7 May 2016

USA: A Dire Future - “A Fish Rots From The Head.”

By Paul Craig Roberts: Do you remember all the hopes Americans had for Obama when we elected him to his first term? Painful memories. He betrayed the voters on every one of his promises. There was no change, except for the worst as Obama went on to become one of the most vicious war criminals in world history. Despite his horrific record, we re-elected him, only to have US economic policy turn against the people in order to bail out at our expense the mega-banks and the One Percent.
Now Obama is coercing Asia and Europe to turn the governments of their countries over to rapacious American corporations empowered by TPP and TTIP to subordinate all interests to their profits.
Here is Pepe Escobar on how the great and wonderful United States treats its enserfed vassals: Hardball, predictably, is the name of the game. Washington no less than threatened to block EU car exports [to the US] to force the EU to buy [Monsanto’s] genetically engineered fruits and vegetables.” http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article44594.htm
Now we face the prospect of electing an even worse president than Obama—Killary Clinton. Killary is the bought-and-paid-for property of Wall Street, Israel, and the military-security complex. She will bring back to power the totally discredited neoconservatives, and the US will proceed with its butchery and slaughter of other countries and all reformist governments everywhere.

Study Finds Sexism Rampant In Nature

The Onion: According to a University of California–San Diego study released Monday, sexism is rampant throughout the natural world, particularly among the highest classes of vertebrates. 
"When we first decided to examine attitudes and behaviors toward gender roles among non-humans, we were wholly unprepared for what we would find," said Jennifer Tannen, leader of the UCSD research team, a joint venture between the school's zoology and women's studies departments. "Females living in the wild routinely fall victim to everything from stereotyping to exclusion from pack activities to sexual harassment."
One of the millions of lionesses trapped in an abusive relationship.
Nowhere is the natural world's gender inequity more transparent, Tannen said, than in the unfair burden females assume for the rearing of offspring.
"Take the behavior of the ring-neck pheasant," Tannen said. "After mating, the male immediately abandons the hen, leaving her responsible for the total care for the chicks. For the single mother-to-be, there is no assistance, either in the form of a partner or child support. Nor is there any legal recourse. It's despicable."

Somnolent Europe, Russia And China

Can the world wake up?
By Paul Craig Roberts: On September 19, 2000, going on 16 years ago, Ambrose Evans-Pritchard of the London Telegraph reported:
“Declassified American government documents show that the US intelligence community ran a campaign in the Fifties and Sixties to build momentum for a united Europe. It funded and directed the European federalist movement.
“The documents confirm suspicions voiced at the time that America was working aggressively behind the scenes to push Britain into a European state. One memorandum, dated July 26, 1950, gives instructions for a campaign to promote a fully fledged European parliament. It is signed by Gen. William J. Donovan, head of the American wartime Office of Strategic Services, precursor of the CIA.”
The documents show that the European Union was a creature of the CIA. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/1356047/Euro-federalists-financed-by-US-spy-chiefs.html
As I have previously written, Washington believes that it is easier to control one government, the EU, than to control many separate European governments. As Washington has a long term investment in orchestrating the European Union, Washington is totally opposed to any country exiting the arrangement. That is why President Obama recently went to London to tell his lapdog, the British Prime Minister, that there could be no British exit.

Wrath Of Draghi Hits Germans Who Refuse To Blow Their Savings

Just shocking that Germans dislike stocks, with the DAX down 21%
By Don Quijones: Since promising to save the euro at any price, ECB president Mario Draghi has thrown just about everything he can at Europe’s crisis-ridden economy. That includes the mother of all financial anomalies, negative interest rates. Yet despite all the trillions of euros of his alphabet-soup creations — QE, LTRO, TRTRO I, TRTRO II…  — the European economy is still frail, growth is lackluster, public debt is out of control, and unemployment remains worryingly buoyant.
As for the region’s banks, the less said, the better.
Not to worry. As Draghi said in a speech to Asian government officials and business leaders on Monday, there’s still a great deal more that can be done to punish Europe’s hordes of savers, the central banker’s scapegoat du jour for all that ails Europe’s debt-laden economy.
The low or negative interest rates plaguing Europe are a symptom of a much bigger problem, he said: the compression of investment returns due to a massive global savings glut. To our great amazement, it’s this purported glut — and not his monetary policies — that lies behind the historic decline in interest rates.

