29 Feb 2016

Tommy Sotomayor's "Rumble In the Jungle" w/Tonya TKO!

"Aint nothing going on but the rent, ...got to have a J O B if you want to be with me, ...now what's going on? ...I'm in the business of telling black women about themselves, ...I am the voice of the everyday brother." Obsidian

The Special Place In Feminist Hell, Discovered

By : I’ve written before about the parallels between feminist-speak and religious language, so feminist Madeline Albright’s declaration that there is a special place in Hell for women who do not support other women” (as in, women who don’t vote for Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton) was not a shock to me in that sense, but I was flummoxed by the début of this new class of mortal sin: the sin of self-gender betrayal. Sure, Jesus seemed to prefer male apostles in his inner circle but in my extensive study of scripture and Hell this particular sin had somehow escaped my notice.
Loyalty to God, humanity, the faithful, and kin are all familiar to me but loyalty to one’s gender as a divine decree? Not even in the darkest passages of the 3,237 cantos of Patriarchy (hot chicks be upon them) does one find such an edict for men to stay loyal to men as a class – as teammates, sure, but there are dudes on the other team we owe no gender-specific allegiance to beyond sportsmanship.
My harrowing of feminists knows no limits, not even the harrowing of hell, so to investigate this revelation, on late Friday afternoon I descended into hell for a quick day and a half refresher tour, and now that I’ve risen at Sunday morning daybreak, I can report with astonishment that, since the time of Dante, feminists have completely rearranged the furniture in the Inferno.
1: Not All Brimstone Lakes Are Like That
Preparing for Feminist Hell took some forethought.

Roger Waters On Why More Artists Don’t Speak Out Against Terrorist Israel: They’re Terrified

Artistic Expression Stifled By Fears of Zionist Power
By Richard Edmondson: Have you ever wondered why more musical artists don’t speak out on the occupation of Palestine? This is actually a question put recently by a journalist to someone who could be considered an expert on the matter–Roger Waters.
His answer? To state it bluntly, They’re scared shitless.”
More than a quarter of a century ago, black South Africans were waging a struggle against apartheid–and there was no shortage of western musicians expressing open solidarity with them–not only with words, but even in their music. In 1980, British rocker Peter Gabriel made an overnight folk hero out of anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, while in 1985 musician Steven Van Zandt enlisted a host of famous entertainers in his musical production, “Sun City: Artists United Against Apartheid.” Those who participated in the project included Gabriel, Bruce Springsteen, Jackson Browne, Lou Reed and many others (click here for the full list). All expressed the same thing: they would honor a boycott and refuse to perform in South Africa.
The message these artists helped to transmit was that while South Africans were fighting a ruthless and brutal government, a good portion of the world was with them. By contrast, the Palestinians, with the exception of Waters and a few others, have had to go it alone.

Journalists As Judge And Jury

Feminism LOL: A crime is not news until it has been reported to police. Toronto Star, Jesse Brown, and Kevin Donovan need to be held to account for the Ghomeshi "trial". - Journalists must not be allowed to take the place of the justice system where there are rules and a chance at defence.

Girl Revived Naked, Sleeping Yvain With Non-Consensual Full Body Massage

: Yvain became insane with grief when his wife rejected him. He fell to sleeping naked in the woods. One day, a girl passing by in the woods saw him. She didn’t merely gaze at him (that’s a violent, dominating act according to some literary scholars). She stared at him. Moreover, she didn’t just sexually assault him. She responded to the naked, sleeping Yvain with a complex, ambiguous mix of emotions and motives represented in subtle, highly literary poetry.

In a traveling party of two girls and their lady, only one girl saw Yvain sleeping naked in the woods. She didn’t immediately turn away or notify her companions. His body powerfully attracted her:

As soon as she saw the naked
Man, {she} dismounted and ran
and stared at him hard, trying
To find something about him
From which she might know his name.
Looking at a person’s face is typical means of recognition. Her focus was to “find something about him”:

The Empire Will Strike Back

By Robert Gore: The populist revolt fueling non-mainstream political movements in both Europe and the US flows from a single source: you can not fool all the people all the time. The central lie of our time is that governments can and should forcibly assume control of individuals’ lives, in the name of vague and always shifting greater goods. The Command and Control Futility Principle holds that governments and central banks can control one, but not all variables in a multi-variable system. The number of variables global governments and central banks have arrogated to their purported control has grown beyond measure. Breakdowns are visible everywhere, and as those failures exact their ever-increasing toll on the masses, the masses are pushing back.
The last financial crisis was a watershed. Capitalism’s rough justice was obviously, and gallingly, not allowed to play out. Favored financial institutions didn’t face the consequences—insolvency and bankruptcy—of their promotion of various bubbles and their leveraged business models. They were bailed out with taxpayer funds. Especially galling was that they knew they were going to be bailed out.

