9 Feb 2016

Arab MKs [Members Knesset] Suspended For Being Arabs

'the ‘Jewish democracy’ is way more Jewish than Greek.'
By Gilad Atzmon: The Knesset's Ethics Committee decided yesterday to suspend Arab MKs Haneen Zoabi, Basel Ghattas and Jamal Zahalka from meetings of the Knesset and its committees. Mr. Zoabi and Mr. Ghattas have been suspended for four months, and Mr. Zahalka for two months. 
Their crime: the three Arab Joint List members dared to meet with families of Palestinian freedom fighters who gave their lives in the battle to free their land. 
The Arab Joint List issued a statement saying: "The vengeful punishment will not deter us and we will continue fighting against policies of racism and fascism, and in favour of true equality and true democracy, which Netanyahu is trying with all of his power to destroy." 
Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu addressed the Knesset. "We will not accept a situation in which members of Knesset support the families of the murderers of Israeli civilians, and stand in memory of those who murdered our children. There's a limit. There's such as thing as national respect.” In his desperate attempt to equate the legitimate Palestinian resistance to occupation with Isis criminality, Netanyahu said,

Efficacy Of Capitalism

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the efficacy of capitalism as profits remain high and with no competition on the horizon to put a dent in those high profit margins. They discuss hedge funds and bankers unhappy with the “new Spain” where justice is imposed and also at the “folly for the ages” as a major energy company liquidates itself through financialization gone wrong. In the second half, they look at the peer-to-peer lending Ponzi schemes imploding in China and at #icechallengeputin

5 Laws Of Human Stupidity - MGTOW

A short overview of Carlo M. Cipolla's "The Basic Laws of Human Stupidity" with my own exposition and commentary.

Should Women Register For Military Service?

There's talks of requiring women for register for selective service in the USA. Chris Christie, Jeb Bush, and Marco Rubio all say yes. Ted Cruz said no. Here are my thoughts. Julie Borowski

Mark Pearson On Being Wrongly Accused Of Sexual Assault

Mark Pearson And Erin Pizzey Interviewed On ITV ‘This Morning’. Erin is brought into the discussion at 4:37.

‘A Quarter Of A Million’ UK Students Now Using Sugar Daddies, According To App

A leading sugar daddy app says it now has almost a quarter of a million UK students on its books. 
BBC: Seeking Arrangement claims it's seen a 40% growth in the last year in young women joining.
The figures are based on email address sign-ups, so some accounts could be people with multiple accounts, while the term students includes part-time workers and trainees.
What's not clear either is how many of the users are "active" and go on dates.
Official figures released last month suggested a rise in crimes linked to dating apps and are also leading to an increase in the rates of sexually transmitted infections, according to doctors.
Last year a study found that more than a fifth of students had thought about being involved in the sex industry.
One in 20 students who took part said they'd worked either in glamour modelling, web-cam modelling, stripping or prostitution.

Lucy DeCoutere, The Face Of False Accusers

"You kicked my ass last night and that makes me want to fuck your brains out." johntheother

When Racist Jewiah Israel Turns Houses Into Jails

By Budour Youssef Hassan: Fadi Shaludi, 14, has not left his house since November. Every day, he sees the children from his neighborhood go off to school. He especially misses playing football with his friends and walking around Jerusalem’s Old City.
Fadi is under house arrest. He fears going downstairs, let alone to the corner shop next to his home. His punishment came after he was charged with throwing stones at Israeli troops during confrontations in Silwan, the area of occupied East Jerusalem where he lives, in October.
That incident also resulted in his mother, Shifa Obeido, being put under house arrest on charges of “incitement.” She awaits a trial that will likely see her forcibly transferred from Jerusalem.
Originally from Hebron, Shifa was granted temporary residency and began a family unification process after marrying a Jerusalemite. Her residency was revoked, however, after her husband married a second time.
Without papers from the Israeli authorities, Shifa is already prepared to be transferred.
Samer Shaludi, Shifa’s 17-year-old son, was meanwhile sentenced to five months in prison, also on charges of throwing stones with his brother.
But it is the younger of the two children that Shifa worries about the most.

The Latest Footage + North Korean Rocket Threatens US Ass Space - The FKN Newz

"Terror, war, famine, revolution, sex, pain, death, humiliation and more. We've got the latest footage!" Deek Jackson.