21 May 2016

Zionism is a Jewish Symptom

Rosie Charalmbous (Cyprus News Digest) speaks with Gilad Atzmon about Zionism, Israel and the Jewish political symptom: Israeli brutality, Jewish controlled opposition, Jewish `left racism, Jewish progressive culture of deceit, The Guardian of Judea and many other troubling topics no one dares talking about...

Circumcision Of Male Infants And Children As A Public Health Measure In Developed Countries: A Critical Assessment Of Recent Evidence

By Another excellent paper on MGM, by Brian D Earp – who has written extensively on the subject – and Morten Frisch. The start of the paper:
In December of 2014, an anonymous working group under the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) issued a draft of the first-ever federal recommendations regarding male circumcision. In accordance with the American Academy of Pediatrics’ circumcision policy from 2012 – but in contrast to the more recent 2015 policy from the Canadian Paediatric Society as well as prior policies (still in force) from medical associations in Europe and Australasia – the CDC suggested that the benefits of the surgery outweigh the risks. In this article, we provide a brief scientific and conceptual analysis of the CDC’s assessment of benefit versus risk, and argue that it deserves a closer look. Although we set aside the burgeoning bioethical debate surrounding the moral permissibility of performing non-therapeutic circumcisions on healthy minors, we argue that, from a scientific and medical perspective, current evidence suggests that such circumcision is not an appropriate public health measure for developed countries such as the United States. [my emphasis]

Evolutionary Solutions To Male Problems? MGTOW

Crowder: Real Men Are Easy Marks + Female Scorn Promotes MGTOW

johntheother: Stephen Crowder apparently thinks a wild and suicidal lack of self preservation is what deserves respect. I find this viewpoint irrational, and insane.


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