7 Jun 2016

The Emperor Of Scotland

"There was no inequality being addressed there, it was just deluded power hungry moral grandstanding by prominent self-identifying non-radical feminists." DoctorRandomercam.

Modern Serfdom & A Drift To Autarky

Max and Stacy discuss bad boys and bond markets. They also discuss modern serfdom as American employees increasingly rely on loans from their employers. In the second half, Max interviews Satyajit Das, author of Extreme Money, about the drift to autarky.

Laura Perrins Slays Jane Garvey, BBC Presenter And Three Other Feminists On Woman Sour

Justice for Men & Boys: I don't think I've ever enjoyed a piece on Woman Sour so much. Several tips of the hat to Laura Perrins of The Conservative Woman website conservativewoman.co.uk for her take-no-prisoners contributions.
A description of the discussion on the Woman Sour website:
"It's 150 years since Millicent Fawcett and other campaigners handed over their first petition for women's suffrage to Parliament. Jane Garvey and guests consider the impact a century and a half of feminism has had on women's lives."

25 New Ways To Say ‘No’ To Feminists

By : Every few months some feminist taskmaster will publish a list for her male sycophants instructing them on how they can pander to her arbitrary whims even more thoroughly. It has been almost two years since I last engaged such a list – where does the time go? – and so I reacted with no small amount of glee when , a guest writer at the radfem rag FeministCurrent.com came out with her own mewling manifesto entitled “The new Good Guy checklist.”
Although most feminist demands are phrased so as to expect an affirmative answer, this checklist is unusual in that a Good Guy must answer “no” to all the items on the list to achieve… nothing. This was not a negotiation nor a promise of redemption – it was just a long, stupid scream with no reward or other inducement for those men who undertook the checklist in good faith.
Jindi is quite clear that she is issuing work orders to the help:

If you’re a man who cares about women and, after reflecting on this list honestly you answered “yes” to a few questions, the most ineffective and selfish thing you could do is get hung up on your bad feelings.

The Race To #Raqqa - Why Syria Must Crush ISIS Before Kurdish YPG & US Forces Do

The Syrian army must defeat ISIS and hold Raqqa before the US and Kurdish YPG get there, for the unity of Syria and the survival of Syria's Assyrian Christian population. Please don't blame Kurds for the actions of YPG or KRG. They do not represent Kurdish people as the media tries to portray. As I said in the video some Kurds are loyal Syrian citizens.

#MessageToFeminists - Vato Teporocho

"No bitch, my opinion matters!" Message to feminists started by That Guy T. Two quick points on my message to these deranged authoritarians.


Is Zika Virus Another Hoax?

The world we live in is so corrupt that this could be true:
10 shocking reasons why Zika virus fear is another fraudulent medical hoax and vaccine industry funding scam
(NaturalNews): Think the Zika virus is responsible for all the cases of microcephaly in South America? Think again: There is no reliable scientific evidence linking the two. The developmental deformities are actually caused by exposure to toxic insecticide and larvicide chemicals, not Zika virus.
But because Zika virus fear fits a convenient funding narrative for chemical giants and vaccine manufacturers, it is being played up by the corrupt, criminally-run CDC and the Obama administration to funnel billions of dollars into the hands of vaccine corporations while ignoring the real causes of microcephaly.

Here are the top 10 reasons why the Zika virus fear mongering is a total scam: 

#1) The microcephaly cases (shrunken heads) in Brazil were caused by larvicide chemicals, not by zika

To Israel, Being “From Gaza” Is A Crime

By Ahmed Masoud: I was invited to take part in this year’s PalFest literary festival as a Palestinian writer talking about my novel Vanished and my theater work. I traveled to Palestine as a British citizen with my red passport. Everyone in my group was waved through at the Israeli-controlled Allenby crossing between Jordan and the occupied West Bank. Except me.
 Far worse than not being allowed to enter Palestine was the fact that Israel denied me entry because I am from Gaza.
Not only did Israeli soldiers deny me entry but they were shocked to see someone like me trying to visit the rest of Palestine. Imagine that you are from Manchester or somewhere else up north and tried to fly into London and were told that you were “a northerner, you can’t come here.”
They were surprised that I even thought about it. You are from Gaza,” they kept saying.
When I was sent back and the Jordanian authorities realized that I had been denied entry, the guards at the border were furious, and said, You are from Gaza, what were you thinking?”