10 Apr 2016

Feminism Is A False Accusation Campaign

"If a person makes an accusation of a sexual assault, not through the courts or the police, but through twitter, Facebook, tumbler, any other kind of social media, then that accusation is fraudulent, its fake, its baloney and it’s not made out of a motivation to seek after justice or to stop further harm from being done or to redress a grievance, it's made out of a sense of rage or anger or vendetta or some other similar motivation to harm the other person." Said johntheother.

Austria Announced 54% Creditors Haircut In First Bankster "Bail In" Under New EU 'ECB Capo De Tutti Capi' Rules

Tyler Durden's picture Just over a year ago, a black swan landed in the middle of Europe, when in what was then dubbed a "Spectacular Development" In Austria, the "bad bank" of failed Hypo Alpe Adria - the Heta Asset Resolution AG - itself went from good to bad, with its creditors forced into an involuntary "bail-in" following the "discovery" of an $8.5 billion capital hole in its balance sheet primarily related to ongoing deterioration in central and eastern European economies.
Austria had previously nationalized Heta’s predecessor Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank International six years ago after it nearly collapsed under the bad loans it ran up when it grew rapidly in the former Yugoslavia. Having burnt through €5.5 euros of taxpayers’ money to prop up Hypo Alpe, Finance Minister Hans Joerg Schelling ended support in March 2015, triggering the FMA’s takeover.
This was the first official proposed "Bail-In" of creditors, one that took place before similar ad hoc balance sheet restructuring would take place in Greece and Portugal in the coming months.

This Is The “Justice” That The Washington Criminals Deliver

'Trial of Saddam Hussein was victor’s justice’ – Ex-tribunal judge
RT: The former chief judge that presided over Saddam Hussein’s trial told RT in an interview how the tribunal, which was dependent on the US, lacking in legitimacy, and overshadowed by the killing of lawyers, sentenced the Iraqi strongman to death.
In November of 2006, Saddam Hussein was sentenced to death by hanging three years after a US-led “coalition of the willing” invaded Iraq, removing him from power as the country’s leader. The hanging itself was carried out at the US’ Camp Justice military base – an act that has been criticized by a number of governments and described by rights groups as cruel and unfair.   
The tribunal leading to the death sentence was also regarded by many as a political show and vengeful action,” with international law experts questioning its legitimacy and fairness.

The Badass Feminist Colouring Book

Shoe0nHead: Come color and cringe with me.

Ladies In Waiting

DoctorRandomercam: Am I acting? And/or is this an act? And/or is it real, and is reality an act? Answer me!

Stunning Video Reveals Why You Shouldn't Trust Anything You See On Television

Tyler Durden's picture In recent years, many have voiced increasing concerns with their ability to place trust in official data, and have faith in conventional narratives.
And for good reason: just yesterday a University of Chicago finance professor, while being interviewed at the Ambrosetti Forum, said that it is all about preserving confidence and trust in a "rigged game": "if people are told enough by smart people on television that the economy has been fixed, and the market is a reflection of the fundamentals, then they’ll blindly support anything the Fed [central bankster] does." 
But while the saying "don't believe everything [or anything] you read" and "trust but verify" may be more appropriate now than ever, the following video is an absolute stunner in its revelation of just how deep "real-time" media deception can truly go.

Thames Creature

Max and Stacy discuss mysterious, unexplained creatures - like offshore havens all around us, the very fabric of the British economy. In the second half, Max interviews John Kim of SmartknowledgeU.com about the latest in the gold market.


Good morning to you all
By Jafar Ramini: Except it wasn't that good a morning 68 years ago in a peaceful Palestinian hamlet by the name of Deir Yassin.
That morning the murdering, genocidal and brutal Jewish Zionist terror gangs, Irgun and Stern, lead by two future Prime Ministers of Israel, Menachem Begin and Yitzhak Shamir, raided the sleepy village and slaughtered and destroyed everyone and everything they could find.
The massacre of Deir Yassin on 9th April 1948 was neither the first nor the last of such massacres. But Deir Yassin was a turning point that lead the defenceless and peaceful Palestinian civilians to flee. Chaim Weizman, future first President of Israel referred to the massacre as "this miraculous simplification of our task". David Ben Gurion, the future first Prime Minister of Israel, said, "Without Deir Yassin there would be no Israel". And so the Jewish Zionist juggernaut of murder and destruction is still rolling on. Their lust for our blood, our land and our natural resources is insatiable. And the world looks on.

Calls For Urgent Inquiry Into Sexual Abuse Of Jewish Children In Illegal UK Schools

A London borough education authority destroyed records of children attending illegal Jewish schools where thousands of children are at risk of physical beatings and sexual abuse 
By Siobhan Fenton: An urgent inquiry must be launched into the sexual abuse of Jewish children following an investigation by The Independent, campaigners have said.
Kol v’Oz,a global organisation dedicated to preventing abuse of Jewish children, has formally written to the UK’s investigations body for child abuse urging action. In a letter to the Independent Inquiry for Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA), Chief Executive Manny Waks wrote: “The IICSA notes that it will investigate a wide range of institutions, including those who fall under the category of ‘other religious organisations’. I would like to take this opportunity to encourage the IICSA to seriously consider including at least a segment of the Jewish community in its investigations.

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