25 Mar 2016

The Adam Johnson Case. We Don’t Send 17-Year-Old Boys To Jail For Kissing 15-Year-Old Girls

Media pundits are doing their virtue signalling and journalists are scrambling to the moral high ground as another male celebrity bites the dust. Footballer Adam Johnson was sentenced yesterday to 6 years in prison, branded as a morally bankrupt paedophile and added to the sex offenders' register. I would like to explore what Johnson has actually done wrong.
I am prepared to accept that his “victim” was a fairly innocent schoolgirl. The sort of crush she had on the Sunderland star does not survive long after a real boyfriend comes along. However, to describe her as a child is to conflate categories and ignore realities. She is on the threshold of adulthood, at that vulnerable stage where you are sexually, but not emotionally, mature. In a year's time, she could get married in Scotland, and in many countries, including Denmark and France, she has reached the age of consent.
Once we acknowledge that she is not actually a child, is ‘grooming’ really the correct term to use? Building up a relationship of trust before embarking on some sort of sexual activity used to be called ‘courting’.

The Big Business Of Male Genital Mutilation

An interesting discussion on the ritual of circumcision (male genital mutilation) and how medical corporations are making money off male foreskins on the stock market.

The Zio-Con-Artist Jew Who Bought Disaster To Libya Is Doing It Again

By Gilad Atzmon: Bernard-Henri Lévy (BHL), the ultra Zionist who declared that ‘as a Jew’ he liberated Libya, is again campaigning for more immoral interventionist wars. He insists that the current terror in Europe comes from Syria and Iraq. His solution - let’s drop more bombs on Muslim and Arab cities - as if we haven’t been doing just that for decades.  I would expect nothing less from a Hasbra merchant, but why does the BBC feature such a clumsy Zio-con, one who is barely able to articulate an idea?

Djokovic Is Right About Equal Pay For Men

By Ben Kew: Tennis world number one Novak Djokovic’s bravery apparently extends beyond his titanic performances on court. This week he crashed into a sexism row after defending the comments of Indian Wells CEO Raymond Moore, who claimed that women’s tennis ‘rides on the coat-tails’ of men’s.
When asked what he thought about equal pay, Djokovic said he ‘applauded’ women players for fighting for what they deserved, before adding that the men ‘should fight for more because the stats are showing that we have much more spectators’. His comments sparked outrage online, and he has since apologised.
Though the sight of a multimillionaire sportsman complaining about pay might get some people’s backs up, he does have a point. The brutal truth is that the men’s game is faster, harder and more popular than the women’s. It attracts more spectators, not least because the longer and higher-quality matches represent better value for money. The stats back this up:last year’s men’s Wimbledon final drew a peak audience of 9.2million viewers, compared with 4.3million for the women’s.

Valley Girl Economic And Political Masters

Max and Stacy talk ‘tacos and cabernet’ as both the media elite and the political elite go like totally Valley Girl as rising inequality and declining wages stump the so-called experts. In the second half Max and Stacy talk to anthropologist and LSE professor, David Graeber, about his latest article, Despair Fatigue. They look at the latest in austerity outrages and at the complicit media which refuses to cover the resistance to these policies.

Evolutionary Perspective On Fear And Risk Taking

Continuing the theme introduced in the video [below] "Fear is the Mind-killer: Psychological and behavioral differences between men and women". Golden Eagle-owl

Exposed: Plans To Balkanise #Syria

This was planned since 1982, first the Odid Yinon plan, the 2006 project for a new middle east, basically, DIVIDE and conquer. SyrianGirlpartisan

Women In Astronomy

Professor Fiamengo discusses how feminism is creeping into the sciences with special emphasis on recent incidents in Astronomy.

Jolyoff, Jenkins

By William Collins aka mra-uk: On 9th March 2016, Jolyon Jenkins hosted a programme The Red Pill on BBC Radio 4. One of the interviewees, Clive Smith (aka CS MGTOW) made his own recording. I respond to the latter, more complete, record of the discussion between the two men. In particular I address some topics on which Mr Jenkins seemed to think he had scored points: partner abuse, hypergamy and sex-selective abortion or infanticide.
Partner Abuse
The exchange followed a common deflectionary tactic in which details of the survey statistics submerged the actual issue: absence of support for male victims.
Depending on exactly which data you wish to cite, the proportion of male victims of partner abuse might be 1-in-3 or 2-in-5 or 1-in-2. By 2012/13, the CSEW data for the incidence in the preceding year of the most severe category of physical violence had converged to virtual equality between the sexes (about 1% of respondants for both sexes). Curiously this category ceased to be reported in the CSEW the following year. Odd that.
In the case of the PASK data, certainly the most authoritative source to date, men are twice as often the victims of unidirectional intimate partner violence than women.