29 Apr 2016

Labour Has A Jewish Problem; It Is Dominated By Zionist Oligarchs

By Gilad Atzmon: Jeremy Corbyn, the man who just a few months ago was a ‘hope for a change,’ is a wimp. For months, the man has unconditionally surrendered to the Jewish lobby. He has systematically betrayed each of his professed core principles. Not surprisingly, the legendary ‘Left Icon’ has even betrayed his friends.
Leftists tend to call each other comrade; they shove the word ‘comradeship’ into every political statement. Apparently, they are unable  to grasp what comradeship is all about.  Corbyn’s ‘comradeship’ was on display when he failed to stand up for the heroic Ken Livingstone who told the well-established and undeniable truth about Hitler’s support of Zionism and the Havara Agreement. Corbyn just ran away with his tail between his legs. 
For some time, I have thought the Left a dysfunctional masturbatory concept. But Corbyn was exciting, he seemed to support the oppressed. For decades he was the patron of the dysfunctional Palestinian Solidarity Campaign (PSC).

UK's Largest Ever Protest Against Male Genital Mutilation

The UK's largest ever protest against Male Genital Mutilation took place on 22nd March 2016. The event happened outside the Thornhill Clinic, one of the countries busiest circumcision clinics. The protest was hosted by Men Do Complain and Justice for men and Boys.



Today I wanted to talk a little bit about feminism, why it doesn't own the concept of gender equality, and why it is an inherently flawed ideology. And while we're at it, we'll debunk the gender pay gap as well.

Feminists’ Patriarchal Worldview Inspired MGTOW

By : The roots of radical feminism, as well as women’s and gender studies initiatives, can be seen in a 1970s BBC documentary, Angry Wimmin, which offers insights on the origins of the women’s movement.
Among those featured is Sheila Jeffreys, an influential lesbian activist,[i] who speaks frankly about the movement’s mission as a dedicated war on men (Feminist Patriarchy Theory[ii]). Over time, the radicalism espoused by Jeffreys and others has had an insidious effect, promulgating widespread distrust of male virtues.

Sinkholes Of Big-Oil Debt

Max and Stacy discuss the dark side to fantasy math and sinkholes of big-oil debt. In the second half Max interviews Federico Ast of CrowdJury.org about a judicial system for the internet era.

What Do The Swiss Know That We Don't? + iPhone Ruse: US FedGov Now Demands Backdoor To All Devices

Their president(s) are mere figureheads, they resoundingly rejected the minimum wage yet workers are among the highest-paid in the world, they still value protection of personal banking information despite the US onslaught, and they hold strong to the principle of armed neutrality and non-intervention in world affairs. Why do the Swiss, despite their problems, seem to "get it" where we in the US do not? Today's guest, Global Gold's Claudio Grass, helps us understand.

Night Of The Living Dead

"Resistance bears a knife, tyranny rides a tank. Resistance bears a pen, tyranny flies a jet." Said Brother Nathanael.


Ignorance About Men’s Issues At ‘The Spectator’ And ‘The Oldie’

By Mike Buchanan: I recently started subscribing to The Spectator, a weekly publication, and always enjoy reading it, even if its grasp of gender politics is utterly woeful. Julie Burchill and Germaine Greer are among its occasional contributors, maybe there’s a connection. But I was shocked recently by a recent piece in the column penned by Charles Moore (59), a highly respected journalist and former editor of The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph, and The Spectator. He’s also the official biographer of Margaret Thatcher, and the first two volumes of a projected three-volume biography have been published to well-deserved critical acclaim.
Charles Moore must surely be an exceptionally well-informed man, yet in a recent column he speculated that male circumcision might one day be refered to as ‘Male Genital mutilation’. Along with the head of a British charity concerned with the subject, I wrote a letter to the paper. Needless to say, neither was published. 
All of which brings me to The Oldie, a monthly publication. I’m not a subscriber, but I receive second-hand copies from a person living near me.