14 Mar 2016

Misandric Feminist Uni Staff Bullies - Fiamengo File Follow Up

Victor Zen [aka Sage Gerard] discusses the lessons he has learnt during his time at KS University whilst being targeted and abused by feminist faculty and students for being a man with anti-feminist views, whilst expanding on the excellent coverage by the Professor Fiamengo's exposé.

Jewish Billionaire Donor Using British Council To Combat Israel Boycott

By Hilary Aked: New documents seen by The Electronic Intifada, obtained under freedom of information laws, show that the British Council has been quietly working to thwart the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement in support of Palestinian rights.
The revelations about the government-funded program come as the UK attempts to ban local government from boycotting companies complicit in Israeli human rights abuses.
The Electronic Intifada has also discovered that Nathan Kirsh, a billionaire businessman profiting directly from Israel’s wall in the occupied West Bank, is a donor to the British Council’s little-known anti-boycott project BIRAX: the Britain Israel Research and Academic Exchange Partnership.

Facts on the ground

The British Council is a quasi-governmental body which describes itself as making an important “contribution to UK soft power.” It gets approximately 20 percent of its funding from the UK Foreign Office. It administers educational and “cultural relations” projects in more than 100 countries around the world.
In 2008 its Israel office instigated BIRAX jointly with the British Embassy in Israel and private pro-Israel donors.

BBC Woman Sour Discussion On A Man Killed By His Wife After Being Married For Two Months

Mark Brooks of Mankind http://new.mankind.org.uk does a fine job here, after being faced with a barrage of feminist nonsense from Professor Marianne Hester, Professor of Gender, Violence & International Policy at Bristol University http://www.bristol.ac.uk/sps/people/p....

Feminism Is About Equality


Mein Kunt + Beware The Ides Of Trump - WB7

Feminist Bullies Don't Understand The Internet

Feminism LOL: A Canadian judge ruled that feminist expectations of control over the internet are “unreasonable.” At least now it's official. Watch Stephanie Guthrie explain internet violence and then show how guilty she is of the crime she claims to be fighting.

Women’s Equality Party Is About Cushy Jobs For The Girls.

We have just had International Women’s Day. That time of year when feminist groups up and down the country cash in on the suffering of third world women by trying to convince us that if we get rid of our pay gap or get more women in boardrooms somehow that will impact on the third world woman’s life.
No one does this better than the Woman’s Equality Party. And WEP should be taken seriously. It is not, one of Sandi Toxic’s more subtle jokes.
WEP has over 45,000 members. The majority of these are likely to be women with money, husbands to support them, good jobs in the public sector and media. They will have their hands on the levers of the State’s propaganda machine.
The word “Feminism” hardly appears on their website. With only 7 per cent of the population calling themselves feminist they have learnt feminism is a dirty word. Their toxic ideology is  disguised by their leader - Sophie Walker’s pretty, gamine, little face.
One of their mantras is that what they are doing is good for everybody. But they are focusing on the privileged members of one half of the population. This lays waste to any claim to be diverse.

FOUND: Evidence That NATO Funds ISIS - GIAnalytics Collab

SyrianGirlpartisan reports. "Evidence that the US government and its allies provide aid to ISIS was obtained by Syrian forces immediately after they pushed to liberate the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra from ISIS control in cooperation with the Russian Air Force. A near by area was cleared out of ISIS terrorists, it was then that the evidence was found. Next to well fortified positions lay the bodies of three terrorists, their pockets contained documents that identified them as foreign citizens from Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. Upon further examination of the area a field hospital was found equipped with the latest German Made technology, boxes of medical equipment produced by Hartmann international, a German company. Another NATO country Turkey also seems to be providing aid."

Knight Boucicaut Lost Woman - Savy Father & Spent Life Fighting Men

: The knight Jean I Le Maingre, called Boucicaut, rose to become Marshal of France in 1356. The name Boucicaut came from an obscure French term for a fishing basket.[1] The knight Boucicaut was as skilled in catching women as he was in fighting men. Boucicaut had a son, Jean II Le Maingre, also called Boucicaut. The older Boucicaut died just two years after his son was born. Without his father’s guidance, the younger Boucicaut grew up to be a benighted chivalrous knight who spent his life in abject service to women and in brutal fighting with men.
Just one story makes clear that the older Boucicaut rejected the man-oppressing ideology of courtly love. One day at a feast, three eminent ladies chatted at length with each other about their amusements. In response to one lady’s verbal challenge, each confessed to having a man seeking her love. Then they agreed to reveal their lovers’ names. The first said her lover was Boucicaut. The second said Boucicaut, too. The third said her lover was Boucicaut as well. Boucicaut wasn’t a man pining away with one-itis. Like the great teacher of love Ovid, Boucicaut sought them all.
The ladies were outraged at Boucicaut’s behavior.