22 Apr 2016

ABR India: The Man’s Quandary

It’s a story of a boyfriend who loves his girlfriend immensely but one incident in his friend’s life makes him insecure and he takes a drastic step that is against his ethics and moral.

Baby Bomber Obama Explains To His Brit "Brothers In Blood" Why They Should Vote For An Undemocratic Super-State

The Obama Apology Tour rolls on... as we detailed previously, despite vehement opposition from the British public and 100s of members of parliament, President Obama opined on Brexit - urging his "brothers in blood" to exercise their democratic right to vote No to Brexit and vote Yes to an Undemocratic Super-State. Side by side with his old friend David Cameron - who he just blamed for Libya's demise - this press conference should be fun...

Islamophobia In The UK, Gaza On Fire & Inside ISIS

"Many people had to die in Europe because we said we don't exchange information about terrorism with Assad. ...There is no doubt ISIS is the baby of GW Bush." Jurgen Todenhofer. Afshin Rattansi with England's first Muslim MP on the Chilcot Inquiry; Jurgen Todenhofer’s bestseller "My Journey Into The Heart of Terror: Ten Days in the Islamic State" and the failure of UK-backed NATO wars & IMF/World Bank policies in Libya. Plus Nobel Peace Prize nominee Jeff Halper about Jewish bulldozers and drones destroying Gaza.

The Women's "Equality" Party @WEP_UK

"Apparently men and boys are safe, they don't need any special attention when it comes to safety, only women and girls do." 6oodfella. This is what happens when feminists create a political party.

Never Forget: Feminism Is On Trial

By : In the beginning was the world. Then, feminism emerged from the womb of history. What matters is the order of appearance: we were here first, and feminism showed up later. That is a fact of key importance, and one should bear it in mind continually.
Among other things, feminism is an ideology – meaning, a body of ideas which embrace a self-conception and a self-description. But it is more than ideology because it is more than self-conception or self-description.
Feminism is situated both within its own understanding and within the understanding of the world at large. This makes feminism a subject for itself, and an object for the world, which means that two separate dimensions of understanding must be considered: the feminist-subjective and the feminist objective.
To say that feminism is on trial means it is under the evaluative gaze of an “other,” an outside intelligence which is expressly not feminist and views feminism in highly objective terms. We contend that feminism lacks a complete understanding of itself and that only non-feminist alterity can supply the needed information to remedy this lack.

The Real History Of Men - Part 1

By : Everyone knows that men have a tendency to protect women. But why do we see men, often so magnificently strong with other men or when facing danger, suddenly become shadows of themselves against the will of a woman? Indeed, why is it so rare that you ever see anyone even questioning this apparent paradox?
Is it nature? Is it social conditioning? Or is it something else that makes so many men Sampson, primed to be in the clutches of Delilah?
That is the subject of this series, the Real History of Men on An Ear for Men.
I have to take a moment to give a tip of the fedora to Peter Wright. Without his splendid knowledge of gynocentrism, history and philosophy, this series would not be possible. The message here is a product of his generously sharing that knowledge and pointing me to invaluable resources.
Now that I have offered proper credit, let’s start with the basic premise that all narratives hinge on a chronology. Each story, mythology or belief system contains a beginning, a history that defines the present, and a future goal or destination.

Fray Bentos MGTOW

Mike Buchanan: A priceless series of adverts, for once not pandering to women. 10/10. I plan to eat a Fray Bentos pie every week for the rest of my life, and encourage my political party's supporters to do likewise. Mike Buchanan JUSTICE FOR MEN & BOYS (and the women who love them)

RIP Prince / Fighting For Us / Bankster Shill / Rigged - WB7

Marquis De Sade & Modern Banksters

Max and Stacy discuss how the Marquis de Sade would approve the modern banksters for their joy of making off with the substance of others. They look at Deutsche Bank turning on their co-conspirators in gold and silver rigging and they also cover the New York pension funds telling hedge funds to 'shove it'. In the second half Max interviews Arthur Hayes of Bitmex.com about making leveraged bets on China with bitcoin without being Zhou Tonged.