7 Apr 2016

Women's Studies Is Not Scholarship

Professor Fiamengo strengthens her argument that it is time to eliminate the Women's Studies department at every university by arguing that it is advocacy not scholarship.

Custodial Citizenship

CS MGTOW "Since the dawn of time humans have been on autopilot compelled by a deep routed biological drive to prioritize the needs of females for the reason that of course women are the limiting factor in reproduction, this phenomenon is known as gynocentrism. Gynocentrism is a psychological adaptation resulting from a myriad of survival pressures. Hypergamy, another similarly evolved strategy describes the female desire for a bigger better deal. Hypergamy can only ever be temporarily placated, never fully quenched...

On Labour Capitulation

By Gilad Atzmon: The Jewish Chronicle reported yesterday that a Jewish MP has been the target of a 'terrifying' campaign of abuse.’ The so-called ‘victim’ is veteran Labour MP, Louise Ellman.  The JC reports that ‘antisemitic remarks’ were made on at least three occasions.
 1. A non-Jewish forty-year Labour member claimed that when he defended Mrs. Ellman, a Momentum activist threatened him and told him he was “a Jewish Chronicle-reading Zionist fascist.”   The JC fails to explain what is anti-Semitic in the Momentum activist’s ‘threat.’ The Jewish Chronicle is an ultra Zionist outlet that supports Hitlerian Israeli policies such as ethnic cleansing and Zionist expansionism. 
 2. During a meeting in February, activists discussed Hamas tunnels being dug from Gaza into Israel. One Momentum member was said to have compared the tunnels to those created by Jews trying to escape Nazi persecution in the Warsaw ghetto.  Once again the Jewish Chronicle failed to explain why equating Israeli barbarism with other established cruelties in the past is anti-Semitic. In fact, the remark affirms the primacy of Jewish suffering and the orthodox Holocaust narrative.  
 3. At last Friday’s session, an attendee claimed Israel was backing Daesh terrorists and that the IDF was operating covertly among jihadis. Again the Jewish Chronicle does not tell us what is anti-Semitic in such an assertion.  
 As I often repeat; Jewish Power is the capacity to silence the discussion on Jewish power.

Every Friday A Holiday To Conserve Electricity In Venezuela

When we last checked in on everyone's favorite Latin American socialist paradise, Venezuela, President Nicolas Maduro’s opponents "had gone crazy." Or at least that’s how Maduro described the situation in a “thundering” speech to supporters at what he called an “anti-imperialist” rally in Caracas in mid-March.
Meanwhile, thousands of demonstrators had been holding counter-rallies calling for the President’s ouster. Maduro angered the opposition - which dealt Hugo Chavez’s leftist movement its worst defeat at the ballot box in history in December - the previous month when he used a stacked Supreme Court to give himself emergency powers he says will help him deal with the country’s worsening economic crisis.
"Now that the economic emergency decree has validity, in the next few days I will activate a series of measures I had been working on,” he said, following Congress’s declaration of a “food emergency.” The "emergency measures" in effect, amounted to a shutdown of the country. "Venezuela is shutting down for a week as the government struggles with a deepening electricity crisis," Bloomberg wrote. "President Nicolas Maduro gave everyone an extra three days off work next week, extending the two-day Easter holiday, according to a statement in the Official Gazette published late Tuesday."

Rise Of The Jewish Policy Elite: Meritocracy, Myth And Power

Commentary by David Duke: James Petras is a professor emeritus from the University of New York at Binghamton. He is one of the very few academics willing to discuss Jewish power. A former professor of prominent Israel critique Norman Finkelstein, he has publicly debated Finkelstein regarding his blindspot towards Zionist power within the United States. This long article is well worth a read. It’s main thrust is that the fact that the Jewish elite that emerges from our Ivy League universities has done such a horrible job running society is damning evidence that their domination of those universities and other institutions of power in the United States is not due to merit but rather to ethnic networking.
The Rise of the Jewish Policy Elite: Meritocracy, Myth and Power
Introduction by James Petras: Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court marks a continuation and deepening of the lopsided ethno-religious representation in the US judicial system. If Garland is appointed, Jewish justices will comprise 45% of the Court, even though they represent less than 2% of the overall population.

