2 Jun 2016

Scientists Say Fraud Causing Crisis Of Science

"There is a significant crisis of reproducibility. 40% of scientists admit fraud. ...The low fat craze was one of the biggest mistakes in health history."

Israel’s Future Is Terrifying

Moshe Yaalon and Israel’s DisconcertingMorality
By Ramzy Baroud: Israeli society is constantly swerving to the Right and, by doing so, the country’s entire political paradigm is redefined regularly. Israel is now ‘ruled by the most extreme rightwing government in its history’ has grown from being an informed assessment to a dull cliché over the course of only a few years.
In fact, that exact line was used in May 2015, when rightwing Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, formed his thin majority government of like-minded right-wingers, religious zealots and ultra-nationalists. The same sentiment, with almost the exact wording, is being infused again, as Netanyahu has expanded his coalition by bringing to the fold the ultra-nationalist, Avigdor Lieberman.
As of Wednesday May 25, Lieberman has also become Israel’s Defense Minister. Considering Lieberman’s rowdy and violent politics as demonstrated in his two terms as Foreign Minister (from 2009 to 2012 and, again, from 2013 to 2015), being a Defense Minister in Israel’s ‘most extreme rightwing government in history’ harbors all kind of terrifying prospects.
While many commentators rightly pointed to Lieberman’s past provocations and wild statements – for example, his 2015 statement threatening to behead Palestinian citizens of Israel with an axe if they are not fully loyal to Israel; advocating the ethnic cleansing of Palestinian citizens of Israel; his death ultimatum to former Palestinian Prime Minister, Ismail Haniya, and so on – his predecessor, Moshe Ya’alon, was spared much blame.

Robots On The Rise

Max and Stacy discuss whether ‘the system’ can survive robots and whether a man can stand on his own, as the military industrial complex provides much of the technology behind the biggest success stories in Silicon Valley. In the second half, Max continues his interview with Professor Robert McChesney about his book, People Get Ready: The Fight Against a Jobless Economy and a Citizenless Democracy.

War Criminal Blair Warmongers for Ground Invasion of Syria and Iraq

In an ideal world, Tony Blair would have been tried for war crimes years ago, and most probably would be over a decade into a life-time jail sentence for his role in the Iraq war. However, in our Orwellian world, devoid of justice and accountability, Blair is doing what he does best: warmongering. 
By Steven MacMillan: The former British Prime Minister stated this week that in order to defeat ISIS, Britain and the wider West will have to “wage a proper ground war against them.” Blair has been a vocal of proponent of deploying ground forces against ISIS in the Middle East and North Africa, calling again for Western troops on the ground in March of this year.
Blair’s remarks are conformation of what many in the independent media have been warning about for years now; that some individuals in the West are trying to use the threat of ISIS (which they created) to launch a full-scale invasion of Syria and attempt to oust Assad. If the West is filled with enough hubris to actually deploy ground troops to Syria, it would move the West one step closer to military confrontation with Russia.
The Illegal Invasion of the Cradle of Civilisation
There is ubiquitous evidence which proves that the 2003 invasion and occupation of Iraq was an illegal, criminal and highly destructive policy.

Understanding The New Feminist Zodiac Killers

By : Communication between men’s rights advocates (MRAs) and feminists is never easy – even when we speak the same language, the gaps in logic and reasonableness between our outposts seem impossible to colonize. MRAs speak with logic and facts; feminists speak with something called “emotional truth” (lies) about “social justice” (which is neither social nor just). This frustrating split seems destined to keep us apart forever, despite our stated mutual interest in gender equality.
Toward ending this divide and as a part of a kinder, gentler AVFM, I am exploring the use of emotional language, rather than facts and logic, to reach out to our nominally equal-rights-seeking sisters and, it is to be hoped, heal our many rifts.
Creating the feminist zodiac is the next step in my humble efforts to turn their vagina monologue into a dialogue. By using an idea of my own specious fabrication, I hope to engage those feminists for whom prevarication is both a life choice and sexual preference. I’m willing to meet you halfway, girls. Any takers?
Oh, and I should note: the feminist zodiac is not based on the day of one’s birth – that would be too patriarchal and triggering – but rather, on the date of your last abortion. This gives you the right to change your sign when the curse of future motherhood afflicts your divine nethers.

How A New Generation Of Bright Young Women Have Realised Their Mothers Were Sold A Lie By The Sisterhood - And Are Proudly Seeking Fulfilment In Their Family

'Looking back, I think we were brainwashed'
By Bel Mooney: Let's hear it for the homemakers! According to a leading academic, today's young women are rejecting the idea that they have to go out to work to be respected, and are proudly embracing domesticity instead.

Think of the popularity of The Great British Bake Off and how the BBC's Sewing Bee makes skill with a needle positively glamorous. Think of the enticing kitchenware endorsed by beautiful Nigella and the plethora of home-style, cookery and gardening features in the media. They wouldn't be there unless there was an appetite for what they represent.
Creating a home and looking after a family has never seemed sexier. And about time too. Professor Maggie Andrews's new history of the Women's Institute is called The Acceptable Face Of Feminism.
Why 'acceptable'? Because, she suggests, 'feminism and the Women's Institute have come together a little bit, in that domesticity isn't such a bad thing as people thought, or possibly that the workplace is not as much fun'.
Once, feminists poured scorn on the old WI skills such as making jam and cakes. Not any more.

"What Does It Mean To Be A Man Today?" Panel Discussion

SFU Advocacy For Men & Boys hosted a discussion amongst 4 panelists to help answer the question "What Does It Mean To Be A Man Today?". Each panelist delivered a 5 minute opening statement which was followed by a moderated discussion.

American Serfdom - Companies Are Offering Loans For Living Expenses To Their Destitute Employees

Bernanke and the Federal Reserve are nothing but criminal butlers for the oligarchy. The proof is undeniable at this point. While this unaccountable banking cartel promised us that 0% rates would help the economy, America’s growing underclasses are paying 100% rates for loans to buy sofas and pay for food, more than five years into this so-called “recovery. Meanwhile, the only segment of society with access to low interest rates are the very wealthy financial oligarchs who leverage this cheap money to speculate on financial assets and real estate. So yes, the Fed (Central Banking in general) is completely to blame for the world’s growing inequality, as are their submissive, compliant defenders in academia, “journalism” and within the halls of power in Washington D.C.

Mafia Expert Calls Great Britain The “Most Corrupt Place On Earth”

The City is a semi-offshore state, a bit like the UK’s crown dependencies and overseas territories, tax havens legitimized by the Privy Council. Britain’s financial secrecy undermines the tax base while providing a conduit into the legal economy for gangsters, kleptocrats and drug barons.
Even the more orthodox financial institutions deploy a succession of scandalous practices: pension mis-selling, endowment mortgage fraud, the payment protection insurance con, Libor rigging. A former minister in the last government, Lord Green, ran HSBC while it engaged in money laundering for drug gangs, systematic tax evasion and the provision of services to Saudi and Bangladeshi banks linked to the financing of terrorists. Sometimes the UK looks to me like an ever so civilised mafia state.
– From last year’s post: Guardian Op-Ed – The City of London Has Turned Britain Into a “Civilized Mafia State”
This shouldn’t come as any surprise to readers, but it’s a provocative statement nonetheless.