29 Mar 2016

A Questionable Case Of A False Rape Claim

By Toy Soldiers: The Mirror, a British tabloid paper, ran a piece about a false rape case against a 12-year-old. Given the paper’s nature and history, I am hesitant to trust everything about the story, yet I do think it is worth writing about. According to the article:

A devastated mum has told how her 12-year-old son was accused of rape, arrested in his pyjamas and chucked in an adult police cell overnight – only for his accuser to admit 14 months later the sex was consensual.
The schoolboy had his life turned upside down and was thrown out of school with the false accusation hanging over his head after strict bail conditions meant he was prohibited from being around any females aged under 16.
The mum of the youngster – who we cannot name for legal reasons – told The New Day her innocent boy’s life has been “flipped upside down” and revealed the horrifying extent to which she was let down by police and social services.
The situation began when the 12-year-old spent the night over a friend’s house. The 13-girl-year old who accused him was also there. The pair had consensual sex and it was apparently the boy’s first time. Several days later, the police showed up at the boy’s house and arrested him on suspicion of rape against the girl. This is where the case gets weird:

A Knock At Midnight

"Males are dying before their time, youths don't marry, but party instead. White women abort their babies and white suicides are soaring, the faith of their fathers has been cast off, blasphemies lay on their lips and churches are turned into taverns and bars." Brother Nathanael

Interview Of Sage Gerard, Founder Of KSU Men

Full Interview of Sage Gerard at the "Male Students In Peril" conference at Kennesaw State University

It’s Time To Consign Male Genital Mutilation To The Dustbin Of History

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: Men and boys and those who love them are adversely affected in many areas by the empathy gender gap, a direct consequence of gynocentrism. Wikipedia’s entry on the term starts with this:

Gynocentrism n. (Greek, γυνή, ‘female’ – Latin centrum, ‘centred’) refers to a dominant or exclusive focus on women in theory or practice; or to the advocacy of this. Anything can be considered gynocentric (adj.) when it is concerned exclusively with a female (or specifically a feminist) point of view.
Gynocentrism accounts for the widespread societal concern about non-therapeutic circumcision of female minors (Female Genital Mutilation, ‘FGM’), which is rare in the UK, and the relative disinterest in the equivalent for male minors (Male Genital Mutilation, ‘MGM’), which is common in the UK.
Relentless feminist narratives in the mainstream media have succeeded in persuading the public of a number of myths about FGM and MGM, including:

  1.    FGM is carried out at the behest of men, with the aim of reducing women’s pleasure during sex, helping men to ‘control’ women. The plain truth is that wherever FGM is carried out, it is carried out at the behest of women, and almost invariably by women. This helps explain why there has never been a successful prosecution for FGM in the UK – the police target men, not women.

Teach A Woman To Be Accountable In 5 Steps

Say Goodbye to Crazy

Israeli Company Hacking iPhone For FBI

"Japan will load weapons grade plutonium on to a ship as early as this weekend to send to the United States in what will be the largest such shipment since 1992. 331kg of plutonium, enough to make about 50 nuclear weapons will be loaded in Tokyo onto the Pacific Egret, an armed British ship."

On Spiritual Exercises Part 3: Training For Death - MGTOW

"Learning how to die." Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW. The third and final installment in which we cover the core and fundamental point of philosophy as it was practiced in antiquity; training for death.

A Historical And Medical Critique Of Male Ritual Genital Mutilation AKA Circumcision - Dr. Christopher Guest

SPEAKER: Dr. Christopher Guest, M.D., F.R.C.P.C. "I am a strong opponent of circumcision!" - Male circumcision is a complex issue. Are health care providers providing current, evidence-based information which takes into account their professional ethical responsibilities? - Recorded on March 9th as Presentation 1 (of 2) at the "Feminist & Medical Critiques of Circumcision." Dr. Christopher Guest presents a medical critique discussing the historical origins, worldwide trends in circumcision, and an examination of the medical claims in support of circumcision.