21 Mar 2016

Democracy Struggles To Recover From Betrayal

By Paul Craig Roberts: A New Russia has appeared on the scene and demonstrated to the entire world its power to checkmate the hegemonic ambition of the crazed neoconservatives who have controlled the US government since Bill Clinton. The world now understands that the leadership for peace comes from Russia not from warmonger Washington.
Washington’s vassals in Europe are in disarray, with the Northern European EU members plundering the Southern EU members, with all of Europe overrun with refugees fleeing Washington’s hoax “war against terrorism.” Europeans are beginning to realize that the establishment political parties that they have blindly supported since World War 2 are nothing but agents of Washington, who serve Washington and not Europeans. Merkel, Cameron, Hollande are puppets of Washington, not leaders of the German, British, and French people.

Petition To HM Government: Change The Legal Definition Of Rape In The UK To Include Female-On-Male Rape

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: In our 2015 general election manifesto there was a section on sexual abuse (pp.31-37). It included details of a major (American) study on victims of sexual assault by members of the opposite sex, from which we can draw the conclusion that slightly over a quarter of these victims are men. 
The criminal justice system in the UK takes virtually no interest in women sexually abusing men, women, and childrenThe Sexual Offences Act 2003 was a triumph of feminist manipulation, and introduced the principle that only men could rape. So it is that we come to Daniel Stretton’s petition to HM Government, which we would ask you to sign, as we have. Thank you.

Burchard Of Worms’ Penitential In Tradition Of Seneca’s Controversiae

De minimis non curat lex. Res ipsa loquitur. De lege ferenda. A teacher’s most fundamental task is to attract the attention of students. Without students, there is no teaching business. Without students’ attention, they learn nothing. Burchard of Worms, a well-educated, eleventh-century bishop, surely knew these truths.[1] In building up a cathedral school at Worms, he sought to attract and train priests to serve the people of his diocese. He thus presented penitential canons in the time-tested classical Latin style of Seneca’s Controversiae.
Burchard of Worms wrote a law book, his Decretum, explicitly for school teaching. He dedicated the book to Provost Brunicho of Worms. Brunicho may well have been the chief operational officer of the cathedral school at Worms.

Clinton Emails Reveal Google Jews And Their Shill’s Role In Attempting To Oust Syria’s Democratically Elected Assad

Eric Schmidt, the former chief executive officer of Google, will head a new Pentagon advisory board aimed at bringing Silicon Valley innovation and best practices to the U.S. military, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said on Wednesday.
Carter unveiled the new Defense Innovation Advisory Board with Schmidt during the annual RSA cyber security conference in San Francisco, saying it would give the Pentagon access to “the brightest technical minds focused on innovation.”
– From the Reuters article: Former Google CEO Schmidt to Head New Pentagon Innovation Board 
By Michael Krieger: It’s been observed for quite some time that Google isn’t just a private corporate behemoth, but that its executives are often times more intricately involved in U.S. foreign policy than most people would find appropriate.
It’d be one thing if this support was for a sane and humanitarian foreign policy, but we all know it’s precisely the opposite. In fact, certain Google executives have demonstrated a particular interest in overthrowing governments throughout the Middle East, which has achieved nothing but sow chaos and result in the creation of powerful new terrorists groups such as ISIS.

Passive Activism: The Feminist Default

By : Last December I was pleasantly surprised when I  received my annual tax bill from Dallas County. Wondering how much they wanted to charge me for the privilege of living in my own home in 2015, I opened the envelope and discovered that my tax bill had shrunk to almost zero. My new senior citizen exemption, when added to my standard homestead exemption for my modest residence, all but zeroed out my tax liability; my tax bill dropped from $1,600 to $70.
Well, the senior citizen exemption was apparently designed to protect retired people living on reduced incomes. No one wants to see old folks evicted from their homes because they can’t afford to pay their taxes.  So the policy makes sense.
But I’m still working full-time. In truth, I can afford to pay my tax bill this year as easily as I did last year or the year before, or every year going all the way back to when I first bought the house. So in the interest of fairness and social justice, I wrote a check for $1,600 to Dallas County anyway.
Yeah, right.
I relate this personal anecdote as an introduction to the topic of passive or default feminism. It’s human nature to go along with what benefits you.

Medieval Knight Taught His Daughters Concern For Violence Against Men

The fourteenth-century French knight Geoffrey de La Tour Landry experienced personally horrendous violence against men. Surviving records indicate that he was at the siege of Aguillon in 1346, fought on the losing side in the Battle of Auray in 1364, engaged in the siege at Cherbourg in 1378, and served in war in Brittany in 1380 and 1383.[1] Within this time of the Hundred Years’ War, noblemen such as Geoffrey had an average lifespan nearly ten years less than noblewomen. Women throughout history have played an important role in inciting men to violence against men. In a loving book of teachings for his daughters, Geoffrey used biblical stories to instruct his daughters to act with concern for violence against men.
The biblical story of the massacre at Shechem shows the deep roots of contempt for men’s lives. In that story, the young woman Dinah went, apparently by herself, to visit with the women of the tribe of Shechem.[2] Today, that’s like a scantily dressed woman walking alone through a high-crime area at midnight on a Friday night. All well-educated persons know that every woman has the right to do that. But few consider that such action tends to increase the job hazards of police officers, who are predominately men. Men suffer fourteen times more occupational fatalities than women do. Men suffer four times more deaths from violence than women do.

Say My Name... + Story Time With Cenk

Karen Straughan says. "Maybe there are some people out there who are getting sick and tired of hearing about how wonderful women are and how much we owe to them, particularly in the absence of any similar message about men. Keep in mind it's not adults being exposed to this disparity in cultural messaging. The sycophantic praising of women and girls and the moral condemnation of men and boys. What do you think young boys feel when 90% of what he hears about women are these empowering messages about how great women are, while he's subjected to million dollar book and merchandise franchises like boys are stupid, throw rocks ate them?"

Plutarch’s Gryllus Proves “Men Are Pigs” Is A Virtuous Ideal

Men are pigs, some say disparagingly today. That’s regarded as disparagement only because of men’s different bodies. Men cannot speak from their different bodies. In Plutarch’s Gryllus, a differently bodied man — Gryllus the pig — is magically given the ability to speak. Gryllus convincingly establishes the innate virtue of being male for all animals but men.[1] Men must become pigs if human societies are to achieve a virtuous ideal of gender equality.
The cultural construction of gender forces men to struggle to be virtuous. Gryllus astutely points out, “men do not naturally possess manliness.” Men must engage, symbolically or literally, in violence against men and acquire wounds on their chests to be respected as men.

Dugin: What Is Wrong With Europe?

"Liberalism has turned totalitarian. 
There is no liberty to not be a liberal."
Morris reads the article by Alexander Dugin.
By Alexander Dugin: In order to correctly understand the nature of the present crisis, we need to briefly analyze the situation as a whole. I suggest three levels for this analysis:
· the ideological
· the economic
· the geopolitical