3 May 2016

A Whistleblower Manifesto By Edward Snowden

In the beginning of a change, the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
The only rational patriotism, is loyalty to the nation all the time, loyalty to the government when it deserves it. – Quotes by Mark Twain
By Michael Krieger: Every time I hear from Edward Snowden I’m immediately reminded of how thoughtful, courageous and patriotic he is, and how fortunate we are that he followed his conscience and spilled the beans on a multitude of unaccountable and unconstitutional actions routinely committed by America’s deep state government.
Earlier today, The Intercept posted a piece written by Edward Snowden pulled from the recently published book Inside the Assassination Complex. It’s a short piece, but extremely powerful and to the point. I saw it as a whistleblower’s manifesto in which Mr. Snowden explains why he felt he had no other choice but to come forward, and why others in similar positions should consider doing the same should they find themselves in a position to defend the U.S. Constitution and inform the general public.

‘I’m From Goldman Sachs, And I’m Here To Help’

Max and Stacy discuss the nine most terrifying words in the English language: "I'm from Goldman Sachs, and I'm here to help." They explore why it is that Goldman Sachs Bank USA is so eager to attract small-time depositors.

The Danger Of Empathy

"If you think you're dealing with a psychopath, check them for contagious yawning. ...As a society we tell men they're cold and heartless for carrying out acts of altruism that actually work. That's just fucked!"  Said Janet Bloomfield.

“The Only Democracy In The Middle East”

Introduction by Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Today is World Press Freedom Day, a rare item in Israel. Americans are forever told that “Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East.” Actually, most of Israel consists of occupied Palestine. The Israelis have succeeded in committing genocide against a country. The only democracies in the Middle East are Syria, Iran, and perhaps Lebanon, and these are the countries under attack by Israel and Washington. Stephen Lendman reports on Israel’s lack of media freedom: 
By Stephen Lendman: The Palestinian Center for Development & Media Freedoms (MADA) said Israeli violations against media freedoms reached a new peak compared to what has been monitored (in) past years.”
It documented 407 Israeli media freedom violations last year, the largest number since it began monitoring them a decade ago - journalists and media outlets targeted on the phony pretexts of engaging in “incitement” or ties to terrorist groups.
Reporters Without Borders (RSF) ranks Israel 101st among world nations on media freedom, saying journalists face a ‘military censorship’ and must deal with censorship orders.”

Parity Pledge Zombies

'The number crunching that inspired the pledge came from the World Economic Forum, not the American Association of University Women, the National Organization for Women, Mary Sue, Jezebel, or any other women’s group. No, it was a bunch of economists. Apparently tired of counting beans, they have turned to counting vaginas.'
By : The virus is spreading, and it’s eating into everyone’s brains, rendering human beings incapable of critical thought. The virus I speak of is the parity pledge, and it was loosed on the world on March 8, 2016. For now, the pledge is voluntary, albeit encouraged by various government entities, corporations, NGO’s, and high-profile individuals. As the virus spreads, will it mutate into from voluntary to mandatory? Are we all doomed to be parity pledge zombies?
Just type pledgeforparityinto your search engine and check out the results. I got about 343,000 hits.  Start scrolling through the results and it quickly becomes apparent that the only type of parity they’re talking about is gender parity. And not regarding draft registration.

What Does Men's Rights Do For Women?

Stefanie Nicholas: Men's Rights has absolutely empowered me as a woman. Here is why :)

Jewish Govt. Lobbying & Media Propaganda Effects: Sparks Fly In German Press, Treatment Of Muslims Hits "Gunpoint"

Europe's conservative, anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim tide is rising and spreading at an accelerating pace from nation to nation.
First it was the unprecedented ascent and surge in the polls of France's National Front, whose Marine Le Pen has become the leading contender in next year's presidential elections; then there was Austria whose Freedom Party swept the competition in last weekend's first round of the local presidential elections; then over the weekend we learned that Germany's brand new (less than three years old) Alternative for Germany (AfD) party has not only adopted an "Anti-Islam manifesto", stating that "Muslims are no longer welcome in Germany", but is now Germany's third strongest party.
To be sure, not everyone was delighted by the AfD's rapid move higher in the polls.
One such place is Germany's Frankfurter Allgemeine, which just came out with a cover story to "reveal" how uncharacteristically conservative the AfD is, titled "How the AfD wants to live", with a picture showing a retro family with dog and 3 kids. Oh, and a gun.

MGTOW Are Activists - They Just Won't Admit It

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