of Dover. In fact, it was the other way around. Crude Jewish self-centric interests motivated Jewdas.

UK Bottom Of The World Exam League. Yet Still The Blob Boasts Of Success

The OECD has published a new report on the literacy and the numeracy attainment of 16 to 19-year-olds across 23 developed countries. England comes bottom of the list for literacy and second from bottom for numeracy. This, more or less, gives England the educational status of 'hopeless' and close to being 'beyond repair'. Remarkably, the Department for Education's response has been to tell is us, once again, how well it has been doing. We "are pleased", it commented, that "the OECD recognises the progress we have made..." .
If bottom position on international league tables of attainment constitutes "progress" one has to wonder whether the description 'delusional' is adequate to describe the government department that has responsibility for our schools. Placing so many pupils on a kind of educational death row to illiteracy, innumeracy and unemployment is a wicked betrayal of young people. It is, also, has the potential seriously to undermine our economy. It is evident that should the supply of skilled immigrant labour ever dry up, it would be disastrous for many employers.

Russian New Culinary Movement

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss sweethearts, strippers and 666 as Valentine’s Day comes early for the devils at the UK’s tax office. They also play a video clip from an interview with Boris Akimov of LavkaLavka restaurant (lavkalavka.com) in Moscow discussing sanctions, GMOs and hipsters. In the second half, Max interviews Kerry-Anne Mendoza of TheCanary.co about Osborne’s Britain, where austerity-induced suicides are up double digit percentages and the taxpayer is losing billions on stealthly but massive privatizations of state assets.


Jews Lead Drive For Wars & Immigration In Europe: Bernard Kouchner: Portrait Of A Warmonger & Immigrationist

Commentary by David Duke: While most visitors to my site are aware that a minority of 2% of the American population effectively runs the country, with Jewish names and faces abounding in government, finance, and the media. And it is hardly a leap to connect this Jewish control with the wars and replacement immigration and cultural degeneracy we see around us. But what about Europe, where the Jewish population is so much smaller?
Well, Jews are able to exercise similar levels of control even when their numbers are minuscule. In France, whose Jewish population is the largest in Europe, Jews are less that 1% of the population but still dominate the country, which along with Holocaust guilt-emasculated Germany leads the EU.
Below is an excellent case study from The Occidental Observer. Bernard Kouchner is one of the leading figures in France’s Socialist Party. Half Jewish, he claims that to be half-Jew is to be twice Jewish. He was the foreign minister in the cabinet of conservative President Sarkozy, himself a quarter Jewish, which by Kouchner calculus should make him four times Jewish. Obviously tribal affiliation is more important than party affiliation.  
Kouchner laughs when questioned about reports of organ trafficking under his watch in Kosovo.

Mike Buchanan's Discussion With The Radical Feminist Oxymoronic 'Shadow Minister For "Women" & Equalities'

Mike Buchanan was debating the issue of the gender pay gap with radical feminist Kate Green MP, Shadow inister for Women & Equalities.

William Collins's piece on the gender pay gap is here: http://stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/uk-gender-income-propaganda.html

The Rape Culture Over There

75% of converts to Islam in the UK are female. Explain that, Rape-culture-theorists. 3rd link: "The mother reigns supreme in Islam and even grown men have to respect and obey them" There is no rape culture. It is not a thing. johntheother.

Gender Is NOT A Social Construct! Says Transvestite MHRA

"It's very interesting to me how the same people that will say that gender is a social construct, will be the same people that are for transgenderism and who say that trans identities are legitimate. ...I am living proof that gender is not a social construct!" Blaire White.

36 Questions An Anti-Feminist Woman Has For Feminists