9 May 2016

PSYCH OUT! Bearing Gets PWND By Scary Feminist + You Should Go To Jail If A Feminist Says So!

Bearing: Is it split personality or just a case of out PWNing Bearing? You be the judge ... This scary feminist is one of the weirdest I've come across. I think I may need a few counselling sessions of my own to get this experience out off my head. Until then, I may just have to accept that this feminist will be haunting my dreams.

I'm Done With Feminism

Feminism LOL: It's time to end the madness.

Network4men - N4M

By mra-uk: This very brief post is to announce Network For Men, a new site just gone live.
Network For Men is not just another web site or blog. It exists for the purpose of facilitating introductions and the formation of local groups of men interested in the men’s movement.
If you express interest, there is no obligation to do anything. Not everyone wants to be an activist. Purely social involvement is fine.
Because the purpose is to facilitate face-to-face meetings, Network For Men is currently only of relevance to those resident in the UK.
So, if you are interested, complete the details (anonymously if you wish) on the ‘What Can I Do‘ page.
Some further descriptive details from the site’s FAQ…
What is Network for Men? The Network is a piece of communication infrastructure within the men’s movement. It exists for the sole propose of introducing you to other like minded men.
Why was the Network founded? Some men awaken to the fact that, from a young age, they have been subjected to disparaging and untrue messages about men. They realise there is nothing intrinsically wrong with being a man – in fact there is a lot to be celebrated. These men develop compassionate concern for themselves, other men and future generations of boys.

Foreign Women Are Not The Answer (NAFWALT)

An Ear for Men "A closer look at the fallacy that Eastern women or non-Western women are the answer."

The Misandry Behind North Carolina’s Bathroom Bill

By : As a resident of North Carolina, I wasn’t surprised when I first heard of “the bathroom bill” House Bill 2. Despite only 36% of the state supporting the bill, it passed easily in the state house and was quickly signed into law. Par for the course, I suppose, in a state where the supermajority party is facing -22 approval ratings. While the bill is (rightfully) perceived as an attack on the rights of transgendered people, I noticed an underlying theme of Gynocentric thinking in its supporters.
The controversial bill dictates that all public and privately owned buildings must meet a set of requirements regarding the gender divisions of multi-use restrooms, stating that all bathrooms must separate by gender, defining gender as the sex stated on the birth certificate.
The main, and practically only reason that anybody supports this bill is that of their opposition to “men in women’s bathrooms.” I’m not here to argue if gender is biological or psychological, or if Caitlyn is still Bruce. Personally, I think she is she, but that’s not the point of the article. Nobody seems to bring it up, but House Bill 2 is a microcosm of misandry.
House Bill 2 wouldn’t exist if the narrative of men as predators didn’t exist. Examining arguments made by the bill’s proponents, they all attempt to justify themselves through fear mongering about the very idea of “men” being within proximity to women.

J4MB Calls For The Resignation Of Alison Saunders, UK Director Of Public Prosecutions, Following A FOI Response

By Mike Buchanan [J4MB]: The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) is a large public body (7,000+ employees) charged with deciding which charges, if any, are to be brought against those believed to have broken the law.
In deciding which cases are to be pursued, ‘public interest’ is purportedly one of two deciding factors for the CPS, the other being the likelihood of a successful prosecution. Some time ago we sent a FOI request to the CPS concerning MGM, including proof that it’s long been illegal in the UK. The CPS didn’t deny that MGM is illegal, but it still refused to bring prosecutions. Apparently there is no ‘public interest’ in stopping the mutilation of the genitals of male minors.

The Secret Behind The Yemen War

A recent PBS report about the war in Yemen exposed the secret connection between the Zio-U.S.-Saudi alliance and Al Qaeda, a reality that also underscores the jihadist violence in Syria
By Daniel Lazare: PBS Frontline’s “Yemen Under Siege,” which aired on May 3, makes for powerful viewing. A first-hand look at the devastation that the U.S., Saudi Arabia, and other powers have visited on one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, the 35-minute documentary shows families struggling amid the rubble, children dying from mortar attacks, surgeons operating without anesthesia, and other such horrors.

But the most important revelation comes almost as an aside. Interviewing pro-Saudi fighters near the central Yemeni city of Taiz, journalist Safa Al Ahmad suddenly hears shouting. “What’s wrong?” she asks. “Who are they? They don’t want me to be here?”
A soldier explains that the people making a ruckus are Ansar al Sharia, i.e. fighters for shari‘a. “And he just says quite casually, these are Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula,” Al Ahmad says later of the local Al Qaeda affiliate often referred to as AQAP. “And he referred to them by their local name, which is Ansar al Sharia. He revealed what is considered an open secret in the front lines, that they [AQAP] had been fighting with all the different factions, the [pro-Saudi] Yemeni factions and the [U.S.-Saudi] coalition against the Houthis.”

Telesphorus Tortured & Killed For Witty Criticism Of Arsinoe

Just as it is today, men criticizing women in the ancient world was dangerous. Whether it was the foolish lad Ascalabus criticizing the goddess Demeter for boozing, or the high official Telesphorus criticizing King Lysimachus’s wife Arsinoe for vomiting, the results were the same: disaster for the man.
The goddess Demeter threw her drink onto Ascalabus’s face when he criticized her. She had come thirsty to his mother’s house. His mother generously gave her a potent drink. Ascalabus laughed at Demeter for drinking so eagerly. He may have called her greedy. He may have sarcastically offered to give her a full cask to drink. Whatever words he said, she got offended and threw her drink into his face. The results were cataclysmic:

His skin, absorbing it, became spotted, and where he had once had arms, he now had legs. A tail was added to his altered limbs, and he shrank to a little shape, so that he has no great power to harm. He is like a lesser lizard, a newt, of tiny size. [1]

Destructive Force In US Elections

Max and Stacy discuss the democratic elections not leading to freedom - in fact, often resulting in the tyranny of unbreakable contracts, trade deals or allegedly money-saving outsourcing deals. In the second half, they discuss “suspicious trades” and revolving doors paving the way for a Donald Trump victory as voters reject fraudulent wealth accumulation.