8 Apr 2016

Was The Panama Papers “Leak” A Russian Intelligence Operation?

By Michael Krieger: As I wrote on Monday, ever since I started reading about the Panama Papers “leak” something kept rubbing me the wrong way. From the absence of any well known, politically powerful Americans on the list, to the anonymous nature of “John Doe” as whistleblower and the clownish reporting from Soros and USAID affiliated organizations, the whole thing stunk from the start.
The first plausible theory I came across attempting to explain the strangeness of it all was proposed by Craig Murray, and it basically went something like this. The leaker is a real whistleblower, but he placed the information in the wrong hands, therefore the organizations and journalists reporting on the story were not giving us the whole truth. Here’s some of that theory from the post, Are Corporate Gatekeepers Protecting Western Elites from the Leaked Panama Papers? [below]

Whoever leaked the Mossack Fonseca papers appears motivated by a genuine desire to expose the system that enables the ultra wealthy to hide their massive stashes, often corruptly obtained and all involved in tax avoidance.

I-CIA-SIS Plots Nuclear False Flag Via Dark Web

"UK's lame-stream rag the Telegraph says 'ISIS plotting to use drones for nuclear terror attack on West.' Claims the lame-stream, David Cameron has warned! ...On scenario spelt out the dangers and imagined radioactive material has been taken by insiders and sold thorough the dark web." So everyone be scared, false flags to follow and we're going to control the Internet is the message.

Jews Only Letter For Tony Greenstein

An introduction by Gilad Atzmon: To fight the recent suspension of the notorious AZZ Tony Greenstein from the Labour Party, three of his friends launched a Jews only campaign to support his cause. A gentile Labour member from Walse who attempted to lend her support for the campaign was told by Tony Greenstein that only Jewish members of the LP can sign the letter.”  It would be interesting to learn from Greenstein what qualifies a Labour party member ‘as a Jew.’ Is it the blood, the genes, the DNA or does it come down to the love of gefilte fish yet again?
 We, the rest of humanity who oppose wars and support equality, also want to join this appeal by Labour’s chosen members. The Labour Party is a horrid, horrid institution at the moment, no doubt a perfect home for Greenstein and his ilk. Please take him back.
 I do hope that at a some stage Corbyn and the Jews he has surrounded himself with will find the time to fight for Britain’s workless people. After all, this is what the Labour party is supposed to do.

Are Russians In For Yet Another War?

By Angela Borozna:  Do Russians want another war? If you are Russian, you would be surprised by the question. Why would anyone want war (hot or cold)? But if you are an American, and grew up fearing ‘bad Russians’ such question does not surprise you a bit. After all, the whole Cold War was based on the main assumption – Russians/Soviets want war!
Despite being allies during the World War II, the friendship between the Soviet Union and the United States was quickly replaced with an intense rivalry. Just one year after the victory over Nazi Germany, a new face of the Soviets was painted in the West – the ‘evil Russians’, who wanted one thing – world domination.
It would be absurd if it didn’t have such dire consequences – years of fear on the both sides of the Atlantic, and wasted resources, which could have been spent on normalizing people’s lives. 
After losing more than 20 million people in World War II, and experiencing hunger and devastation of ruined industries and infrastructure, the last thing the Soviets wanted after the WWII was another war. It took the Soviet Union decades to rebuild the country. People lived in deep poverty and everyone was longing for a normal life. Yes, U.S.S.R. was building up defense industry – because it didn’t want to be attacked again. Offense was never the purpose!
How did the former allies become the adversaries?
The fear of the Soviet Union was initiated by Kennan’s ‘Long telegram’, sent on February 22 1946 from Moscow to James Byrnes in State Department, Washington D.C.

The Father Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name

Angelo Agathangelou: Originally known by the title I presented above and more recently as 'The Real Love That Dare Not Speak Its Name', it has been too long since our fellow father's rights activist Sir Bob Geldof's attempt to begin to dissect the quagmire that is modern society with regards to the family and the misandric path taken by the now secret kangaroo UK family courts. Too long because after years of campaigning the situation is even worse for fathers today and it seems that all we [the global award winning fathers' rights campaign for several consecutive years 'F4J' and the wider movement that has carried the torch forward] have achieved is the solidification of the gynocentric feminist position. Therefore please find once again a copy of the abridged version below of an historic document, a damning marker of how very far it still remains for us to climb and must read for any in the movement.
A Sometimes Coherent Rant
BECAUSE OF STATEMENTS I have made on TV and elsewhere, I was invited by the editors to participate in the seminars convened by the Cambridge Socio-Legal Group, and to write what can clearly only be a lay view for this book. If my contribution is of any use, it will be, I suppose, in the shape of the amateur absolutist and iconoclast. The kicking up of an impassioned, but informed, fuss is the role Nature seems to have assigned me. Family law is not my field of expertise but it is certainly my field of experience and like many, many men in this country, it left me feeling criminalised, belittled, worthless, powerless and irrelevant. I wrote this chapter very quickly, allowing those emotions to determine the outcome.

Personal Values And The Pussy Pass

By : Talking about values can be a tricky affair. After all, who’s to say what values can we say anyone else has to live? There are certainly times when we do get to answer this for everyone. For instance, our collective value for the sanctity of human life demands punishment for murder in all modern cultures.
At the same time, our value for life collectively takes a nosedive when it comes to humans who cannot speak for themselves, such as we find in abortion.
In countries where we render swift and decisive punishment for killing a baby two weeks after it is born, we will look the other way, citing the rights of the mother, when killing it two weeks before it is born.
More disparity is found in other places. Canada, for instance, passed an infanticide law in 1948 that reclassified the taking of an infant’s life by its mother. From that point on, the crime was no longer considered murder. It is instead infanticide, a significantly less serious crime that usually carries a maximum of a year in jail with most mothers who kill serving no time at all. Instead, they get referrals to counseling and other support services.
We see even more evidence of this in systems of western jurisprudence where it concerns women who murder their husbands.

Female Sailor’s False Rape Allegation, Plot Fails

By : Twenty years ago a most bizarre false rape allegation case in the U.S. Navy resulted in the murder of the accuser; but not in the manner you would think.
On May 14, 1996, 31-year-old U.S. Navy Petty Officer Third Class Elise Makdessi, an air traffic controller at Oceana Naval Air Station in Virginia Beach met her demise, in a bizarre and unusual twist involving false allegations of rape and sexual harassment at the hands of her co-workers and supervisors. On one occasion she alleged that she had been raped by three co-workers who all took turns. 
New Picture (1)New Picture 
Petty Officer Third Class Elise Makdessi 
About a month, before she was murdered, Elise Makdessi took to making a 20-minute videotape on the couch of her home where she claimed that she had been subjected to acts of rape and sexual harassment, but never named her assailants. She revealed that she had kept their names in a safe deposit box in case anything happened to her or her husband. No safe deposit box or names were ever found.

Planning Is Everything

Max and Stacy discuss planning that is everything, plans which are nothing. They look at the British economy as if Eisenhower were examining it. In the second half, Max interviews Tom Coughlin of the Allocated Bullion Exchange (ABX.com) about the first real gold exchange.