W.C. Fields: A MGTOW For All Seasons

To be of the belief that Mr. Fields is no more than a funny man is to hold the opinion that Gulliver’s Travels is a book for children. – Andre Sennwald, New York Times movie critic, January 13, 1935Thank God he’s a comic.  Had he been a statesman he’d have plunged the world into total war. – Will Rogers 
By : W. C. Fields (born William Claude Dunkefield in 1880) died on Christmas Day in 1946, but a quarter of a century later he was something of an icon among college students. His image was included on the cover art of the Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper album, his films were regularly shown at campus screenings, and his sour puss graced posters in head shops. Counter-cultural and anti-establishment types sensed a kindred soul.  Indeed, Fields did go against the grain, not just in his own time, but in the late 1960s as well as today.
Today, however, his posthumous presence would no longer be welcome on campus. In his time, he was often described as a misanthrope.  Since that includes men and women, by definition, he was guilty of both misandry and misogyny. That would seem to indicate perfect equality, but the former is still permissible while the latter is not. And that would render him persona non grata today.

Will Trump Defy The Jewish Lobby? +

Brother Nathanael said. "Trump is only scratching the surface for the real problem plaguing America underpins everything else. Whether it's jobs, immigration morality or foreign affairs. I'm talking about the Jewish lobby which has such a death grip on America that if we don't do something about it our country is toast! ...America grows pail under a thick Jewish cloud."

Feminism Can Only Flourish Under Protection Of Real Men

: On Woman’s Hour on Wednesday feminists Rebecca Asher and Jack Urwin were discussing their respective books both called Manning Up. While we know that feminists are forever finding new territories to conquer, Asher’s land grab sounds truly cynical. She has joined the movement within feminism that labels masculinity as ‘toxic’ and which attempts to pathologise, appropriate and control  what it means to be a boy or man.
It is finally coming to feminists’ attention that boys do much worse at school, that men are much more likely to commit suicide, die, end up homeless or in prison. Thanks to the commitment of men’s rights activists, the knowledge of male disadvantage is  finally penetrating the public domain.
However, instead of using this knowledge to question their own beliefs, feminists are bending and twisting and incorporating this  knowledge into their own narrative to ensure that their utterly toxic, even cancerous (thanks Milo) ideology, remains intact.
According to feminists, male disadvantage simply shows that men too are victims of this ‘hegemonic’ masculinity. We must, according to Rebecca Asher, get rid of this masculinity which afflicts us all.

Dr. Jerome S. Pittman, CA, USA “Known Genital Mutilator”

By : Are you or anyone you know being forced to undergo genital mutilation or circumcision?” Are your parents making you do this for religious reasons or your own goodbut you don’t want to go through with it? Want to tell them hands off?”
Enter Circumcision for All Ages from Dr. Jerome S. Pittman who has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From his website gentlecircumcision.com:
Circumcision for All Ages
Gentle Circumcision is California’s only out-patient medical specialty practice exclusively devoted to performing circumcisions for all age groups. We schedule over 4000 cases annually and are proud to be California’s premier referral source for over 750 medical offices and facilities, including UCLA Healthcare, Cedars-Sinai, and many regional hospital medical centers.
Gentle Circumcision understands that considering circumcision for yourself, your baby, or child can be a stressful decision. That’s why we take the extra care to provide a warm and calm environment for you and your family. With circumcision specialists having more than 20 years of specialized circumcision experience, you can rest assured you or your child are in expert hands.”
Gentle circumcision, my ass.

Too Many Part-Time Women; Not Enough Time For Patients - It's No Wonder UK GPs Are Losing Respect

By Quite what, may I ask, is the point of the General Practitioner – or GP as the modern day rendition of the one-time "family doctor" is familiarly known? 
If you can get an appointment for two weeks’ time, you count yourself lucky these days. Then it will be to find it is with a doctor you have never seen before, who doesn't know you from Adam, and who will spend more of the ten-minute session looking at her computer screen for your notes than at you. If you walk out with a new prescription or a repeat, you’ve done well.
Our dissatisfaction with GPs is at an all time high, according the most recent GP Patient Survey.
We don’t like them and it seems that doctors don’t like us much either. They complain of the number of people they have to see, the intensity of their work and burn out.
Mind you, only one in ten trainee doctors,  it was revealed yesterday, have any intention of putting this to the test – though they have no qualms about benefiting from their expensive taxpayer-funded training.