28 Apr 2016

Dr. Mohammad Hossain Howlader Of London, “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Dr. Mohammad Hossain Howlader has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From his website londonsurgicalcentre.com, “About Us:”
About the London Surgical Centre 
The London Surgical Centre (LSC) is a clinical services provider based in London. The LSC is a specialist provider in circumcisions for males, and also small surgical operations. We pride ourselves on providing safe surgical procedures for all our patients.
This service is led by a consultant surgeon Mr. (Dr.) Mohammad Hossain Howlader, he is often known simply as Dr Mohammad or Dr Mohammad Hossain or Dr Howlader etc.

“Why Our Children Should Hate Us” - Read The Lance Simmens Article Banned By The Huffington Post

By Michael Krieger: Although Lance Simmens has been intimately involved in public life for several decades, you’ve probably never heard of him. As such, a little introduction is needed.
As mentioned, Lance Simmens’ career was spent in public policy. Specifically, he worked for two U.S. Presidents as well as a couple of senators and governors. Since retirement, he’s been a prolific writer, publishing 180 articles at the Huffington Post over the past 8 years. As such, it came as a great shock to him to discover that one of his recent articles was removed by the Huffington Post shortly after publication. Here’s Lance Simmens describing the ordeal in a recent interview:

Athens, Greece: Anarchists Attack Drug Mafia Protecting Cops At Exarcheia Police Station

Perseus999: The full text analysis explaining the reasons for the attack can be found in Greek and English below of the anarchist attack against Exarchia police station that took place on Sunday 28 April 2016.

The Ghomeshi Verdict

Professor Fiamengo discusses the Ghomeshi Verdict, Critical Legal Theory and it's impact on the presumption of innocence.

You Are Not Cis Gendered

"There are no genders. You can conform to what people expect of you or you can not conform. Gender is make-believe. I am physically male and how I act is my choice." johntheother.

The Transgender Red Pill: Who Cares?

By : Critics – rather dull, uneducated critics – of the men’s human rights movement have expressed delight that the Wachowski brothers, who made the trilogy of Matrix films, are now the Wachowski sisters. You can find a couple of these critics’ stunningly uninformed articles at Flavorwire and even the Guardian if you want a good shaking-my-head laugh at their poverty of understanding.
The Guardian author  claimed that It’s certainly satisfying to imagine the horror of MRAs discovering that their beloved Matrix was created by two transgender women.”
The Flavorwire author  collapses the transgender sisters into one woman:

It’s with some amount of glee that I inform redpiller1985 and those like him that it’s too late for MRAs to push back against the “infection” of “transsexualism.” You see, The Matrix, holiest of men’s rights literature, was co-created by a transgender woman.

Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy Speech + Letter From Oxford

By Paul Craig Roberts
: Readers and foreign news organizations are asking me the meaning of Donald Trump’s foreign policy speech. On the surface, his speech is contradictory. Trump says he will rebuild US military might so that America will always be first. Yet Trump emphasizes that “we want to live peacefully and in friendship with Russia and China.”
In a multi-polar world, there is no first country.
Perhaps the “America first” bit is just an effort to ward off neoconservative attacks on his policy of peace. Perhaps Trump means that the US is going to continue to be the top dog, but that the US is going to cease using muscle to make others do what Washington wants.
Trump says that he will put together a fresh team of foreign policy experts, assuming the US has any. Most Americans are full of themselves, and after two decades of neoconservative hubris, finding a fresh team won’t be easy.

Gilad And All That Jazz

"Gilad Atzmon is one of the best players in the world of saxaphone and is also opposed to Zionism, the most controversial Jew in Israel. A man with a nice presence, carries a tinge of shame, despite his boldness. He is complex and interesting. Gilad was born in a pro-Zionist family, and subsequently served in the first war in Lebanon exposed before turning his life to make him resign from the dramatic work in the army, carrying a saxophone and goes to London to announce the extreme hostility to Israel.

Misandric Harvard Is As Misandric Harvard Does

"Harvard forces its all male clubs to accept women in the name of combating sexual assault. Meanwhile an all female single sex ride sharing service designed to combat sexual assault set to open with great fan fair. ...Lol at anyone expecting reasonable consistent rules at an obscenely over priced glorified day care, that's Har-vard." Said Russell Lindquist.

Equality, European Style

The European Council On Tolerance And Reconciliation (Chairman: War Criminal Tony Blair) Wishes To Eliminate Anti-Feminism, By Making It Illegal In The EU 
By William Collins aka mra-uk: Below is a brief on two pieces of potential legislation coming our way from Europe. Enjoy. (You won’t).
As an added bonus, Appendix B, at the end of the post, is a brief description of the bureaucratic structure of the European Union (EU).
The Istanbul Convention.
The Istanbul Convention is essentially a further deepening of VAWG policies. It does not explicitly make anti-feminism illegal (for that, see the second part of this post) but it does make many aspects of feminism obligatory in law. It is a collection of guidelines complete with taxpayer-funded compliance inspectors which embodies radical feminist ideals, and will infringe on, if not remove entirely, many of the individual human rights of male European citizens. Bluntly put, it is anti-male fascism.