12 Apr 2016

MHRA - Label Detox

My thought's and replies to Sargon's suggestion of dropping "the label". imho, MRA is not lost. Realraven2000.

The Empathy Gap

By William Collins [aka mra-uk]: A number of people have asked me to expand upon what is meant by the empathy gap. So here I give my take on the subject. The empathy gap refers to the fact that male disadvantages tend to go unrecognised. Many people, when they first encounter the red pill world are inclined to believe that all that is necessary is to point out the litany of male disadvantages and all will be rectified. A year or two down the road they find out the other half of the truth – that no one cares. This is the empathy gap.
There are two aspects to the empathy gap: how it is manifest and whence it cometh. Let’s tackle the former first. For MRAs there will be little contentious about this, and it is based soundly on fact. There may be greater contention when I discuss the origins of the empathy gap. That you may regard as opinion, at least in part.
Whenever men, or boys, are blamed for their own disadvantage, this is the empathy gap. Consider, for example, boy’s educational failure. It’s the boys’ own fault for being – well, too boyish. This is the empathy gap. When girls did less well it was not perceived as their own fault but a disadvantage imposed upon them and to be rectified. In contrast, no one is to blame for boys’ failure except themselves – so nothing need be done about it.

Terminal Prostate Cancer Sufferer Kevin Vardy BBC Interview

Mike Buchanan: Kevin Vardy is a remarkable man, suffering with terminal prostate cancer. He started an online petition to Jeremy Hunt MP, Health Secretar , calling for a national screening programme for prostate cancer https://www.change.org/p/the-rt-hon-j.... So far it’s received over 53,000 signatures, a remarkable number for a petition on a men’s issue.

Feminism Poisons Relations Between Men And Women

In Saturday’s blog [below] I explained how a feminist politics was undermining women’s and families’ interests, contributing to a top heavy political system and eroding participatory mechanisms. Today I will explore what we should do about this.
First, politicians should be held more accountable to us, becoming less loose cannons ever ready to inflict their latest policy whims on us, and more like cogs in our political machine. We need to focus on the processes by which our needs are identified and transmitted. There is a massive technical capacity for collecting and crunching data about the conditions which maximise health and wellbeing. There is also a fantastic capacity for communication through social media. All these technical facilities should be harnessed to maximise the efficiency of the political system so we are less reliant on individuals, whatever their sex.
We also need to dismantle ideologies that might have an undue influence on those individuals. And feminism should be the first to go. We need to make feminism history, a thing of the past, which we can dispassionately talk about and analyse, without gainsaying positive changes that it may have achieved.

Philip Davies MP & Mark Pearson Will Be Speaking At ICMI16 London International Conference For Men's Issues 8-10 July

By Mike Buchanan: This announcement is, we think, a bit special. We already have 20 impressive speakers scheduled for the London conference, and I’m delighted to announce two more. The following is drawn from the ‘Speakers’ tab on the conference website, just updated: 

Philip Davies MPThe Justice Gender Gap
Philip has been the Conservative MP for Shipley since 2005. He’s a highly regarded advocate for men’s rights, the only such MP in the House of Commons. Examples of his work include revealing startling gender differences in prison sentencing, in 2012 – video here. On International Men’s Day (2015) he introduced the first parliamentary debate on men’s issues – video here
Mark PearsonFacing my Waterloo
Mark is an award-winning contemporary artist, trained at the Royal College of Art. He recently became the focus of an international news story, when he was falsely accused of sexually assaulting an actress when walking past her in Waterloo Station. He advocates an end to the institutional misandry in the Crown Prosecution Service.

Ali Abunimah And The Zionist Narrative

By Barbara McKenzie: Ali Abunimah has been speaking to pro-Palestine groups in Australasia and last week was in Wellington, New Zealand, as a guest of the Wellington Palestine Group.
Abunimah has a profile as a pro-Palestinian activist and as a founder and editor of the blog Electronic Intifada. He is also known to be at the forefront of the campaign to purge from the pro-Palestine movement those who are not deemed to be sufficiently opposed to antisemitism. He has accordingly been described by his critics as a ‘gatekeeper on the payroll of his Jewish Zionist friends’, a ‘soft Zionist’, a ‘sabbos goy’ and many other things less printable.
My reading on Abunimah before the meeting revealed that he is associated with campaigns to vilify and exclude from the Palestine movement a considerable number of pro-Palestinian activists, including many of Jewish ancestry, like Richard Falk, John J. Mearsheimer, Gilad Atzmon, Paul Eisen, Jonathan Azaziah, and Israel Shamir, or Palestinian backgrounds, such as Samir Abed-Rabbo, Ramzy Baroud, Nahida Izaat, Sammi Ibrahim, Sameh Habib and Jonathan Azaziah.
He is also complicit in the attempt to ostracise the highly regarded Alison Weir of the Not in My Name campaign, which led to the resignation of the Free Palestine Movement from the US Campaign to End Israeli Occupation.

