6 Jun 2016

Divorce Now Ruining More Women, Is Change Finally On The Horizon?

Raging Golden Eagle: Now that more women are finding themselves screwed over by the divorce courts (who will almost always go screw over whoever has the most money), will the public finally care enough to usher in a change? We know that problems faced exclusively by men are usually ignored, so the best way to fix them is to make them negatively affect women as well.

Talking Feminism With Cuck Boy And His Master

This sad cuck boy is only too happy to preach his master's dumb version of feminism to us via his YouTube show News'ish (what a dumb name) .. that is, until master accuses him of 'mansplaining' and tells him to sit down and shut up.
Something tells me this feminist doesn't often have her views challenged or disagreed with - definitely not by cuck boy anyway - he's only too happy to sit in the corner until he's told otherwise.

US Government Intentionally Destroyed 9/11 Evidence

Introduction by PCR: If the story that the US government told us about 9/11 were true, why did the government destroy the evidence, lie to the 9/11 Commission, and prevent a real investigation?
The clear and indisputable answer is that if the evidence had not been destroyed and a real investigation had occurred, the conclusion would have been that 9/11 was an inside job designed to give the neoconservatives their “new Pearl Harbor” necessary to launch their wars in the Middle East. The extraordinary gullibility of the American people is responsible for 15 years of warfare, destroyed countries, and millions of dead, maimed, orphaned, and displaced people, and for the rise of a police state in the United States. The ignorance and gullibility of the American people are responsible for these massive crimes against humanity and for Americans’ loss of their constitutionall protections.

50% Of Online Misogyny Caused By Women

TL;DR: People are capable of being as bad as each other. Who'd have thunk it. As an interesting side note, you'll notice they've come to these numbers by using a very broad definition of 'misogyny' for some of their examples (which I disagree with). Even with this very broad definition they still only come up with relatively small numbers compared the total volume of tweets.

Russia And The U.S Committed To War

Luke Rudkowski breaks down the latest developments between the U.S and Russian aggression against each other. We are seeing the escalations to what could lead to a global conflict between the two and how the situation is spiralingout of control.

Alexander The Great Is Exemplum For Men: Do Less, Value Being More

I pluck my twenty-stringed harp, striking an octave cord;
and you just are, young Leucaspis. [1]
: In the medieval European global schematic, Asia covered half the world, and Africa and Europe, each a quarter of the world. Alexander the Great, who had a keen sense of manhood, began his Asian journey of conquest by shooting an arrow into Asia. According to the twelfth-century Latin epic Alexandreis, Alexander told his generals that they could have Europe. Alexander declared that he wanted only Asia: “this one land is sufficient for me {michi sufficit una hec regio}.”[2] Learned medieval clerics would have immediately recalled God’s words to Saint Paul:
My grace is sufficient for you, for power is made perfect in weakness. {in the medieval standard text: mihi sufficit tibi gratia, mea nam virtus in infirmitate perficitur} [3]

Social Justice - Feminist Uprising

Evan Delshaw: Do you have what it takes to survive a day in the life of a social justice warrior? Unleash your inner feminist today in Social Justice, Feminist Uprising!

Lead By Poland, The European “House Negroes” Compete For The Darwin Awards

And now, when all of these benefits and all this aid has been lost and discarded, England, leading the France offers to guarantee the integrity of Poland — the same in Poland, which just six months ago with greed hyena appetite took part in the robbery and destruction of the Czechoslovak state. -Winston Churchill, The Gathering Storm 
By The Saker: We really live in a crazy world. In preparation for the next NATO summit in Warsaw, already announced as ‘landmark summit‘, kids in Poland will be submitted to 4 hours of NATO propaganda a week for the next two months. Apparently, the Poles believe that their safety will be greatly enhanced if they succeed in creating the strongest possible tensions between NATO and Russia. Either that, or they think that the Russians will be absolutely terrified, that they will return the Crimea to the Ukronazi junta in Kiev, abandon the Donbass and unilaterally demilitarize.
There is nothing new here. Poland – the country which Winston Churchill called a “greedy hyena” – has a long history of trying to attack Russia when Russia is at her weakest, and the greatest Polish “heroes” are famous for attacking Russia in the times of internal trouble. Except that this time around Russia is not weak and the Russian people are solidly behind the Kremlin.
You could say that the Russian bear is utterly unimpressed by the Polish hyena, especially when it hides behind the American eagle to bark at Russia.

Luxorius On Women’s Desire To Compete With Men

: Sex typically delimits sharply status competition in non-human animals. Females compete with other females to determine the female status hierarchy. Males compete with other males to establish the male status hierarchy. Inter-sex competition is much less intense. In a female-male conflict, an individual male might prevail over a female, but overall social life is organized to favor female welfare.
Especially in poetry, humans create more complex individual interactions. From the time of the ancient Greeks, epic poetry has struggled with the poetic problem of Amazons who act like men and hate men. In early sixth-century Roman North Africa, the poet Luxorius apparently addressed women who desire more to compete with men than to have pleasurable sex with men:

To a girl woman man
Two-organed monster of the female sex,
whom driving lust turns into a man,
why don’t you enjoy having your cunt fucked wildly?