15 May 2016

Killing Patricida Frees Men’s Inner Selves From Political Oppression

I am the leader, I am the victor, a gift I seek: grant it.
Yet, because he performs honorable services that you bestowed on him, your king ceases to be king over himself.
Swiftly I lay aside the royal robes, swiftly your king divests himself —
Free, I am my own man again, unimpeded in fulfilling my own desires.
{Dux ego, victor ego, munera quaero: date.
Sed quia muneribus vestri fundatur honoris,
rex ideo vester desinit esse suus.
Pono citus trabeam, vestrum citus exuo regem
liber et explicitus ad mea vota, meus.} [1]

: Mathematicus of Bernardus Silvestris isn’t widely recognized as a major medieval work of men’s sexed protest. It has none of the anguished impotence of Matheolus’s outcry. It lacks the daring intertextual reversal of Hildebert of Lavardin’s De querimonia et conflictu spiritus et carnis. Yet with intricate antitheses, Mathematicus eloquently depicts man’s inner struggle against Patricida. Men must shed the deceptive integument of their dominance in serving women and in administering father-killing. Men must assert their value in doing nothing more than being.

On Jewish Projection...

By Gilad Atzmon: The Israeli fear of being thrown into the sea is a projection
The Israelis are afraid of being pushed into the sea because they themselves pushed the Palestinians into the sea (picture above). The Israelis tend to attribute their own genocidal inclinations to Arabs (in particular)  and Goyim (in  general).   
‘Jewish fear,’ as such, is self-inflicted -- the more brutal the Israelis are, the more fearful they become of the  possibility that the Palestinians may be equally murderous. Similarly, the more the Jew hates the 'goy,' the more the Jew is mortified by the possibility that the goy may also express some animosity in return.   
Jewish fear better be grasped  as a war against terror within. Jews are too often tormented and haunted by their own racism and supremacy which they attribute to others by means of projection..  Source

Hypergamy: Intellectual Philanderer v Suckage

"Hypergamy, the act of marrying a person of a superior class or cast, does it exist, to an extent, yes." Said Jordan.

ECB Admits: “We’re The Magic People” In A Clown Show

Negative-Interest-Rate absurdity is another
rabbit out of the hat.”
By Don Quijones: For the second time this year, Spain’s caretaker government just managed to sell 50-year bonds in a €3 billion ($3.4 billion) deal. Despite maturing in the year 2066, when many of us won’t even be alive and the duty to pay back the debt (assuming it still exists) will have been handed down to our children’s children, the bonds will pay an annual interest rate of just 3.45%. Not only that, but the issuance was over-subscribed by €7 billion.
This is a mind-blowing turn-up for a country that just four years ago needed an unprecedented bailout from the Troika to save its saving banks and avert total financial collapse. It is also a resounding testament to the power of central bank policy to turn economic reality on its head.
Less than three years ago, when Draghi had only just begun doing “whatever it takes” to save the single currency, the Spanish government had to pay a 5% yield to get investors to buy their one-year bonds. Now investors are willing to take 50-year bonds off the government’s hands in exchange for an annual interest rate of 3.45%, despite all the attendant risks involved.
While the Spanish economy has improved somewhat since then, that is largely due to the fact that the government has sacrificed long-term stability for short-term growth, going so far as to plunder half of the nation’s social security reserve fund in order to keep spending at its current levels. The remaining half is exclusively invested in Spanish bonds. Even Brussels now admits that Spain’s public debt is out of control.

New KFC Restaurant Is Run Entirely By Robots

By Nick Berna: Colonel Sanders is raising a robot army to serve fried chicken at a restaurant near you. KFC’s first automated restaurant, called Original+, went live in Shanghai on April 25th, complete with an artificially intelligent robot manager named “Du Mi” who works at the front counter.
According to Chinese news outlet Sohu, “‘Du Mi’ marks the first commercial use of artificial intelligence in the fast food industry. The artificial intelligence robot was launched by China’s leading web services company Baidu during its World Conference in 2015.” 
KFC hopes that the hip new automated restaurant will attract young customers with its free wireless phone charging stations and human-less eating experience.
But it’s not just KFC, and it’s not just China where automation, robots, and artificial intelligence is taking the place of human workers. If and when these automated restaurants gain traction in places like China, they are sure to be implemented in the U.S., as well. In fact, they already are — though to a lesser extent, for now. McDonald’s and other food chains are experimenting with digital kiosks similar to the self-checkout machines already found in many grocery stores.

What Does Feminism Mean?

Sargon of Akkad: It means that feminism needs new dragons to slay, constantly.

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Of London, “Known Genital Mutilator” Admits MGM Is Cultural, Not Medical

By : Dr. Kamrul Hasan has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.
From his website circumcision-clinic.com:
“Welcome to the London Circumcision Clinic
We are a London based circumcision clinic located in Leytonstone. Our qualified surgeons carry out circumcisions on all age groups of males, including cosmetic circumcisions for adult males.
We employ numerous methods to ensure the correct procedure is used and also that it is carried out in a safe and sterile environment. Our patient confidentiality is of the strictest practise and confidentiality is assured to the highest level.
Our “After-Care” service provides you that peace of mind, especially when young children are involved. Our surgeons are available through out the year and can do home visits at your request.”
The Plastibell device shown above is one tool used by Dr. Hasan to circumcise infant boys. As you can see there are six sizes, and crucial to minimize bleeding and complications the right size must be used. What if his size is in between those choices? What if he’s bigger or smaller than the biggest or the smallest? That’s what happened to Jayvas Carson, a baby boy who was circumcised with the wrong size Plastibell, had massive bleeding, and ultimately died.

US Public Reaches Breaking Point With TSA

"Obama the baby bomber will pay respects, 
but not apologise for the US nuking of Japan."