13 Mar 2016

Mr Mangina

Gary Orsum: Once upon a time .......

Hippocrates Triumphed Exercising Self-Control Like A Statue

: Reminding women of the effects of old age is a venerable tactic for men seeking to overcome their sexually disadvantaged position:
And good-bye, to you, too, lady.  Your future awaits,
the oppression of age, wrinkles, spider-veins, and saggings [2]
The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates declared in an aphorism, “Life is short.” Was Hippocrates a physician with expertise in helping men to gain access to women and sexual healing? This issue was subject to dueling tales across Latin and vernacular literature in medieval Europe. Judging from prevalence of manuscripts, medieval Latin literature triumphed over a man-disparaging vernacular tale of a beautiful woman shaming the sexually desperate Hippocrates.
Medieval Latin literature presented Hippocrates as a paragon of rational, manly self-control. The context was Jacobus de Cessolis’s moral interpretation of chess. Chess originally was a masculine symbolic space. Cessolis’s book, written in Latin late in the thirteenth century, invoked Hippocrates in discussing the fifth chess pawn, declared to be a physician.

UK SuffraGENTS Divorce Survey Results

By SuffraGENTS: As these results show, men are being marginalised during the divorce proceedings. Our mission statement is to ensure that Legal Changes take place to reflect that Fathers and their children do have a right to bond and know one another. It is acknowledged that the children of fatherless homes are more at risk of not developing their full potential for future life. 
These are the results collated from the responses so far. You can still answer the survey here, and give your thoughts and opinions on your experiences of divorce, separation, domestic abuse against men, gender inequalities, legal proceedings for child contact, and treatment of men in society. 

Medieval-Horror Film “The Bound” A Crowdfunded Commentary On Modern Ideological Feminism

Brian Lilley speaks with writer, author, filmmaker Paul Bois about his effort to crowd fund to create and distribute a short film which he describes as a medieval-horror-action film that is a social commentary on modern ideological feminism.

Are Female MPs The Most Sexist Against Men? Very Much So, Especially If They’re Lib Dems

Shared parenting is a hugely important topic, and support for it (or the lack of such support) tends to be a useful barometer of sexism against men. The United Kingdom Independence Party are the only major party to have committed to shared parenting, and this is a massively welcome development. In order to asses the approach of some other parties and sitting MPs, we decided to examine Early Day Motion 210, titled: “Shared Parenting Rights and the Family Courts“.

Full Time Intel Agents On The Web As Activists

Morris: "We're basing our opinions on what we're being fed and I'm old enough to be suspicious of it. Something smells about the way they go about presenting this. Most of the opposition on the net is at the very least controlled opposition and in many cases it's full time staff, full time agents. In the old days you had James Bond, now you've got full time activists under the full and total payroll of MI6, Mossad, CIA, whoever you like."

The Alamo: A Case Study In Male Disposability

'There are those who do not understand the story of the Alamo; but they do not understand the nature, and sometime valor, of men.' T.R. Fehrenbach, Texas Historian
By : 2016 marks the 180th anniversary of the battle of the Alamo, an incident that has been chronicled and debated ever since in history books and historical novels. 15 movies have dealt with the incident, starting with The Immortal Alamo in 1911, and the Alamo in downtown San Antonio remains the most popular tourist site in Texas. To my knowledge, no one has ever discussed the event as an outstanding (or, if you prefer, egregious) example of male disposability on both sides.
First of all, the Alamo need not have happened. The rebels captured it on December 10, 1835, but on January 17, 1836, Sam Houston, commander-in-chief, sent a message to the troops and ordered them to abandon the Alamo, blow it up, and remove the artillery to other environs.
William Barret Travis, commander of the Texians (the term Texans did not become popular till Texas was admitted to the Union) ensconced in the Alamo, had some rather melodramatic ideas about achieving glory via death. In his famous plea for assistance on February 24, 1836 (the day after Santa Anna and the Mexican army arrived in San Antonio), he wrote; “I am determined to sustain my post as long as possible & die like a soldier who never forgets what is due his honor & that of his country – Victory or Death.”

Japanese Universities Cutting Useless Programs, Western Academics Freak Out

Raging Golden Eagle: Both universities and students need to think long and hard WHY they are paying good money to go to university. If it is to get a good job, then throwing money at useless degree fields is the WORST thing you can do...