12 Feb 2016

Parliament Makes Men’s Day Official In Romania

Via Romania-insider: Romania will also celebrate Men’s Day starting this year. The Chamber of Deputies voted on Wednesday a bill which declares March 8 as the official Women’s Day, and November 19 as the Men’s Day in Romania.
The law was adopted with 204 votes for and 16 votes against, reports local Mediafax. However, the President also has to sign the new law.
According to the legislative proposal initiated by five Senators, the public authorities can organize events to celebrate these days, and the public television and the public radio can broadcast programs dedicated to promoting women’s rights or men’s rights in their programs.
The report of the equality between sexes commission within the Chamber of Deputies states that the legislative proposal wanted to eliminate the discrimination between men and women and to raise awareness by balancing the family life with the personal one.”
Celebrating the two days is an opportunity to improve the relations between sexes,” the commission’s members say in the report.
Several countries around the world already celebrate the International Men’s Day on November 19.

Brothers In Arms - Honey Badger Radio

The Honey Badgers and special guest Allen Frantzen discuss male bonding and same sex love that isn't sexual from his books "Bloody Good: Chivalry, Sacrifice, and the Great War", and "Before the Closet: Same-Sex Love from "Beowulf" to "Angels in America"".

The Feminist Myth That Wouldn't Die + Bonus Round + The 'Gender Pay Gap' Is A Non-Issue

"There's a different pattern of men and women and how they work and what they earn because of the lifestyle choices that they make and the things that they choose to go into and how much extra work in terms of overtime they choose to do and because of that Morgan is looking for where gender inequality is hiding like it's some fricking monster in the closet, pathetic. She can not accept the fact that men and women are fundamentally different mentally and physically." 5hadowfax

Are Americans Too Insouciant To Survive?

By Paul Craig Roberts: When one looks at the deplorable state of the world, one cannot help but wonder at the insouciance of the American people. Where are they? Do they exist or are they a myth? Have they been put to sleep by an evil demon? Are they so lost in The Matrix that they cannot get out? 
Ever since Clinton’s second term the US has been consistently acting internationally and domestically as a criminal, disregarding its own laws, international laws, the sovereignty of other countries, and the US Constitution. A worse criminal government has never existed. Yet, Americans remain subservient to the criminals that they have placed in power over themselves.
According to polls, Hillary Clinton and Senator Bernie Sanders are splitting the Democratic vote 50-50 as preferred Democratic presidential candidate. This is extraordinary.
Hillary Clinton represents the interests of Wall Street and the mega-banks, the Israel Lobby, and the interests of the military/security complex. These interests are totally opposed to the interests of the American people.

10 Creepy Secret CIA Prisons Where The US Government Tortures The Innocent

By Tim Bissell: The US Central Intelligence Agency has, according to multiple investigative reports from both mainstream media outlets and human rights organizations, operated numerous black sites across the world. These locations, according to the reports, are secret prisons used to house “ghost prisoners.” Those sent to these places are held captive without being charged with any crime and are not allowed any form of legal defense.
Ghost prisoners are subject to what the CIA calls “enhanced interrogation tactics”; most others call it torture. The CIA and their operatives’ methods allegedly include waterboarding, sleep deprivation, humiliation, physical beatings, electric shocks, and worse.
These secret prisons, dotted all over the world, might just be the most terrifying places on Earth.
10 Diego Garcia Indian Ocean 
Diego Garcia is an atoll in the Indian Ocean located around 1,600 kilometers (1,000 mi) south of India and 3,200 kilometers (2,000 mi) east of Tanzania. The locale is claimed by the United Kingdom as part of their British Indian Ocean Territory.
In the 1960s and 1970s, the UK deported the native people of the atoll to Mauritius and the Seychelles in order to allow the United States to construct a large naval and military base now known as Camp Thunder Cove.

Lucy Decoutere Is Above The Law

Are women above the law?
Looks like it from here.

David Rockefeller = Life Sucking Vampire

"Off to get my blood replaced with blood from ten year old virgins." Said David Rockefeller.

How To Survive The Holocaust