8 Mar 2016

RANT About The New Ghostbuster Film!!! + Richy v Rich

Thunderf00t: GAH.... just had to vent about this! Dear feminists.... IF YOU DELIVERED THE GOODS.... no one would care. Reality is,
you complain about everything and deliver nothing. You are parasites on other people creativity!

The Real Women's Day Celebrating The Real Women's Way!

Celebrating WOMEN'S DAY with REAL WOMEN. God had given enough power to both men and women to love or destroy each other. When both complement to each other, the world became a beautiful place, but when you try to compete with each other, history is witness – the world is destroyed for all and everyone have to pay price. Choice is with you - you want to destroy the harmony, trust between men & women or complement each other. Respect is earned, it can't be achieved by demand or via criminal laws.

Australia: ANZ Bank Contributes An Additional AUS$500 P.A. To The Pension Pots Of Permament Employees With Vaginas.

By Mike Buchanan: Well, it’s the annual farce that is International Women’s Day, we thought we’d mark it with a story which reminds us about the true direction of travel of ‘gender equality’. Our thanks to John, from Australia, who sent this earlier today:
Hi Mike, greetings from Australia! I am a huge fan and take great pleasure in hearing you raise awareness about boy’ and men’s issues and also debunking feminist myths.
Recently my employer ANZ, the fourth largest bank in Australia, have started the Equal Futurecampaign and have released an ANZ Women’s Report which shamefully gives life to the lie which is the gender pay gap, failing to make mention of the gap coming down to women’s choices.
A step they have taken to bridge this so-called ‘gap’ is deciding to pay female staff an additional $500 in superannuation annually. Let’s put that into perspective. I, a part-time male permanent worker, will receive $500 a year less in superannuation than my female co-worker for doing the exact same work, purely on the basis that I’m a man and she’s a woman.

Milo Yiannopoulos: Top Three Lies Of Feminism

The Internet's most fabulous supervillain, Milo Yiannopoulos takes on radical feminism with one hand tied behind his back. Matthew Drake.

The Financial System Is A Larger Threat Than Terrorism

By Paul Craig Roberts: In the 21st century Americans have been distracted by the hyper-expensive war on terror.” Trillions of dollars have been added to the taxpayersburden and many billions of dollars in profits to the military/security complex in order to combat insignificant foreign “threats,” such as the Taliban, that remain undefeated after 15 years. All this time the financial system, working hand-in-hand with policymakers, has done more damage to Americans than terrorists could possibly inflict.
The purpose of the Federal Reserve and US Treasury’s policy of zero interest rates is to support the prices of the over-leveraged and fraudalent financial instruments that unregulated financial systems always create. If inflation was properly measured, these zero rates would be negative rates, which means not only that retirees have no income from their retirement savings but also that saving is a losing proposition. Instead of earning interest on your savings, you pay interest that shrinks the real value of your saving.
Central banks, neoliberal economists, and the presstitute financial media advocate negative interest rates in order to force people to spend instead of save. The notion is that the economy’s poor economic performance is not due to the failure of economic policy but to people hoarding their money. The Federal Reserve and its coterie of economists and presstitutes maintain the fiction of too much savings despite the publication of the Federal Reserve’s own report that 52% of Americans cannot raise $400 without selling personal possessions or borrowing the money.

Black People And Friends Must BoyCott The Movie Nina Simone Starring Zoe Saldana & Here's Why!

"Why would you have to put a half-breed in the role of a dark skinned woman, darken her skin to where it's still not the shade of the woman, put prosthetic lips on the woman. You have to do all this work to make this woman look like this woman. You don't think there's a problem with that? What I loved about James Cameron when he did the Titanic, he made sure he cast people who looked like the original people. Smart move." MrMadness Sotomayor.

Lies Men Are Fed

By : Comforting lies are essential to keeping men compliant, ignorant and productive within any gynocentric system. Keeping men ignorant and productive is something that progressive (secular western) and traditionalist (Islamic middle eastern) cultures are equally invested in doing. Different cultures hold men compliant and productive by promoting different sets of lies. Detailed below are a handful of truisms that have become increasingly popular in our secular progressive western cultures in recent years. But how ‘true’ are they?
“Never judge a book by its cover.”
External appearances, more often than not reflect internal states. A 27-year-old girl with Botox lips and fake tits in a forty thousand dollar Gucci dress stepping out of a limo while someone else holds the door open might not be a vapid, materialistic gold digger, but she probably will be. A girl with half her head shaved and the remaining half colored blue ‘might’ not be a secular progressive abortion-loving feminist social justice warrior, but she probably will be.
Most of the time, in fact, external appearances are valid and viable indicators of personal virtue, qualities, and states. Making snap judgments off the back of them and tailoring responses and reactions accordingly can in practice save a lot of time and energy.

China Goes Full "Minority Report" With "Pre-Crime" Program

By now, the world is largely familiar with Chinese President Xi Jinping’s fabled “Tigers and Flies” campaign.
Since taking office in 2013, Xi has embarked on an ambitious effort to root out party corruption and ensure that the directives passed down from on high in the Politburo are executed faithfully among the sprawling rank and file. As The Atlantic wrote last year, the discipline “problem” is “made more urgent by a slowing economy,” an economy which desperately needs to be reformed. 
“Reform, however, requires the ability to enact policy,” The Atlantic flatly adds. “That in turn necessitates bureaucrats who follow the central government’s orders.” 
Publicly there have been more than 1,500 announced cases against party officials. But that’s just “publicly.” Knowing the Party’s reputation for “disappearing” those who “disappoint” or otherwise act in morally objectionable ways, the real number is impossible to know but is likely orders of magnitude higher.

Women Supporting MGTOW

"I am a 25 year old, non religious, Western born and bred woman of Middle Eastern descent and have spent several days binge-watching many of your [Sandman] videos - and I must say, I fully support and sympathize with the MGTOW movement. I honestly don't blame men for going their own way, I see way too many good men become dehumanized and exploited/mistreated by women and our legal systems here in the West. It baffles my mind that many women are willing to destroy the life of a man, by taking half of his assets and future earnings as alimony without feeling any guilt or remorse.