9 Mar 2016

New British Brainwashing Cunts Hit Piece On BBC Radio 4

"I agreed to go on Radio 4 on the condition that I could make a separate recording of the discussion with Mr Jenkins which I could then put on my own youtube channel later on and I would own the full copyright. He agreed. Mr Jenkins said very clearly, "Look, I'm not on your side, but I will give you a fair hearing." He lied, he lied hard and he lied often. ...He firstly said there's no evidence supporting hypergamy. I discussed with him at length the study and the experience from Hong Kong. He simply lied there, he said. "MGTOW believe that feminism is the rout of all evil." I explained that. "Feminism is a symptom of a wider gynocentrism and it would probably be foolish to focus on it exclusively as the genesis of all male problems."" CS MGTOW

Banks & Vikings

Max and Stacy compare modern banks to the Vikings - they both looted relatively defenseless populations of their hard earned savings. The only difference is that the Vikings did not fear death, whereas our central banks and governments are terrified of bank death and, because they interfere with the natural order of life and death, all must decay around it. In the second half, Max interviews Chris Ellis (@MrChrisEllis) and Alakanani (@BitcoinLady) about crowdfunding bitcoin nodes for Botswana, and why and how the global spread of nodes can improve the bitcoin ecosystem.

Orgasmic New Trend Sees Women Paying £147 To Have Their Vaginas Rubbed By Strangers

UK WOMEN are paying strangers to rub their vaginas in a bizarre new sex trend.
The Sun: The £147 treatment – called Orgasmic Meditation – is being taken up by women who hope to improve their sex lives and achieve better climaxes.
The masturbation classes sees strangers getting intimate with the female clients and giving them orgasms. 
The practice promises a “larger state of consciousness, improving intimacy in relationships and generally increasing your orgasm skills”.
Women strip from the waist down and a practitioner strokes her clitoris for 15 minutes, while watched by men and women.
First, the tutor describes the vagina in great detail - noting the colour, texture and shape.
The group stroking is known as a 'nest'.
Orgasmic Meditation was founded in 2001 by Nicole Daedone from San Francisco.
There are now 10,000 practioners – with 2,000 in the UK alone – and women paying for the practice includes pensioners in their eighties.
Nicole said: "The female orgasm is vital for every single woman on the planet."

Thought Police And Political Correctness In Modern Academia - Dr. Gad Saad

Narration by Dr. Gad Saad, Concordia University Research Chair in Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences and Darwinian Consumption.

My Journey To Recovery After Rape

'I was instructed by the [UK] police that if I should request to formally report this as a crime that I would be prosecuted for wasting police time as no illegal action had taken place.'
By : I am not the only man who has been raped. There are countless thousands of us. Fear, guilt and shame prevent us from disclosing our experiences.
I do not seek to change this nor do I want to change the world. By providing this account I seek only to offer hope to others.
I was a not a child when I was raped. I was in my early twenties and had no idea that such things happen to men. This story is a common one, and it begins in a dingy nightclub.
The club was a dive. The floor was sticky with spilled beer. The smell of sweat and dry ice permeated the air. I was out celebrating the birthday of an acquaintance when it happened. I don`t pretend that my actions had no influence on the events that followed. We had been out drinking for a considerable time, and I could only be described as being a little worse for wear. Following a huge fight with my then girlfriend, I had gone out with the sole intention of drinking heavily and was happily engaged in this endeavour when another barfly struck up a conversation with me. All too soon my glass was empty and how grateful I was when he offered to refill it.

48 Percent Of Israeli Jews Want Arabs Out Of Country

TEL AVIV (JTA): Nearly half of Jewish-Israelis want to expel Arabs from the country.
That’s one of several findings from a new survey of Israeli attitudes on religion, politics and Jewish identity conducted by the U.S.-based Pew Research Center.
Coming just three years after Pew’s much-discussed study of Jewish-Americans, the Israel study depicts a country divided by religion and ethnicity, where Jews of opposing religious outlooks rarely associate and marriages that cross the Jewish-Arab divide almost never happen.
Israel is 81 percent Jewish and 19 percent non-Jewish, according to the survey. Among the Jews, half are secular. The other half is divided among  traditional (29 percent), religious Zionists (13 percent) and haredi Orthodox (9 percent).
The study, which was released Tuesday morning, is based on 5,600 interviews with Israelis conducted between October 2014 and May 2015. It has a margin of error of 2.9 percent on questions asked of Jews and 5.6 percent for those asked of Muslims. Many of the findings confirm commonly held views about Israel, but here are six that may surprise you.
1. Nearly half of Jewish-Israelis want Israel to be Arab-free.

TOP 5 New Never Get Busted Tips From Barry Cooper

WeAreChange: In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews the former top narcotics officer in the U.S, Barry Cooper about the war on drugs and how to never get busted again. Barry is an anti-drug-war lecturer, film maker, criminal defense expert witness and law lecturer known for his DVD series, "NeverGetBusted" and his Internet reality show, KopBusters.

United Against Common Sense

By Gilad Atzmon: Reason to be cheerful.  Some left youngsters within the British future elite realise that Israel is a problem and Jewish power is a greater problem. The Jewish Chronicle (JC) reveals today that members of Oxford University’s Labour Club (OULC) discussed Zionists rigging British elections, frequently used the abusive term “Zio” and said European attacks on Jews were justified because of Gaza.”
 Last month, a Labour investigation into the OULC was launched after Jewish students at the university complained that the OULC was acting ‘anti-Semitic.’  The initial investigation was completed 11 days ago, and a report was handed to the party. However, the JC complains that,  “there have been no moves as yet to discipline any of the students over the allegations.” The findings of the investigation have not been published. I guess that in observance of Jewish heritage the Zionist elders at the JC editorial board want to see some crucifixions.   
 According to the JC, the investigation revealed that one student claimed an OULC member had organised a campaign of “harassment by a group against a Jewish student.” The Jewish ‘victim’ was allegedly called a “filthy Zionist” and questioned over whether he supports the killing of Palestinian children. Apparently, no formal complaint was made by the ‘victim.’ Maybe the Jewish‘victim’ was clever enough to grasp that the Jewish State killing Palestinian children in the name of the Jewish people reflects badly on Jewish morality and Jews in general.

Has A Woman Ever Stared At You? If So, Did You Recognize It As ‘Unwanted Sexual Attention’?

By Mike Buchanan: Check out his piece from the indefatigable feminists at the BBC. The headline is:

International Women’s Day: ‘Two thirds of UK women’ harassed
The start of the piece:

Almost two-thirds of women in the UK have had unwanted sexual attention in public places, a survey by YouGov has suggested.
Out of 889 women asked, 64% said they had experienced some form of sexual harassment, with 35% saying they had suffered “unwanted sexual touching”.
The survey was commissioned by the End Violence Against Women Coalition. Sarah Green, the coalition’s acting director, said sexual harassment was “an everyday experience” in the UK.
So, what exactly is ‘sexual harassment’? Another excerpt:

Unwanted sexual attention can include instances of wolf-whistling, sexual comments being made, staring, and indecent exposure.