6 Mar 2016

The Red Knight - MGTOW

The adventures of Sir. Sovereign and his trusty steed Savenoho as they venture through the kingdom of Bluepillia. Will Sir. Sovereign save the princess or will he choose to go his own way? Find out in this chapter of The Red Knight!

Evolutionary Analysis Devalues Men Relative To Women

By : Misunderstanding of anisogamy and anti-men bigotry in evolutionary psychology support the devaluation of men’s lives relative to women’s lives. The psychology of devaluing men’s lives doesn’t depend on failures in modern evolutionary thought. The medieval evolutionary analysis also devalued men. 
Consider a widely disseminated medieval story of a king and his wife. They discovered under the wall of their castle two snakes, one female and one male. The king interrogated his wise men about the significance of those snakes. The wise men declared that if the male snake were killed, a man would die. If the female snake were killed, a woman would die. The king then displayed his false consciousness about men’s subordinate class status:

“If this is so,” said the king, “kill the male snake, and let the female snake live. A man ought to be more willing to die himself than to permit the death of his wife.” He gave the reason for this: “If my wife lives, she may bring forth many sons who may succeed to my throne. But if she should die, the kingdom would lack an heir.”
That’s faulty reasoning. If the king died, a new ruler would be promptly selected. That wouldn’t necessarily be the king’s widow.

Down With The New Ghostbusters Movie!

By : There is a new Ghostbusters movie coming out. Normally that would be good news, but in this case, I am hesitant to even use the name Ghostbusters in association with this feminist piece of crap.
To begin with, don’t look for Bill Murray, Dan Akroyd or Harold Ramis anywhere near this big wad of celluloid fail. Instead, there are three women taking the lead roles. That’s right, you heard me. WOMEN. And no, I don’t mean women who are Sigourney Weaver hot. Far from it.
That is it. Mad Max was bad enough (oh, how they fawned over that bit of feminist agitprop at the Oscars). I am calling for a men’s rights activist boycott. We will ruin this movie. We will destroy the careers of all those “actresses,” and we will make Sony Pictures lose millions of dollars. Millions I tell you!
Oh, wait. I’m sorry. I was confused for a moment. I thought this was Return of Kings. Feel free to copy the first three paragraphs of this article and paste it into the comments over there when they get around to saying something stupid about this movie. For those interested, here is the trailer. Please note the down votes.

Vote For The Lesser Evil?

Gold is rocketing upwards, but the establishment economists want you to look away. When the words "national security" are uttered, do you roll over like a Pavlovian dog and sacrifice your liberties? Bernie Sanders accuses Hillary Clinton of adopting "free market policies"? What? And what's the deal with "voting for the lesser evil"? Ron Paul conquers it all on today's Myth-Busters!

Sweden Leads The Fight For Male Reproductive Rights! Also Incest And Necrophilia...

Time to offend some delicate sensibilities! Raging Golden Eagle.
"Unless there's been an actual victim,
the law does not need to be involved."

Aleksandr Dugin - Western Liberalism Does Not Honour Ethnicity - Islamophobia Israel Hezbollah A Caliphate - State A Bourgeois Design To Destroy Traditions + Understanding End Times To Interpret Our Situation And Trump Etc. - 5 Parts

Aleksandr Dugin is known for influencing Russia's geo strategic policies. Morris.

The West And Syria: The Corporate Media v Reality

The media keeps saying that the West isn't involved in Syria. This isn't true.
By Ian Sinclair: The sinister fact about literary censorship in England is that it is largely voluntary, George Orwell noted in his censored preface to his 1945 book Animal Farm. “Unpopular ideas can be silenced, and inconvenient facts kept dark, without the need for any official ban”. Orwell went onto explain that “at any given moment there is an orthodoxy, a body of ideas which it is assumed that all right-thinking people will accept without question. It is not exactly forbidden to say this, that or the other, but it is ‘not done’ to say it”. The corporate media’s ‘coverage’ of Syria adds a twist to Orwell’s dictum – inconvenient reports and facts do occasionally appear in respected newspapers and on popular news programmes but they are invariably ignored, decontextualised or not followed up on. Rather than informing the historical record, public opinion and government policy these snippets of essential information are effectively thrown down the memory hole. Instead the public is fed a steady diet of simplistic, Western-friendly propaganda, a key strand of which is that the US has, as Channel 4 News’s Paul Mason blindly asserted in January 2016, “stood aloof from the Syrian conflict”. This deeply ingrained ignorance was taken to comical lengths when Mason’s Channel 4 News colleague Cathy Newman interviewed the former senior US State Department official Anne-Marie Slaughter, with both women agreeing the US had not armed the insurgency in Syria.

Feminists Don't Hate Men?

Tranny talk. Patriarchy, #kill all men, #drink male tears.

The Secret About Polyamory: What They Won’t Tell You!

Question: “I am a 27-year-old in love. The girl I love is into polyamory and has a hard time sticking to one guy. She is only 21 and is therefore younger than me. I refuse to degrade myself as a man and as her elder by ending up as "just another guy". The logical, experienced side of me says she is a "no go", but I have a hard time restraining my emotions and desires. Should I confess my true feelings to this young woman, or should I walk away with dignity and "go my own way" until either she is older and more mature, or until an opportunity presents itself to enrapture her? Or should I write her off altogether as toxic?”