16 Mar 2016

Men's Complicity In Hypergamy - MGTOW

An account of how men fail each other in the things they condemn in women. Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW.

Baby Mutilators Want To Expand, But Stealthily

By : Treating baby boys no better than animals to be fixed,” circumcisers such as those at the Circumcision Centre have had to increasingly fend off criticism of their practice by some who consider Male Genital Mutilation (MGM) and FGM to be human rights violations. Mike Buchanan of Justice for Men and Boys have recently been notified by the Circumcision Centre that it didn’t appreciate that he and AVFM called them genital mutilators and printed their pictures in their listing of Known Genital Mutilators at neonatalcutting.org. On a recent appearance, Mike made on a radio program, the BBC – with prodding by the clinic – warned him not to mention the clinic by name. whole saga here.
Read Mike’s account of the
From their website they boast they are “the UK’s largest private male circumcision clinic” and hope to expand their ‘services’ to other cities. Private circumcisions are all that’s available as the British government refuses to pay for and condone infant genital mutilation, to their credit. But they still refuse to protect baby boys as they do baby girls, so it’s up to intactivists and the public to get the word out and stop this bloody madness right here in Luton.

Farrakhan Interviewed In The Islamic Republic Of Iran

Louis Farrakhan and an US Nation of Islam delegation made a special trip to the Islamic Republic of Iran as the Muslim nation celebrated the 37th anniversary of its revolution amid the end of U.S. sanctions and plans for a late February, 2016 election. During his trip, Minister Farrakhan sat down with Iranian journalist Nader Talebzadeh for this enlightening interview.

#FeministaJonesTutorials Vol. 1: "Male Disposability"

"FeministaJones accused me [Obsidian] of being an 'Afro MRA', as if I've joined with a group of white misogynists and as I like to flip the script on that sort of thing I'm going to take this opportunity to educate her and everybody else about what the men's rights movement is all about and why I as a black man am involved in it. I'm going make me a series of tutorials about the various issues to educate and enlighten the public, Miss Jones and people of her ilk so they won't be so ignorant in the things that they say." Obsidian.

Military Aims Achieved, Putin Switches To Diplomacy

Maram Susli also known as SyrianGirl explains the decision that led to the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria and analyses how it is going to affect the situation on the ground.
Russia’s Military Aims Achieved, Putin Switches To Diplomacy
By Paul Craig Roberts: American presstitutes, such as the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal, expressed surprise at Russia’s support for the Syrian ceasefire, which Russia has been seeking, by Putin’s halt to attacks on the Islamic State and a partial withdrawal of Russian forces. The American presstitutes are captives of their own propaganda and are now surprised at the failure of their propagandistic predictions.

Monsanto In India

India should kick the criminal corporation out, but then the Indian government would have to forgo Monsantos bribes. PCR
RT: American agrochemical giant Monsanto has threatened to pull out of India and hold back new genetically modified cotton technologies if the government continues its “arbitrary and potentially destructive” interventions that seek to cut the company’s royalty fees.  
Last year the Indian government issued an order to control cotton seed prices effective from the 2016-17 crop year. In a ruling, the antitrust regulator, Competition Commission of India, accused the GMO giant of potentially abusing its dominant position on the market. The Agriculture Ministry set up a special committee tasked with implementing brackets for seed price along with royalty fees, after the completion of an investigation into the matter.

My Beloved Friend Has Died, But His Spirit Lives On

'Just because men are taught to be strong for us, should never mean that we forget that deep inside they feel just as we do.'
By : Someone I have come to dearly love has passed away from this world, this morning, the morning of me sitting here and typing this down. The pain is unbearable, but another friend suggested to me to write about him, to share my grief, as it is not just a personal loss, but also reaches out and touches the wider issues we these days face as humanity together.
When I moved here, it was once again a new country for me, a new environment, new people. Despite this being a very slim populated area, still there are other humans around, and I was scared of what reception I would receive, whether I would be accepted or rejected and whether I would be able to cope with everything ahead of me, the practical as well as the emotional. It was a time of a great turmoil and many worries for me, as new beginnings tend to be, even though I had chosen it just this way.

Another US Man Forced To Sue After Going Through A Radical Feminist College Star Chamber

No investigation by either campus or local police, yet they STILL expelled him over a mere accusation. Guys take a page from his book, if you don't sue and fight for your own rights, nobody else will. Raging Golden Eagle.

Men Are Also The Victims Of Domestic Violence

By all accounts David Edwards was a kind man, who doted on his wife despite warnings from friends that she was damaging him. He had stood at the aisle with bruises from her punches on the eve of their wedding. An ashtray and a coffee table were among the missiles fired at him over their few months of marriage.  On Tuesday 8th March a line was drawn for this tortured soul, when Sharon Edwards was sentenced to 20 years in jail for fatally stabbing him with a kitchen knife. The only thing David had done wrong was to love his wife so much that he tolerated whatever she said or did to him. And this will be familiar to many of the victims of domestic violence, who are often asked ‘why did you stay?’
On the same day that this court case was reaching its conclusion, Labour MP Jess Phillips was speaking in the House of Commons. Her script featured the names of 120 people killed last year in domestic violence. After seven minutes the House of Commons broke into applause, but the list was far from complete. David Edwards, for example, was absent, as were a few dozen others. For the likes of Jess Phillips, the only victims of domestic violence are female, and the only explanation is misogynist oppression, in a world neatly divided into a gendered dichotomy of victims and perpetrators.