Radical Feminist FaceBook Removes AVFM’s Page

By : The A Voice for Men FaceBook page was unpublished by FaceBook today. No reason was given other than a generic inference that we were in violation of their community standards. I find no reason to believe that this means anything but the fact that we were in violation of their feminist based rules for speech.
This is a shame for the great team of people who worked hard producing material on a regular basis and for the 33,000 fans who had seen fit to like the page.
Their appeals process seems to be a sham as well. There is a single button to click for an appeal. They afford you no opportunity to ask questions or to get clarification on how a page is actually in violation of Facebook standards (which I am certain we were not in actuality).
So, in the short version, this appears to be the work of censorious feminist ideologues working in a modern Facebook environment that favors their agenda.

Jewish Money And The Labour Party - Here Are The Numbers

Reported By Gilad Atzmon: If you are curious about why the Labour Party has been groveling to the Jewish Lobby for the last few months, Jewish Donor Michael Foster provides the nitty gritty - - the numbers of kosher domination.  
In his commentary in The Daily Mail , Foster, who donated £400,000 to the party ahead of last May’s election, reveals “This year, no major Jewish donor has given a pound to the central Labour Party.”   
The numbers are shocking. “In the run-up to last May’s General Election, the Jewish community donated almost one-third of the £9.7 million that Labour received from private donors – and that despite recoiling from Labour’s parliamentary vote to recognise Palestine.” 
British Jews who make up less than 0.5% or the British population raised a third of the funds for Labour’s campaign and this occurred at the time Jews were institutionally separating from the politics of Labour’s PM candidate, Ed Miliband. 
These huge donations explain Corbyn’s embarrassing behaviour at his meeting with the Jewish Lobby.  The Labour party is evidently dependent on the shekel pipeline. The numbers reveal why Labour has been hijacked by Jewish interests. Whether or not we like it, our leading opposition party is a hostage begging for the mercy of few wealthy Jews.

Kevin MacDonald And Patrick Slattery Nail The Jewish Issue

Introduction by Dr. David Duke: Dr. Slattery interviews Professor MacDonald about his books and how his theory of Judaism as an evolutionary strategy explains so much of the behavior we see today. Professor MacDonald states that for all practical purposes, the god of the old testament is the Jewish gene pool, with the laws and culture prescribed in the Jewish bible a recipe for protecting the Jewish gene pool from admixture and promoting the continuity and domination of the Jewish people. 
They talk about the competition that has existed between Jews and their host populations, with antisemitism developing as a defensive mechanism to protect Christians from Jewish aggression and exploitation. They also discuss the major Jewish intellectual movements of the Twentieth Century and how they have transformed Western societies into anti-white, multi-cultural Jewish empires.

Police Caught ‘Cherry-Picking And Air-Brushing’ Evidence - Case Collapses Against Four Students From Top Agricultural College Who Spent TWO YEARS Accused Of Raping Woman

The latest CPS anti-male show trial has collapsed, this time with four young men branded as alleged rapists across the mainstream media. The woman (as always) will remain anonymous
By Amie Gordon: The trial of four Royal Agricultural University students accused of subjecting a woman to a 'gang-bang' rape ordeal came to an abrupt end today when the prosecution dropped all charges.

Leo Mahon, 22, Patrick Foster, 22, James Martin, 20, [Left with his dad] and Thady Duff, 22, had all denied rape, sexual assault and assault by penetration.
Following the collapse of the case, which was beset with complications and delays, barristers have accused police of 'cherry picking' and 'air brushing' evidence.
The police are also facing questions over why it took 13 months to charge the men, with lawyers alleging evidence had been 'withheld' by officers before the trial.

SuffraGENTS’ National Tour

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: We are delighted to publicise this, relating to a national tour by Bedford-based Suffragents. Planned venues are:

Maidenhead 15th April Friday Night
Chelmsford 16th April Saturday Night
Sevenoaks 29th April Friday Night
Winchester 30th April Saturday Night
Taunton 13th May Friday Night
Newport 14th May Saturday Night
Halesowen 27th May Friday Night
Nuneaton 28th May Saturday Night
Rhyl 10th June Friday Night
Lymm 11th June Saturday Night
Pontefract 24th June Friday Night
Washington 25th June Saturday Night
Falkirk 23rd July Saturday Night

If you have an interest in access rights affecting children, fathers, and grandparents, I would urge you to attend at least one of these meetings, if you can.