20 Feb 2016

War On Cash

From Amsterdam, Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss the war on cash and the Dutch Ukraine-European Union Association Agreement referendum on 6 April 2016. In the second half, Max interviews Ancilla Tilia about the upcoming referendum on Ukraine association: what the YES positions are and what the NO backers are against. They also discuss the reasons for privacy, the case against GMO patents and the best way to eat a stroopwafel.

Another Chat With Karen Straughan And Steven Crowder

I was back on Louder with Crowder last Thursday to discuss women and the draft. Show producer NotGayJared was nice enough to put together a highlight reel for me. Karen Straughan

Disgusting Trash Reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely Shows The Other Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal: Falsely Accused Priests

By : Remember Rolling Stone reporter Sabrina Rubin Erdely, who gave us the phony U-Va rape scandal, the one that nearly destroyed so many innocent fraternities? Well, it looks like Sabrina Erdely has a habit of putting fake rape stories in the news, and it wasn’t just a one-off. She has been subjected to a blistering expose in Newsweek showing that she published an obviously false case that ruined the lives of two innocent Priests as well as a teacher.
Men’s Rights Activists will be unsurprised she’s gotten away with this before, and we should rightly wonder if there are other men rotting in jail or dead because of disgusting trash reporters like Sabrina Rubin Ederly. We might also wonder why we think every joke about Catholic priests and child abuse is all that funny, because as we know, with every rape allegation there is a victim 100% of the time: either a person was raped or a person was falsely accused.

The "N"igga Word

That Guy T: Just me explaining what the words Nigga & Nigger mean to me from my own POV. The different meanings, rational & irrational reactions to the word, examples of what does & doesn't make a Nigga. Pretty much Nigga 101 for you slower Niggas.

The Revolutionary Stupid Movement

Professor Fiamengo discusses the absurd behavior of The Revolutionary Student Movement.

Pope v Trump In Land Of The Dumb

"Pope Frances questions Donald Trump's Christian values, from a big jet, returning to a golden palace, in a private country, behind a wall, containing the world's richest bank, lol. ...Here are the head lies tonight." Deek Jackson

Laurie Penny And The Church Of Feminism

Just a letter written by Laurie Penny to Women Against Feminism. So you can imagine how intelligent it is. Ceara McCord

Debunked; Marriage Reduces Crime

"The idea that women are needed to reign in the worst excesses of men. Feminists wish to achieve this by legal sanction where the world is for all intents and purposes a straight jacket for men and traditionalists want to achieve this reigning in of males via the marriage contract. Both hold the express view that men are sadistic, dangerous and murderous by nature and subscribe to the idea that societies are far more dangerous places for everyone, when there are lots of unmarried men running around." CS MGTOW