26 May 2016

Pensions Going Bankrupt

The ugliest word in the English language, which, nevertheless, many Americans will no longer have to encounter. In the second half, Max interviews Constantin Gurdgiev, Professor of Finance at Middlebury Institute of International Studies, about the debt situation in Europe and the Irish water fiasco.

Remembrance Day: Why I'll Wear A Dandelion Instead Of A Red Poppy

And when he saw them marching up Whitehall
I remember what old Arthur said
He said the donkeys are all wearing poppies
So I shall wear dandelions instead

The Betrayal Of Our Boys: They’re Falling Behind Girls In Almost Every Way

...And, says Sarah Vine, the feminisation of society, especially our schools, is to blame 
By Sarah Vine: The numbers are unequivocal. In every respect, today's girls seem to have the advantage over boys.
Boys are less likely to go to university. If they do get there, they are statistically much more likely to drop out. And all but the most high-flying have fewer job prospects when they leave.
The stark evidence comes in a report published by the Higher Education Policy Institute.
Boys To Men: The Underachievement Of Young Men in Higher Education and How To Start Tackling It, tells us that girls have 35 per cent more chance of entering higher education - a staggering figure that translates into almost 100,000 more young women than men applying to university this year.
But it gets worse. The poorer you are, the more dire the situation. Among pupils on free school meals, girls are 51 per cent more likely than boys to continue their studies after school.

Regarding The PragerU And Brad Wilcox Fail

"Stable intact nuclear families have long been the foundation for whatever peace prosperity and advancement our society has enjoyed. We can easily see the results of those families being undermined in our prison system, on our streets in the form of gangs in teen pregnancy substance abuse truancy and delinquency." Said Paul Elam.

Peter Lloyd Talks About Muirfield Golf Club Ban On Female Members

"There are countless women's groups out there, ...There are countless examples of groups that are exclusive of men nobody seems to be bothered by this so if were going to have the discussion let's be consistent about it, if we're not going to have male only groups then we can't have female only groups." Said Peter Lloyd AKA The Suffragent.

Complaining About Women Who Complain About Women Who Complain

Paul Elam said. "I stumbled on a video of a group of female psychotherapists and councillors attempting to answer that question. ...It was to say the least an interesting discussion and today I'm going to talk about what they got right, what they got wrong and what they never even thought of."

#Message To A Feminist

If you believe in gender equality,
Equal = same
Gender equality = same gender
Which gender do you want everyone to be?
Are you prepared to think the consequences through, instead of the foolhardy "suck it and see"?

Take Back The Light

By : One day I may write a novel about the personal events leading me to the moment I first realized men were incarcerated in a world of misandry - a story about my struggle to free myself from the shackles of a toxic feminism that vilifies masculinity. 
I can even now hear the voices in my head—the voices of the characters I may create for my novel. There are times when my wife is asleep, that I go for walks at night and wait for the shadows to release their whispers so I could eavesdrop on their conversations as they spiral into substantiation—becoming real, becoming men, having personalities for my story.
While wandering beneath the stars, I’d listen to whispers modulated by the sound of the moon’s light slicing through pines, rebounding off the river’s surface, illuminating the weeping willows from beneath—beckoning them to lighten up. Their voices, a symphony—the wind, their melody; the river, their rhythm; the wildlife, their chorus—while fireflies and stars dissolve the earth’s mass setting me adrift in a sea of tranquility.