1 May 2016

"Only The Dumb Save" - ECB Banksters Pen Incoherent Response To Germany's Criticisms

It appears as though the ECB has had enough of the thorn in its side that is Germany in this latest round of back and forth, and has taken to what it does best: jawboning. In an article published today in the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung newspaper, executive board member Benoit Coeure writes a rambling article defending ECB's policies, tells Germany that the ECB is the reason for its economic success, and downplays the issues that any savers may be having under NIRP.
Leading up to the article, Germany's finance minister Wolfgang Schauble has been increasingly vocal with his displeasure at Draghi's policies, first by saying that the loose monetary policies would end in disaster, and hinting that Berlin would consider taking the ECB to court if ever Draghi introduced the "very interesting concept" of helicopter money (bypassing the banking sector and distributing money directly to companies, consumers, and states). Then, a few days later, Schauble said that monetary policy was largely exhausted globally, and that the ECB is causing extraordinary problems in reference to negative interest rates that are hammering savers.

Funny Monkey: Parmeniscus Laughing At Statue Of Apollo’s Mother

I remember fondly, as a young boy, singing with my brothers at another brother’s birthday party:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
You look like a monkey,
And you smell like one too!

None of us had studied classical Greek literature. Nonetheless, through the amazing influence of human culture, we had unconsciously absorbed the thinking of the ancient wise man Anacharsis the Scythian. What we had understood remains opaque to learned interpreters of Parmeniscus laughing at a statue of Apollo’s mother. That’s no mere matter of amusement. It indicates a fundamental failure in critical intellectual development.

Cambridge Oncometrix: Crowdfunder For An Inexpensive Non-Invasive Test For The Early Detection Of Prostate Cancer

Via J4MB: In the UK, as many men die from prostate cancer as women die from breast cancer. If the government cared a jot about the lives of men, it would fund this project. Because the government doesn’t care, a crowdfunder has been deemed necessary. Please donate what you can. Be sure to catch the video (2:55) which includes footage of Kevin Vardy, a hero in our eyes. Thank you.

Misers’ Complex, Demanding Struggles In Classical Arabic Literature + Al-Jahiz’s Misers Offer Rich Framework For Reading Athenaeus’s Banqueters

Some would restrict “miser” to a person impulsively hoarding money. Such tight thinking is mistaken. Being a miser entails a complex, ongoing, and demanding struggle against reason and human nature. The challenges of being a miser have never been as richly and fully described as al-Jahiz did in his lengthy, ninth-century book given over completely to misers. Al-Jahiz’s book overflows with letters, testimony, stories, tales, quotes, anecdotes, and glossaries about misers. Just three sentences from al-Jahiz’s book offer much more meaning than subsequent writing about misers has been able to provide.
Al-Jahiz’s book begins with a letter to his unnamed patron. Within that letter, al-Jahiz recounts at length his patron’s request for a book on misers. Among the patron’s many, detailed questions about misers were these:
What is going on in the miser’s mind when he notices other persons’ shortcomings when they entertain him to a meal, but doesn’t perceive his own when entertaining them, even though his own shortcomings are blatantly evident and those of the person entertaining him are not openly apparent?

Nobody Bothered To Check Who Created That “Anti-Semitic” Image Naz Shah Retweeted, Did They?

By Gilad Atzmon:
Naz Shah: Not as anti-Semitic as you might think?
You know that image that got Naz Shah suspended from the Labour Party?
The really offensive, anti-Semitic image that proposes relocating the nation of Israel from the Middle East to the American Midwest?
This one:
It seems nobody bothered to check on the person who originally published it.
So let me put you out of your misery.
The map was posted in Norman Finkelstein Solution for Israel-Palestine Conflict‏, on Monday, August 4, 2014, on his blog.
Professor Finkelstein is described by that hideously inaccurate Wikipedia as “an American political scientist, activist, professor, and author. His primary fields of research are the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and the politics of the Holocaust, an interest motivated by the experiences of his parents who were Jewish Holocaust survivors.”

The Joke Of U.S. Justice And “Accountability” When They Bomb A Hospital

By Glenn Greenwald: Ever since the U.S. last October bombed a hospital run by Doctors Without Borders (MSF) in Kunduz, Afghanistan, the U.S. vehemently denied guilt while acting exactly like a guilty party would. First, it changed its story repeatedly. Then, it blocked every effort – including repeated demands from MSF – to have an independent investigation determine what really happened. As May Jeong documented in a richly reported story for The Intercept yesterday, the Afghan government – rather than denying that the hospital was targeted – instead repeatedly claimed that doing so was justified; moreover, they were sympathetic to calls for an independent investigation, which the U.S. blocked. What is beyond dispute, as Jeong wrote, is that the “211 shells that were fired . . . were felt by the 42 men, women, and children who were killed.” MSF insisted the bombing was “deliberate,” and ample evidence supports that charge.
Despite all this, the U.S. military is about to release a report that, so predictably, exonerates itself from all guilt; it was, of course, all just a terribly tragic mistake. Worse, reports The Los Angeles Times‘ W.J. Hennigan, “no one will face criminal charges.” Instead, this is the “justice” being meted out to those responsible:

Remember The Golan Heights?

By Eric Margolis: During the 1973 Arab-Israeli War, Syrian forces had surprised Israel and were fast approaching the edge of the steep Golan Heights, captured by Israel during the 1967 war. It seemed as if Syrian armor and infantry would retake Golan, then pour down into Israeli Galilee.
Soviet recon satellites observed Israel moving its nuclear-armed, 500km-range Jericho missiles out of protective caves and onto their launch pads. At the same time, Israel was seen loading nuclear bombs on their US-supplied F-4 fighter-bombers at Tel Nof airbase. 
Believing Israel was about to use nuclear weapons against Syria and Egypt, Moscow put huge pressure on both to rein in their advancing forces.

Syrians Seize Israeli-Made Arms In Suwayda Province

Syrian officials and locals have confiscated a vehicle loaded with Jewish Israeli-manufactured weapons in the Arab country’s southern province of Suwayda.
Press TV: An unidentified local source said that the authorities ambushed a car full of weapons and ammunition bound for the Daesh Takfiri terrorists on Wednesday morning, Syria’s official news agency, SANA, reported.
The vehicle, which was coming from the eastern countryside of Dara’a Province, was heading to the eastern Badiya desert, the source added.
Anti-personnel landmines, RPG launcher and rounds, B9 shells, 120 mm, 80 mm and 60 mm mortars, grenades and 23 mm machine-gun rounds were among the confiscated weapons.

Who Consented To A Virgin Birth?

'Making America Great Again' Quest + Truth About Markets

Max and Stacy discuss the quest to ‘Make America Great Again’ as only two AAA rated companies are left standing and trade deals which are loaded with all risk, no benefit threaten to annihilate the last vestiges of dignity, hope and greatness remaining.