Women Are Raping Boys And Young Men

By : The word “rape” conjures up an image of a helpless young woman being held down and forcefully penetrated, a brutal act that provokes widespread empathy for the victim. Not all sexual assaults fit this description, however; by definition, they can involve any type of sexual contact or behavior that occurs without the explicit consent of the recipient, including unwelcome kissing or touching. That said, the meaning of rape in those instances where women are on the receiving end has gradually expanded to include the latter acts and a wide range of inappropriate behavior.
Unfortunately, what hasn’t changed is the perception that women are the only victims. In fact, the past decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of incidents of women raping and sexually assaulting boys and men. On May 2014, Jezebel reported a study, where a large portion of teen boys and young men have been forced or coerced into sexual activity by a peer. The study, published in the journal Psychology of Men and Masculinity, 43% of high school boys and young college men reported they had an unwanted sexual experience, and 95% reported that a female acquaintance was the aggressor.[i] Other statistics confirm that men are not the only perpetrators. According to a 2010 National Crime Victimization Survey, which queried 40,000 households about rape and sexual violence, 38% of reported incidents involved women targeting boys and men.[ii]

Three More Anti-MGM Protests Before London Conference

BY Mike Buchanan: I am delighted to announce three more anti-MGM protests will take place before the London Conference. One of the speakers at the conference will be the American researcher Tim Hammond, who’ll be giving a new talk on the Global Survey of Circumcision Harm.
We shall again be supporting the anti-MGM campaign group Men Do Complain at the next three protests. The three protests in which we’ve previously supported them have all been successful – the first outside the Conservative party conference (October 2015), the second in Parliament Square on International Men’s Day (November 2015), the third recently in Luton, outside the Thornhill Clinic, the leading private clinic in the UK where male minors’ genitals are mutilated on non-therapeutic grounds for financial gain.
The next protest, starting at 1pm on Thursday 5 May, will be in Golders Green, and we shall be protesting at two locations over that afternoon:
– a clinic where circumcisions are performed by Dr Martin Harris, who was recently added by A Voice for Men to its Known Genital Mutilators directory. We see from his website that he charges £395.00 to mutilate baby boysgenitals. The clinic is the Temple Fortune Health Centre, 23 Temple Fortune Lane, London NW11 7TE.

From Palestine To Honduras, Every Day Is Land Day

The Electronic Intifada: On 30 March 1976, Palestinian citizens of Israel declared a general strike and held large demonstrations against land expropriations by Israeli authorities in the Galilee.
Now observed annually as Land Day, these events marked the first organized popular rebellion by Palestinians inside present-day Israel. They had undergone three decades of disenfranchisement and intimidation. 
Berta Cáceres was one of three indigenous land rights activists murdered in Central America in March. (CIDH)
In 1948, Zionist militias, which would later constitute the Israeli army, occupied the majority of historic Palestine.
Using force and the threat of force, some 750,000 Palestinians were expelled.
Those who remained in the territory then unilaterally declared as Israel were granted Israeli citizenship, but the new authorities imposed military rule on them that was not lifted until 1966.
Even after military rule, systematic Israeli attempts to squelch Palestinian dissent and colonize both land and minds continued.
The Zionist project is fixated on controlling as much land as possible with as few Palestinians on it as possible.

Fuck The Police - Full Album - Deek Jackson

1.Fuck The Police 0:00
2.Kill The Queen 04:14
3.Your Heroes R Baby Killers 08:16
4.Make Bombs & Fuck Shit Up 11:44
5.I Want To Radicalise People Online 14:41
6.Ive Got A Bomb 18:38
7.USANUS 22:42
8.Vote For Me 25:14
9.Mind The Planet 30:16
10.Even Bad Mutha Fukas 34:45