17 Apr 2016

Another Letter From Finland

Via PCR: Thank you for publishing \”PM\”\’s writing concerning situation in Finland. I am in Finland too and could not agree more. It is hard to explain the incomprehensible feeling when you see that the once so peaceful country is actively managed into chaos. Public sector costs are inflating the same time as private sector jobs are being sold out to low cost countries. Foreign debt is progressively increased while natural resources are being turned into companies which can then be sold to foreign investors, as most of the mining rights already have been. The local media is being actively manipulated to publish only the government\’s agenda and we are depending on foreign sources for any criticism and true information of what is happening. No trouble with neighbor Russia for decades, but despite the good co-existence, now we see lobbyists inside the government actively pushing the country into the arms of NATO, against the common sense prevailing among the public. The former opposition party \”True Finns\” turned out to be worst tyrant puppet of all after being accepted into the government (a perfect example of \”fake opposition\”). So please pay attention every once and a while to the progress of this small and remote country if you can. Unfortunately today all signs are pointing into wrong direction and there is no longer any free opposition to turn to, if you wish to democratically vote for peace and independence.

Eve & Adam Intertextual With Athenaeus Deipnosophists

: Written about 200 GC, Athenaeus’s sprawling work Deipnosophists (The Learned Banqueters) has been in modern scholarship mainly a source for literary grazing. The literary design of Deipnosophists, however, is beginning to be recognized. Athenaeus created a subtle, complex matrix for intratextual, intertexual, and creative intertexual readings.[1] The brilliance of Athenaeus’s work is exemplified in its deft relations with the story of Eve and Adam.Athenaeus begins “my account of our discussion of matters relating to love” with a wry reference to offering his report to experts. Athenaeus notes that “our noble host” Larensius, a learned man with a large library, has been praising married women.[2] Popular literature has always tended toward praiseful gynocentrism. Athenaeus invokes the muse Erato. She is the muse of lyrical poetry. She is associated with carnal desire. There is nothing bitter about her. Athenaeus prays that she will tell him about love. That’s a literary move like Jerome’s creation of Theophrastus’s Golden Book on Marriage.
After Larensius favorably compares “our married women” to cosmetic-caked women and rapacious courtesans, a dinner guest speaks more bluntly about the position of married men. The very term “married women” is misleading. The guest quotes verses from Alexis’s Seers:
Miserable us! … We’ve sold
our right to speak freely in our day-to-day life and to have a good time,
and we live as women’s slaves instead of free men!

Medical Ethics and Paternity Fraud

William Collins [aka MRA-UK]: Medical ethics is the latest area which has come to my attention as having fallen to feminist corruption.
On the 6th April 2016 Mike Buchanan was interviewed by Shelagh Fogerty on LBC radio on the subject of paternity fraud. The issue discussed was whether DNA testing should be carried out at birth automatically. Also involved in the discussion was Dr Anna Smajdor, lecturer and researcher in medical ethics, Norwich medical school. Just two days later the news broke about the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, having been misled about the identity of his father. My personal reaction was: why the great surprise? Not casting any aspersions on the Archbishop’s parents, you understand, merely recognising that paternity fraud is common.
I’ll not address the ever-fraught issue of how common paternity fraud might be – see here for a review. Shelagh Fogerty thought that even a rate of 2% – almost certainly a serious underestimate – was appalling, and rightly so. But she wasn’t very keen on the idea of (what she called) “compulsory” DNA testing. She objected on the grounds that she didn’t think it fair or appropriate that “the state should check whether I am a liar“.
Before getting down to the main issue, let’s just sort that one out. DNA testing does not have to be presented in such a manner. After all, what has the mother got to do with this? The proposal is that any man who wished to have his name on the birth certificate – and hence gain paternity rights – must be subject to a paternity test.

