21 Feb 2016

Your Invitation To The Largest Anti-MGM Protest Ever To Be Staged In The UK - Thornhill Clinic, Luton, 22 March

By Mike Buchanan: Regular followers of this blog will be well aware of the Thornhill Clinic, Luton, and the boast by the people running it, that it’s the largest private male circumcision clinic in the UK. Our protest outside the clinic during the afternoon of 22 March (details below) will relate specifically to the non-therapeutic circumcision of male minors (Male Genital Mutilation, MGM). Male minors cannot – legally – give informed consent to the procedure.
Darrel Gregory is the Executive Director of the clinic, and my recent email exchange with him is here. Details on Mr Gregory and the four doctors working at the clinic are here. The doctors have been placed on the Genital Mutilators Directory by A Voice for Men, and our latest two posts on the clinic are here and here.
We shall be joining Men Do Complain at the protest – as we did in two protests in the autumn – and it will be held outside the clinic between 15:00 – 18:00 on Tuesday, 22 March. The clinic’s opening hours on Tuesdays are 15:30 – 17:30, and the address is 1-3 Thornhill Road, Luton, Beds. LU4 8EY.

Sexual Energy - MGTOW

I am interested in the transformation of sexual energy into creative and intellectual energy. What do you know about this and how can it be done? To me it seems that man's pain and unhappiness arise from two sources: The need for sex or female validation and the need for money.

The Primary Victim Of “Equality” Is Not Your Daughter

By In December of 2015 [US] Defense Secretary Ashton Carter made the decision to integrate women into every area of military services. This has resulted in a variety of responses, including a bill by two representatives intended to force debate on Capital Hill over women’s role in the military. The bill, titled “Draft America’s Daughters,” would extend to women the requirement for Selective Service registration which currently mandates that men age 18-26 register for a potential draft.
Some have touted this as a step toward equality. Many, however, seem outraged at the idea of imposing mandatory military service on women during wartime, and in a more visceral way than folks are outraged when it is imposed on men.
The Blaze: I Will Not Allow My Daughter To Be A Victim Of Gender Equality
Blaze writer Matt Walsh, in his objection to imposing selective service registration on women, stated complaints which aren’t any less valid when applied to drafting men from the general population.
Yes, the Marine study Walsh mentioned found that on average, women lack in areas which would make them less capable soldiers, and a draft would not differentiate between weaker women and those who are strong, efficient, and tough. Well, guess what: Selective service does no different than that when drafting men.

On Spiritual Exercises Part 2: Learning How To Dialogue

A comparison between typical conversations and what we mean by dialogue. In addition to this, we explore the value of dialogue and it's role in living a good life. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

How Women Manipulate Men

Women are manipulative. Who knew?

John McAfee Proclaims “An Apple Backdoor Is The End Of America”

By Michael Krieger: When it comes to Apple vs. the FBI, you can listen to Donald Trump, or you can listen to someone who knows what he’s talking about. If you’d like to do the latter, take a watch.
As I wrote in a lengthy piece published Friday, this showdown is not theater. The U.S. government has been waiting for a terror incident to set a precedent to destroy all privacy and security efforts underway in America. This is a big part of that effort.