4 Feb 2016

Women Are Tragic Victims Of The Prison System. Righto. Not Like Men, Then

Via R [J4MB]: Here’s one for you: In today’s Guardian there is a story concerning the death of a woman in prison, apparently by suicide – ‘Sarah Reed was a tragic victim of how the prison system treates women’.
Now we know that the overwhelming majority (90%+) of people who commit suicide in prisons and Young Offender Institutions are men, but given this story is in the Guardian, we cannot be surprised that the female journo (Frances Crook) makes no mention of that minor detail. Indeed she shows no sympathy whatsoever towards the large number of men and boys who commit suicide whilst in the hands of the criminal justice system.
The thrust of the article is how badly women are treated by the criminal justice system and in prisons, and especially in the context of women with mental health issues…..
But I bring this to your attention, not for the article itself, but for this amazing comment… and I leave to your judgment if a woman would have been treated this way…  SoBinary  7h ago 2021
“The way in which “difficult” people in this country with mental health issues are treated is scandalous.
I watched my local hospital leave someone to die on the pavement outside and I can’t find anyone in authority who cares, or even admits its a problem.

How I Found My Identity As A Man

By Henry Makow Ph.D.: "It helps to see heterosexual love as a mystical dance. The male leads; the female follows. You can't have a graceful dance without each partner playing his part."
This is the first article I wrote for the Internet  almost 16 years ago. 
It describes how I learned to obey my masculine instincts. 
The male is dominant in a heterosexual relationship. 
The Cabalists (Satanists) are messing with the fundamental laws of the universe (yin-yang; active-passive) by promoting female dominance in order to make us their neutered minions
When I was 21 years old, and living in Israel, I received a letter from my mother. She had taken my savings and invested in a town house.
"Now, you are a mensch," she said. I wondered what she meant. How did owning a house make me "a man?" I came of age at a time when youth was "looking for identity."

Zika Hype Spreading Panic Pandemic + The Government Is Weaning Us Off Cash

"Brazil knocking down doors, Thailand saying meh, so what. ...Purchase Zika on-line from the Rockefeller foundation!?"

Will You Keep Your Son Intact Or Mutilate His Genitals?

An interview with renowned midwife Gloria Lemay, advocate for birth freedom, breastfeeding and genital integrity for all children. Gloria talks about discussing protecting genital integrity with parents to be.

Jonathan B's Letter From The UK, Pts. 1 & 2

Jonathan B's Letter: "Dear Sir, I am writing in response to your podcast of 3 November seeking information as to why black men marry women that are not black and what caused them to do so.

Millionaire UK Plumber Is Ordered To Pay His Lithuanian Former Cleaner Girlfriend Huge Slice Of His Fortune - Even Though They Were NEVER Married

By Mike Buchanan: An extract from this news article should give you a flavour of the piece:

He paid himself £150,000-a-year from his plumbing empire, and gave her an annual salary of up to £93,000 for a job which did not require her to work. [My emphasis]
When they split after nine years, Miss Cerniauskaite, who now works as a businesswoman and model, [Note: she’s 47] claimed she had a right to their £650,000 second home in the village of Sawbridgeworth, Hertfordshire.
Mr Hoggins contested that he paid the house’s £100,000 deposit, the mortgage costs and all the bills after buying it in 2009. But a judge at a hearing at the First-Tier Tribunal in London has ruled the property is, and always was, Miss Cerniauskaite’s alone.
The money Mr Hoggins ploughed into the home was a ‘gift’ by a ‘generous’ man, Judge Ann McAllister ruled. [My emphasis]
She added: ‘There is no doubt that John was extremely generous in these years and that considerable sums of money passed through his hands.

Read What The Professor Who Helped Expose The US, Flint Water Scandal Said About Science And Academia In 2016

It was the injustice of it all and that the very agencies that are paid to protect these residents from lead in water, knew or should’ve known after June at the very very latest of this year, that federal law was not being followed in Flint, and that these children and residents were not being protected, and the extent to which they went to cover this up exposes a new level of arrogance and uncaring that I have never encountered.
– Virginia Tech Professor, Marc Edwards
By Michael Krieger: Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past several weeks, you’ll be aware of the extremely sad and infuriating water scandal that has been exposed in Flint, Michigan. Marc Edwards, a courageous and ethical professor of civil-engineering at Virginia Tech University, played a major role in exposing this public health danger as well as the inexcusable efforts of scientists and public officials to cover it up.

Is Feminism Really Dying?

Email from viewer: Hello Badgers In episode 37 of Honey Badger Radio you briefly talked about the death of feminism, everyone seemed fairly confident about feminism dying, it was claimed that it's current saturation is due in part to feminists knowing the game is up and wanting to make as much noise as possible - going out with a bang. I've got to say, it really doesn't feel like it's on it's way out any time soon. It is absolutely everywhere, it is endorsed, funded and promoted by powerful establishments and institutions.