27 Apr 2016

Retarded Feminists Of Rutgers University

"The glass window effect." [5:30] Showcasing the cream of the crop at Rutgers University - feminist intellectuals engaging in some thought provoking conversation about everyone's favourite topic - feminism!

How Much Are Those Who Mutilate Baby Boys’ Genitals Earning For Their Crimes?

By Mike Buchanan: One area we’ve rarely touched on is the financial incentives for the criminals who mutilate boys’ genitals for financial gain, leaving aside for now the potential for making further money by selling foreskins to a number of commercial organisations. Let’s consider two doctors / mohels (Jewish ritual circumcisers) on the AVfM Known Genital Mutilators directory: 
Dr Martin Harris practises at a clinic in Golders Green, and charges £395.00 for the procedure – his website was recently archived, here. The original website (http://circumcisionlondon.co.uk) is no longer available to view. Now, why might that be?
Dr Howard Cohen works at a centre in Surrey, and while his website is currently still ‘live’, for the sake of posterity we’ve archived it – here.

The Many Shades Of Traditionalism - MGTOW

"The irrational obsession with the emotion of hope. Hope allows us as a collective to disregard what we see right in front of us, it allows us to ignore millions of years of evolution, it allows us to forget the survival pressures faced by pre history and modern humans. ...The MGTOW message is certainly not negative, it simply refuses to indulge in the wasteful irrational and destructive emotion of hope in the face of contrarian evidence." Said CS MGTOW.

A Torrid Week For The Transatlantic Corporatocracy

The carefully woven fabric is unraveling. 
By Don Quijones: A new survey conducted by YouGov for the Bertelsmann Foundation showed that only 17% of Germans believe the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) is a good thing, down from 55% two years ago.
In the United States, only 18% support the deal compared to 53% in 2014.
Such low popularity ratings are an incredible feat for a trade agreement that until last year the public had barely even heard of, purposefully, even as it had been on the negotiation table for years, while the governments associated with it had expected to pass it with flying colors.
During his visit to Germany at the weekend, President Barack Obama tried to breathe life back into the deal, insisting that “the majority of people still favor trade” and “still recognize, on balance, that it’s a good idea.” While that may be so, TTIP, like the other alphabet-soup trade agreements, is not really about promoting trade; it’s about reconfiguring the legal apparatus and superstructures that govern national, regional, and global commerce, business and society, for the benefit of the world’s largest multinational corporations.

Feminists Experience Culture Shock, Cry Sexism

To all feminist expats: If you have a problem with the country you CHOSE to move to, then just pack up your shit and go back home. I can guarantee you nobody will be sad to see you go. Raging Golden Eagle

Entropy: The Problem With Evolution By Dumb Luck

'Politics imitates Broken Science'
By : Maxx’s (2016) article ‘Alpha’ ain’t born… is an important interpretation that is consistent with the workings of human nature. But it is at odds with the mainstream’s genocentric, Neo-Darwinian life-science paradigm. If we are to properly understand human motivations and psychology, then Darwinism, in all its manifestations, needs to be dumped in favour of a more realistic paradigm. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate that Darwinism’s principle failure is at its foundations, and there is little point trying to fix it.
(Armchair theorists, as science-hobbyists who have no investment in real science beyond what they read in Sunday magazines or watch on television, will indignantly stamp their feet with their predictable “because Darwin” objections. This article is not directed at them. I suggest that they find a different hobby where they cannot hurt anyone… maybe a computer game or stamp-collecting.)

Mike Buchanan And Dr Simon Hochhauser Debate MGM

Implausibly, Dr Hochhauser claimed to be unaware that the purpose of MGM is to reduce the sexual pleasure felt by adult males. We frequently recommend people read William Collins’s article on MGM http://www.stgeorgewest.blogspot.co.uk/2015/06/male-genital-mutilation.html. He cites what Moses Maimonides, a leading Jewish intellectual and physician, wrote in 1135:
“With regard to circumcision, one of the reasons for it is, in my opinion, the wish to bring about a decrease in sexual intercourse and a weakening of the organ in question, so that this activity be diminished and the organ be in as quiet a state as possible.

Censored, Surveilled, Watch-Listed, & Jailed: The Absurd Citizenry Of The American Police State

“You had to live - did live, from habit that became instinct - in the assumption that every sound you made was overheard, and, except in darkness, every movement scrutinized.” George Orwell, 1984 
Submitted by John Whitehead: In past ages, those who dared to speak out against tyranny - viewed as an act of treason - were blinded, castrated, disfigured, mutilated, rendered mute by having their tongues cut out of their heads, and ultimately crucified.
In the American police state, the price to be paid for speaking truth to power (also increasingly viewed as an act of treason) is surveillance, censorship, jail and ultimately death.
It’s a diabolically ingenious tactic for muzzling, disarming and ultimately eliminating one’s critics or potential adversaries.
However, where many Americans go wrong is in assuming that you have to be doing something illegal or challenging the government’s authority in order to be flagged as a suspicious character, labeled an enemy of the state and locked up like a dangerous criminal.

The Long [MHRM] Haul

"Whatever happens, effort is going to be in the seat of the winning car. You will need a navigator though. 
...We'll make it fun, we'll sing songs and shit."
Here ya go then: https://www.change.org/p/universities...