25 Apr 2016

"A Total Game Changer" - Over-Population To De-Population

Submitted by Chris Hamilton: Strangely, the world is suffering from two seemingly opposite trends...overpopulation and depopulation in concert.  The overpopulation is due to the increased longevity of elderly lifespans vs. depopulation of young populations due to collapsing birthrates.  The depopulation is among most under 25yr old populations (except Africa) and among many under 45yr old populations. 
So, the old are living decades longer than a generation ago but their adult children are having far fewer children.  The economics of this is a complete game changer and is unlike any time previously in the history of mankind.  None of the models ever accounted for a shrinking young population absent income, savings, or job opportunity vs. massive growth in the old with a vast majority reliant on government programs in their generally underfunded retirements (apart from a minority of retirees who are wildly "overfunded").  There are literally hundreds of reasons for the longer lifespans and lower birthrates...but that's for another day.  This is simply a look at what is and what is likely to be absent a goal-seeked happy ending.

Chivalry: A Learned Deathwish

'Most will eventually take refuge in the fanciful
idea that Jason Cisneros died a hero.'
By : Just after midnight last Friday, April 22, 2016, and a scant 4 or 5 miles from where I am sitting, 19-year-old Jason Cisneros stopped by his best friend Ivania’s apartment to see her. When he arrived, he heard a commotion near where he parked.
He sent a text to Ivania inside, saying, “’I’m outside. There’s a lady honking, and this guy wants to hit her. He wants to kill her.”
Jason then approached the woman’s car to intervene. Just a moment later, he lay dying on the street, with two gunshot wounds.
The news coverage on this, what little it will get, will paint a simple picture. A brave young man heard a woman in distress — a woman he did not even know — and lost his life trying to protect her.
Of course, the real story is not nearly so simple. What made this young man walk into the line of fire? Was it heroics? Why didn’t he just call the police? Why did he feel the pull toward intervening in the troubles of a female stranger?

The Status Quo Has Failed And Is Beyond Reform

By Charles Hugh Smith: The truth is the usual menu of reforms can’t stop this failure, so we have to prepare ourselves for the radical transformations ahead.
That the status quo - the current pyramid of wealth and power dominated by the few at the top - has failed is self-evident, but we can't bear to talk about it. This is not just the result of a corporate media that serves up a steady spew of pro-status quo propaganda--it is also the result of self-censorship and denial. 
Why do we avoid talking about the failure of the status quo? We know it is beyond reform, and we're afraid: afraid that the promises of financial security cannot be kept, afraid of our own precariousness and fragility, and afraid of what will replace the status quo, for we all know Nature abhors a vacuum, and when the status quo crumbles, something else will take its place.
We all prefer the comforting promises of vast central states. No wonder so many Russians pine for the glory days of the Soviet Union, warts and all.
But the central bank/state model has failed, and history can't be reversed. The failure is not rooted in superficial issues such as which political party is in power, or which regulations are enforced; the failure is structural. The very foundation of the status quo has rotted away, and brushing on another coat of reformist paint will not save our societal house from collapse.

The Raped Women Project

"Brainwashed Ultra Zionist Jewish Israeli Cult members organised the raped women project to punish escaping members." Feminism LOL: Not only do false accusations happen, they are organised events. Be smart. Don't just #Believe.

Male Genital Mutilation - Richard Duncker 'Men Do Complain'

Mike Buchanan: There was a media frenzy following a case in which Mrs Justice Robers ruled that two young boys could not be circumcised as their Muslim father wished, when their non-Muslim mother wouldn't give consent.

God’s Chosen Drivers

By Gilad Atzmon: My Canadian friend Richard Guillemette sent me the following a few days ago. I think that this is an extraordinary description of the Jewish condition where racial supremacy is celebrated through tribalism, narcism and aggression:
“In essence it goes a lit bit like this. You travel all over the world Gilad. You see and meet all kind of people,different ethnicities, different ideologies, different cultures etc. let's say you rent a car in each one and you have a car accident in every country. You then deduce that the reason this is happening is because nobody knows how to drive. Your solution is then to return to London and fight to abolish driving for everybody but you. You might allow some of your close friend to drive also. This problem can never be resolved and you have to live in constant fear every time you go somewhere and have to rent a car.
You know that you are right because God has chosen you as the best driver in the world.”

Bacchis Gives Necklace To Colophon So He Could Sleep With Plangon

: Prominent women writers of the European Middle Ages had loving concern for men. So too did some women in ancient Greece. About 2350 years ago on the Greek island of Samos, a beautiful young woman named Bacchis showed that she had the inner beauty of generosity and sympathy for men.
Bacchis, a courtesan, had as a lover a young man named Colophon. They had a torrid, wild love affair. Nonetheless, Colophon also fell in love with the extremely beautiful, notorious courtesan Plangon of Miletus.[1] Plangon first told Colophon that to have her he would have to give up Bacchis. But Colophon, like the big-hearted Ovid, sought to have more than one lover.
Plangon then concocted a scheme to pry Colophon from Bacchis.

Gawd Save The Queen + TPP Just Do It + NeoClown - WB7

Cato The Elder Understood Pythionice’s Public Prominence

Anyone who doesn’t consider Eros the most important god
is either stupid, or lacks experience of what is good
and fails to realize who the most significant god for mortals is.

In ancient Greece, the largest tomb monument on the Sacred Way into Athens didn’t belong to any of the great Athenian political leaders, who were all men. The largest tomb monument honored Pythionice. She was a beautiful prostitute who helped to realize the progressive, democratic welfare program of the wise law-maker Solon. Comparing the formal status of women and men has promoted the false cult of patriarchy. Women like Pythionice have always been the most powerful persons in urbanized human societies.
Pythionice was a pioneer of democratic welfare reform. Prostitutes throughout history have favored serving the men who would pay the most money for sex. Pythionice, however, burned with the democratic spirit kindled in fifth-century Athens.

Expel Social Justice From The University

"There has been a positive move to get rid of gender studies because it is not scholarship it's indoctrination and secondly it doesn't open their minds it closes their minds and thirdly it turns them into socially dysfunctional socially aggressive intolerant ass holes. I think another reason to eliminate gender studies wrapped up in feminism is that it is a religious belief system." Said johntheother.

Feminism Simplified