24 Feb 2016

Norway Warns Sweden Will Collapse, PM Will Defy Geneva Convention To Protect Border

As you might have heard, Sweden has a refugee problem.  
We’ve spent quite a bit of time documenting the country’s trials and travails over the course of the last 12 months during which time Sweden has taken on more than 160,000 asylum seekers.
Last month, on the heels of reports from Germany that men of “Arab and North African” origin assaulted women in central Cologne during New Year’s Eve celebrations, Swedish media alleged that police orchestrated a massive coverup designed to keep a string of similar attacks that allegedly occurred at a youth festival in Stockholm’s Kungsträdgården last August from seeing the light of day.
Meanwhile, a 22-year-old refugee center worker was stabbed to death by a Somali migrant at a shelter for asylum seekers and at the Stockholm train station, “gangs” of Moroccan migrant children reportedly spend their days attacking security personnel and accosting women. 
Sweden plans to deport some 80,000 of the refugees this year but according to Norwegian PM Erna Solberg, it may be too little too late to keep the country from collapsing. So concerned is Solberg that she's now crafted an emergency law that will allow Norway to refuse asylum seekers at the border in the eventit all breaks down in Sweden.

Kamal Aljafari Has Built A City

By Eve Mykytyn: Recollection - Aljafari’s mesmerizing film, is the dream of a cameraman, recapturing the city he loves. The dream veers from transcendental to nightmarish as the beautiful old buildings morph into concrete monstrosities.
Carts become wildly veering cars, and plows become bulldozers.

Palestinian Film Makers Need Your Support

By Gilad Atzmon: A DISTURBED EARTH is a documentary that follows a Palestinian man and his daughter as they embark on a journey back to his home village that was destroyed decades earlier. Travelling through refugee camps, family gatherings and militarised borders, they uncover a story long buried beneath a dangerous landscape.
To support the making of A Disturbed Earth:
The Story
A Disturbed Earth is a documentary about a small Galilean village invaded by Jewish Zionist militias during the olive harvest of 1948. Outnumbered and outgunned, the people were unable to protect their village from invasion. Over seventy men were lined up in front of an ancient limestone wall blindfolded and gunned down, their families as witness. The survivors were forced to seek refuge over the border in Lebanon where many still live today in refugee camps.
A Disturbed Earth reverses the journey back to the village. Fouad now lives in Australia. He is a father, grandfather, poet and survivor of the massacre. Accompanied by his filmmaker daughter and a small crew Fouad travels across three continents through refugee camps and militarised borders.

Gravity The Bear + Let Them Eat Twinkies - WB7

One Woman’s Thoughts On “Equity” Feminism

After Paul’s controversial video on Christina Hoff Sommers, some of the predictable dissents were quite hostile. One AVFM commenter, William Baker, is now insisting that Paul should step down and surrender control to activists who would view Sommers as an ally. His screed inspired the following response by new AVFM contributor, Donna White. Eds.
By : Imagine telling Paul Elam (founder of A Voice for Men), a man who has dedicated his fucking life to the rights of men and boys to “step down” from his podium because he has the balls to go against the ever so popular “Based Mom,” Christina Hoff Sommers and her “equity feminism.”
Will men ever learn? What the fuck is the point in me and other women standing in solidarity with men if they are foolish enough to keep falling hook line and sinker for the charms of some women?
Let me explain exactly what equity feminism is. Equity feminism is a less obvious “toned down” form of radical feminism. It doesn’t address and has no desire to truly recognize the extent of men’s issues.
Christina Hoff Sommers has rightly identified some of the problems with third wave feminism and has also brilliantly exposed where feminism got it wrong but she isn’t exposing or critiquing feminism for the benefit of men, she’s doing it for the benefit of women.

Why Israel Gets Away With Murder

"Ever wonder why Israel gets away with murder? I mean literally. Whether it's burning babies in the occupied West Bank or shooting Palestinian teens, Israel's crimes go unpunished! Why? It's because international Jewry gives to Israel what no other country has, unchecked criminality. You see international Jewry controls central banks that transfer billions in aid to nuclear armed Israel." Brother Nathanael.

Breaking Down What Really Happened In Syria, Ken O'Keefe

Luke Rudkowski interviews former marine and outspoken activist Ken O'keefe about the important situation that developed in Syria with global implications. The two go over there research on the topic and share their insights on what led to this geopolitical nightmare and what will proceed it.

UK Anti BDS Bill Is A Spectacle Of Jewish Power

Gilad Atzmon: Jews should beware of the dangers entangled with Jewish Power for Jews and the society
Press TV: A group of politicians, union leaders and celebrities have slammed the British government for what they call shielding Israel from criticism. The UK authorities have threatened to take legal action against the councils who want to join boycotts against Israel. ...Those who are protesting the government say new Cabinet Office guidelines would effectively force councils and other public bodies to invest in Israel’s occupation and in arms companies.

Cash King Gives Out To Card Queen

Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert discuss investors going bananas for gold and a new study proving chemical free agriculture may be better for profit, yield and our future. In the second half, Max interviews Willem Middelkoop, author of the Big Reset, about a dollar collapse, gold repatriation and the next phase of the financial crisis.