Misandry - The Anti-Male Equivalent Of Misogyny

Michael Stringer: Are men dealt an unfair hand? Dr. Katherine Young, the co-author of a series of books on misandry - the anti-male equivalent of misogyny - thinks so. In her latest book, Replacing Misandry, Young and her co-author, Dr. Paul Nathanson, argue that the disparagement of boys and men in modern culture is undeniable. Dr. Young joins Andrew to discuss her research. Source

Spy v Spy

Max and Stacy discuss disintermediation of the meatspace, onshore services by offshore property sites such as Uber and AirBnB, and what the inevitable collapse in tax revenue will mean for the onshore citizen. They also discuss Goldman Sachs’ alleged $5-billion fine for mortgage securities fraud actually only being half that thanks to the systemic corruption of our so-called justice system. In the second half, Max and Stacy interview Steve Topple about what two weeks of #PanamaPapers leaks have told us about the systemic nature of corruption.

Identity Politics, Racism And Confusion

Introduction by Gilad Atzmon: Ian Donovan seems to be the last thinking man in the Left. I occasionally disagree with some of his ideas. However, unlike most of the people who associate themselves with that political decaying club, Donovan seems to engage in a consistent and rigorous analysis. The following is a good review of the Jews/Left current state of affairs.
By Ian Donovan: The idea that Tony Greenstein, the Jewish leftist in Brighton recently suspended from the Labour Party apparently for ‘anti-semitism’, has to prove that he is not ‘anti-semitic’ should be just absurd. It is a sign of the irrationality and demented character of the political atmosphere in and around the Labour Party, with the party leadership under extreme pressure from Zionist witchhunters, that a long time Jewish left-wing activist like Greenstein should feel obliged to ‘prove’ he is not an anti-Jewish racist.
One wonders how many black members of the Labour Party face suspension expulsion for anti-black racism, or how many of Chinese heritage face suspension for anti-Chinese bigotry? If there were such, it would make the Labour Party into the butt of stand-up comedy, not of serious political controversy.

Plan B - US Arms Syria Rebels...AGAIN!

Ron Paul: If the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, Washington's Syria policy is a textbook case of abject lunacy. Just as the Syrian government has ISIS on the run in eastern Syria, the US is shipping more weapons to its "moderates" who are fighting against the Syrian government.

What Men Fear Most

By : We make heroes of men who conspicuously face and overcome fear for a good cause. But there is one fear that we not only want men to run from; we punish them if they show any bravery at all. That is the subject of today’s talk on An Ear For Men.
There is one fear, above all others, that unites men in what we have come to regard as modern masculinity. It’s a fear that affects almost all men, whether they are meek and timid by nature or the kind men who walk into burning buildings to save people’s lives.
It includes professional boxers, commercial fishermen, inner city police officers, government whistleblowers and law enforcement agents who infiltrate organized crime.
It is not a fear of death that cripples them, nor of torture or personal ruin. But it is a fear so great their refusal to face it has driven them at worst to kill themselves and others, at best to trade in personal dignity and self-respect for life as a servant and court jester.
The set up for this is both complicated and almost indescribably powerful. There is a solution to it for many men that requires an understanding of how we get set up for this fatal weakness. That understanding itself requires courage to face. So much so that most men never will.
That fear is the fear of losing a woman’s love and approval.

Paul Krugman Is Proof That To Be Successful Even As An “Objective” Academic You Must Serve The One Percent

Edited Transcript of A Real News Network Interview With Michael Hudson (right) and Bill Black (left).
Interviewer Jaisal Noor: It’s been a tough week for Senator Bernie Sanders on the campaign trail, despite his big win in Wisconsin on Tuesday, because it’s been marked by fierce attacks on his economic plans. On Friday, New York Times’ Paul Krugman penned a scathing critique of Sanders for his slogans of breaking up the banks because he says that won’t protect us from a future crisis and for Sanders failing to provide details about how he would go about this, when asked by the New York Daily News. Sanders met with the Daily News on April 1st for an in-depth interview for a range of his policy positions. That interview’s been widely panned by the corporate media which is especially significant ahead of the April 19th New York primary.

Well now joining us to talk about this is Michael Hudson and Bill Black. Michael Hudson is a distinguished Research Professor of Economics in University of Missouri, Kansas City. His latest book is Killing the Host: How Financial Parasites and Debt Bondage Destroy the Global Economy. And joining us from Kansas City, Missouri is Bill Black. Bill is an Associate Professor of Economics and Law at the University of Missouri, Kansas City. He’s a white collar criminologist, financial regulator, and author of The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One, as well as a regular contributor to the Real News.