23 Apr 2016

The Apotheosis Of Woman - MGTOW

"The pussy beggar, the sad bottom feeder that he may be, is not merely a danger to himself, but a danger to the rest of us. In attempting to give woman anything and everything to win a validation, he ultimately gives women power over good and evil, he elevates her to the arbiter of morality itself and with such a move condemns all men to the whims and moods of what is inherently an irrational creature. This is what we mean when we say men worship the pussy, this is what we mean by pedestalization." Groundwork For The Metaphysics of MGTOW

Secrets Of TTIP & TPP + Truth About Markets

Max and Stacy discuss that if man is what he hides, as AndrĂ© Malraux said, then the EU is a corporatist, monopolist loving intellectual land-grabber, for the EU hides secret trade deals. They also discuss Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of Japan instructing his coalition not to ‘forcibly’ proceed with ratifying the TPP (another secret trade deal) until after elections this summer as voters are against it. In the second half, Max interviews independent Irish politician and MEP, Luke ‘Ming’ Flanagan, about the top secret TTIP, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership.

The Crime Against Men That Cannot Be Named

Parental Alienation Syndrome

By Deidre AVfM: Have you ever felt like an outcast? Perhaps, looking back during your childhood, you were at times, the odd person out. It’s a very uncomfortable feeling and most of the time, people who have been alienated from family members, friends, coworkers, etc. are left confused as to what they have done to have been banished from the fold. There is a type of alienation however, that is insanely dangerous and damaging, and that is parental alienation. And, it leads to what is commonly referred to as "parental alienation syndrome." The root cause of the syndrome is when a custodial parent indirectly or deliberately thwarts the relationship between the non-custodial parent and his/her child, causing the child to wish no longer to spend much or any time with the non-custodial parent. This is done through a number of manipulative tactics by the custodial parent, usually as a form of revenge, to turn the child(ren) away from the non-custodial parent. The majority of alienated parents are fathers, which comes as no surprise since mothers are usually given greater legal custodial rights over their children, than fathers.
I know of a few men, online and offline, who are victims of being estranged from their children, due to the reprehensible behavior of the parent who has sole custody. When did the court system start viewing children as property? It seems that in divorces these days, kids are treated as bargaining chips in a vindictive battle, suffering alongside the alienated parent.

Judea Declares War Against Malia Bouattia

By Gilad Atzmon: Malia Bouattia has become the first Black Muslim president of the National Union of Students winning 50.9 per cent of the vote. The Jews are upset. Bouattia won despite an orchestrated Jewish campaign against her. 50 Jewish student leaders wrote an open letter saying that they were “extremely concerned” by her views amid rising extremism and anti-Semitism on campus.
Bouattia has criticised Zionist-led media outlets.” Jewish student leaders complained that in her prior role as a member of the NUS’s executive committee, Ms Bouattia blocked the Union from passing a motion condemning ISIS, calling it “Islamophobic.” If anything, this makes Bouattia a philo-Semite rather than an anti Semite.

A Knock At Midnight + USA's Foreign Policy

"A Bolshevik tyranny run by a gang of Jews!" Said Brother Nathanael about the USA. Brother Nathanael is a monastic with the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Of Russia (ROCOR) where he is blessed by Bishop Jerome as a "poslushnik" or "novice" monk and to pursue a public ministry.

Fascism, Canadian-Style

Larken Rose: Bullying, assault, abuse, lies and cover-up, followed by blaming and attacking the victim - that is the status quo for modern police. The mistreatment of Cheryl Yurkowski at the hands of the police in Lindsay, Ontario (Canada), and now their ongoing attempts to cage her for having tried to defend herself and her child from their thuggery, gives another real world example of the sadism and cowardice of "law enforcement".

Is Tzipi Livni Smelly?

By Gilad Atzmon: Tzipi Livni, a former Israeli minister as well as a war criminal, spoke at Harvard Law School last week. During the Q&A session, a student got up and asked Livni 'how is it that you are so smelly?’ Some Jews were offended and interpreted the comments as being anti-Semitic. 
The student, a third-year male law student who is president of a pro-Palestine group, has since apologised. The student claims not to have known that attributing smelliness to Jews is a well established anti-Semitic stereotype. 
However, the incident raises a few crucial questions. The rebellious student directed his question to Tzipi Livni. He didn’t refer to the Israeli politician ‘as a Jew’ or claimed that Jews are smelly in general. “My question is for Tzipi Livni,”  the student asked, “how is it that you are so smelly?”  One may wonder why is it that when a gentile questions the distinctive odour of one particular Jewish person, many other Jews feel accused of being collectively smelly?  On a further thought, how is it that many Jews care so much about a young student who doesn’t approves of Tzipi Livni’s smell, yet turn a blind eye to Israeli crimes and Jewish Lobby war mongering that reflects badly on Jewish people as a collective?

Why Men MUST Get Pre-Conviction Anonymity In Rape Trials

Men are currently named and shamed in rape trials - regardless of their guilt. Stand By Your Manhood author Peter Lloyd explains why that has no place in a modern justice system. Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent