6 May 2016

Shiny New Collective Living

Max and Stacy discuss the shiny new collective living which is sold to the declining income residents by recycling the same old propaganda slogans and images from the past. In the second half Max interviews Dr. Michael Hudson, author of Killing the Host, about the earnings laundering purpose of Panama and how that relates to the long-forgotten revelations of the #PanamaPapers.

Gilad Atzmon On Jewish Racism

Gilad Atzmon: I spoke about  Jewishness, Jewish Controlled Opposition, the antisemitic fantasy, holocaust vs. history,  Jews and revolutions, humanism vs. tribalism, socialism vs Judeo bolshevism, current state of the world, Hitler, Obama, ISIS and MUCH more....

The Myth Of Authority

When Will I Get My Institutional Oppression?

By : Dear modern-day, first-world feminists: when will I get my institutional oppression?
If we’re playing the game of victim cards, I almost have a full house. I am a millennial, raised under baby boomer expectations and almost dragged into the crippling debt that most millennials will suffer. I am from a poor, hippie background, living, among other places, here:
and here:
Yes, that last one is a campsite. Yes, I lived there. Not even in a caravan: in an actual tent. Not by choice.
Of course, not having much money to spare wasn’t enough.

Two Minutes To Midnight - Sargon, The Master Marketeer

Golden Eagle-owl: Anti-feminists may side with MGTOW on some issues, but make no mistake, they are not our allies. They have no interest in furthering a discussion on the root causes of the problems we see in this day and age. There was so much bullshit in that livestream, but since I don't feel like doing a hour-and-a-half rant, I'm just focusing on what was a spectacular blunder by Sargon.

Victim Fight: The Left, The Right And The Ugly

DoctorRandomercam: "Now that you mention it would be a lot easier if we only had to build half as many toilets. ..when you are building an extra bathroom to accommodate your racism/sexism, that's when you have to admit your racism/sexism is not helping."

Along With Zac - The Women’s Equality Party Are Also Real Fearmongers

: Imagine using the politics of fear to try to get elected in a city as buzzing and optimistic as London. Imagine if the only way you felt you could appeal to Londoners was by making them feel petrified and promising that you, a decent, caring, saviour-style politician, would keep them safe from the myriad harms that surround them. That’s lame politics, isn’t it? It’s sad, downbeat, depressing politics. 
Oh, and I’m not talking about Zac Goldsmith, by the way. I’m talking about the Women’s Equality Party (WEP), whose peddling of fear makes Zac look like a rank amateur in the doom-spreading stakes.
In recent days the liberal press has featured finger-wagging editorials about Zac’s fearmongering about Islamist terrorism and gushing accounts of the WEP, which was founded last year by Radio 4 comic Sandi Toksvig and other movers and shakers in the elite media set. Which is weird, because all the criticisms being made of Zac and his fear card could just as easily be made of the WEP.

EXPOSED: The White Helmets - AlQaeda With US funding

Syrian Girl: One of the most Damning videos you will ever see, exposing the White Helmets NGO AKA the "Syrian Civil Defence force" as UK intel created, US funded, AlQaeda group in Syria. A bunch of gun wielding, head chopping terrorists the US government gave 23 million dollars to.