6 Feb 2016

Gilad Atzmon In Conversation With Harold Channer

By Gilad Atzmon: We spoke about Bernie Sanders, Jeremy Corbyn and the post political condition, Jewish Identity politics, Israeli brutality, jazz beauty and more.

Gilad Atzmon On How Israel Controls Dissent

Holocaust industry, False flags and Jewish Controlled opposition... is there any hope left? - Richie Allen Radio Show

Kathy Gyngell: Lessons In BBC Newspeak. Don’t Say Pro-Abortion, Say Pro-Choice

But if we needed an example of how far the BBC has transgressed in this duty – which we don’t – it would be this extract from the BBC’s Style Guide (the document which dictates how BBC journalists write) on the issue of abortion.
This applies whatever your personal views are on the matter.
This, if a reporter is covering an abortion debate in Parliament for example, is what he must do:
"Avoid (the words) pro-abortion, and use pro-choice instead. (Because)
Campaigners favour a woman's right to choose, rather than abortion itself. And use anti-abortion rather than pro-life, except where it is part of the title of a group's name”.
Unbiased? Neutral? Impartial? I think not.

Ricky Gervais Said It Best - On Feminists And SJWs

Climate Change Terrorists Face Fuck My Immortal Rulers - The FKN Newz

"ISIS aimlessly driving gas guzzling pickup trucks around the desert producing vast amounts of deadly CO2. A statement on their website also claims it was they who deforested the continent and introduced a rapacious consumer economy around the world fuelled by the burning of fossil fuels and the unnecessary production of shit nobody needs! ...World leaders have condemned the atrocities in their video and its message. America's secretary of defence described it as horribly accurate adding that he couldn't watch them, 'burning our oil, in our vehicles, wearing our uniforms, carrying our weapons flaunting it all in public, as if the greatest military power in the world couldn't do anything to stop them." Deek Jackson

Feminist Rot At Ryerson University In Canada

Professor Fiamengo discusses the bizarre rationale used by feminists at Ryerson University in order to silence men on campus while claiming that men attempt to silence women, a classic case of projection. Fiamengo is deeply concerned about the growing power that feminists exercise is silencing others at North American universities.

UN Rules Julian Assange Is “Arbitrarily Detained”

By Paul Craig Roberts: The United Nations Working Group on Arbitrary Detention has ruled that Wikileaks’ Julian Assange has been arbitrarily detained by the democraticgovernments of Sweden and the UK and is entitled to his freedom and compensation for detention by the two “democratic” governments.
At the beginning of Assange’s arbitary detention, I said that the detention was in violation of the rights of asylum and is akin to the Soviet Government’s refusal to allow Cardinal Mindszenty free passage from the US Embassy in Hungary when he was granted political asylum by the US government. I pointed out that in our time Washington now behaves like the Soviet dictatorship half a century ago.
The illegal actions of the Swedish and UK governments were on the orders of Washington, the corrupt government of which is determined to get Assange for publishing leaked documents revealing the criminality and mendacity of the US government.
Washington and its UK vassal claim to be defenders of the rule of law, but, of course, both governments are lawless. We will see if the rulihg has any effect on the behavior of “the two great champions of liberty.” My prediction is that the gang of criminals in Washington will not allow its vassal governments to abide by the UN decision. I hope that I am wrong.

Donald Trump Ted Cruz Goldman Sachs And The Zionist Oligarchs

Former Republican Member of the House of Representatives-LA Dr. David Duke discusses Donald Trump, The Zionist control over the candidates of both parties for President of the United States and the possibility that Donald Trump could be the first President in our lifetimes who puts America First!