Thug Bunk

"The right kind of person getting upset for the politically correct reasons. You're not telling that one offendee that they need to accept the merriment of the other 99 people, you're telling those 99 people that they are wrong to be laughing and that this whole show needs to be shut down, because of that one cunt in the audience who doesn't like the word CUNT!" DoctorRandomercam. I knew you'd slip up sooner or later, Big Think. You must have known I'd come for you.

Justice Is Not For Women

What use is the law or the courts when you have Gawker?  johntheother.

Monk, Naval Chaplain & Financial Journalist Review Gesta Romanorum

By : Like benighted elites today, leading nineteenth-century English public figures lacked appropriate respect for medieval Latin literature. Gesta Romanorum, a Latin story-collection probably compiled in England late in the thirteenth century, was one of the most popular texts in the Middle Ages. Yet modern scholars have largely ignored it. Charles Swan, who served as chaplain on a British naval warship, translated nearly fully Gesta Romanorum for the first time from Latin into English in 1824.[1] Wynnard Hooper, who went on to a career as an eminent financial journalist, revised and corrected Swan’s translation in 1877. Both Swan and Hooper treated Gesta Romanorum with comical bias.
Swan’s alternate title for Gesta Romanorum suggests the interest of a naval chaplain in entertaining sailors on a long voyage. Swan was no crude boathand. He received an elite education at Catharine Hall, Cambridge, and acquired the title of Reverend. In 1823, nine of his sermons accompanied with learned references and notes were published with a flowery prefatory dedication to  “George, Lord Bishop of Lincoln.”[2] Swan’s sermons emphasized “moral preaching.” Swan’s alternate title for Gesta Romanorum likewise indicated moral instruction, along with literary learning and an imagined casual setting:

Blair, Immigration, And The Betrayal Of British Workers

By Gilad Atzmon: According to The Daily Mail, PM Tony Blair conspired to flood Britain with immigrants in order to impose a multicultural society on the Brits. Yesterday, the paper published a chapter from Tom Bower's explosive new biography of Tony Blair. The paper’s subtitle reads: Conman Blair's cynical conspiracy to deceive the British people and let in 2 million migrants against the rules.”
According to Bower, Blair secretly instructed ministers to waive tens of thousands of asylum seekers into the UK, by reclassifying them as ‘economic migrants.’ Blair planned to “change the face of Britain for ever with mass immigration.”  He ordered his Labour government never to discuss in public the supposed advantages of the unprecedented influx.
If Tom Bower’s account is correct then the criticism leveled by right wing ideologists and so-called ‘bigots’ against Labour and the left is valid. The Labour government that purported to care for the lower classes, implemented radical measures designed to destroy the cohesion of the working people and dismantle their political power.  Thanks to Blair and his Labour government, the British working classes have been reduced to a workless under-class!

Why Is Male Infertility So Under-Researched?

The medical advice for infertile men is 50-years old and counting. You can bet that science wouldn't have neglected the area of research if the sufferers were women.
By Neil Lyndon: “No major subject in all of medical science is more neglected than male infertility,” said the scholar. “Treatment hasn’t advanced in 50 years. It still consists largely of general health advice – wear loose pants, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t be overweight.”
This man and I were chatting at a gathering for a book launch. He is one of the very few academics in the West who is researching a subject solely concerned with men. His special interest is in how individual men are affected psychologically by finding themselves involuntarily childless in middle-age when they might naturally have expected to become fathers. Intrigued by the sound of that topic, I added that I knew of no studies on the psychological effects on men finding that they were infertile. He then came out with the two statements at the top of this article. 
I was so dumbfounded that I decided to investigate. Can it be true that such an obviously important field of medical research is broadly neglected?