3 Mar 2016

Another American Gift Of Death And Destruction To Iraq

Mosul dam engineers warn it could fail at any time, killing 1 million people
Iraqis who built dam say structure is increasingly precarious and describe government response as ‘ridiculous’
Iraqi engineers involved in building the Mosul dam 30 years ago have warned that the risk of its imminent collapse and the consequent death toll could be even worse than reported.
They pointed out that pressure on the dam’s compromised structure was building up rapidly as winter snows melted and more water flowed into the reservoir, bringing it up to its maximum capacity, while the sluice gates normally used to relieve that pressure were jammed shut.
The Iraqi engineers also said the failure to replace machinery or assemble a full workforce more than a year after Islamic State temporarily held the dam means that the chasms in the porous rock under the dam were getting bigger and more dangerous every day.

Global Housing Bubbles

Max and Stacy are joined by Professor Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics, and Ross Ashcroft of RenegadeInc.com and the crowd-funded series, Meet the Renegades. They discuss housing bubbles in Australia, housing policy in the UK, and the rise of Donald Trump as a sign of the great recession happening outside the property bubble cities in which both politicians and journalists live.

Feminist Terminology 5: Microaggression

Professor Fiamengo discusses the fifth of five pernicious feminist terms: Microaggression. Fiamengo also explains how feminists use the theory of microaggression, and the misandric claim that masculinity is toxic, in their strategy for power through the dehumanization of males.

Announcing mhrm.uk [Men's Human Rights Movement]

UK MHRM Self-Study Guide and Wiki
By William Collins [aka MRA-UK]: This post is partly to advertise a new site, snappily named mhrm.uk.
The new site is a Wiki, not a blog (despite looking like a blog).
The intention is to provide a repository of factual information relevant to the MHRM in the UK. The use of a Wiki platform is to enable multiple contributors and hence, ultimately, an integration of knowledge in different people’s heads. Readers of this blog will need no explanation for why Wikipedia is not fulfilling this role. Authoring/editing rights will therefore be controlled (see the site).
Data in particular requires constant updating and this would be impossibly burdensome for one individual. The hope is that having sufficient editors will facilitate keeping data up to date.
The aim is that the site should out-grow, and become independent of, me. However, I plan to put in a substantial amount of material prior to throwing the site open to a few hand-picked individuals – probably in late 2016. Thereafter the number of authors/editors will expand, I hope. Meanwhile, feel free to read/use it, as the content increases.
The second purpose of this post is to advertise some content already in mhrm.uk. Most of Education has already appeared on this blog, but there are substantial parts of The UK Way Of Death that have not. Take a look.

No Privacy, Snooping, Encryption, Back Doors

Re Apple Vs FBI and Snooping Charter. Morris.

Beware The Average

DoctorRandomercam: One thing I have finally learned: Feminism is not the problem; Religion is not the problem. No creed or colour is the problem.  
The problem is identity politics.

This is by no means limited to any one group. It includes atheists and theists, MGTOW and MRAs, feminists and anti-feminists. Indeed, all identities are susceptible to it. But in this video we see a couple of examples of the most rabid lunatic fundamentalists of identity politics you'll ever see. In short, this is what happened:

Drunk Sex: A Treatise in Three Parts - Part Two

"In the last episode we discussed measures. ...Assuming we can objectively define drunk what if we're both drunk?" Says Josh O'Brien

Economic Collapse: Saudi Arabia

By Stacy Herbert: Whilst all mainstream media eyes are on Russia and wishing and hoping for an economic collapse and default (a very laughable notion), over in Saudi Arabia the nation is in a genuine economic meltdown. Not that you would know it if your only source of news was the likes of the BBC or Washington Post. With the Saudi government having to borrowing 13% of GDP just to keep basic services running to prevent complete overthrow and with them refusing to unpeg their currency to the dollar (perhaps they’re not allowed to based on whatever secret deal they did at Bitter Lake?), workers are going unpaid for months on end.
The BBC will not call your attention to this story as they would were the scenes in the above video to have happened in Moscow and not Mecca.