15 Jun 2016

Big Girls Try Harder

...& Mzznaki Tetteh Proves It. Obsidian.

Can They Change Your Mind About Men's Rights Activists?

Lame-stream Commentators decry the MHRM,
but readers vote for the MHRM in even greater numbers.
Telegraph: Are Men's Rights Activists (MRAs) a necessary force for good, or harmful and unnecessary?
According to entrepreneur and Telegraph Men columnist Alex Proud, groups identifying themselves as such are "deluded conspiracy nutjobs" who ought to be ignored at every turn.

"In MRA circles, you’ll hear a lot about the feminisation of society, but when pressed on specifics, MRAs either dissemble or offer up examples where women are moving towards the same deal men have enjoyed for years. You do start to wonder if it’s all just nostalgia for a time when boys ruled the world without having to try," Proud wrote.

Others, however, see the existence of organised communities speaking out for male issues a natural and necessary antidote to radical feminism.

Brainwashed Zionist Shill UK MP Chuka Umunna Told Mr. Livingstone: "You Betray Our Labour Values."

Zionist Report: UK MP Chuka Umunna Questions Ken Livingstone at the Home Affairs Committee. Immediately he sets the table by saying "well over 6 million Jewish people died in the Holocaust." The 6 million number has been proven to be incorrect and verified by historians and international organizations. But, since Mr. Umunna never bothered to study history and/or is on the Zionist lobby payroll, he will continue spouting lies like these. And, with him saying "You betray our Labor values" -- are those bought and paid for by the Israeli lobby?

Rabbi Michael Lerner’s Anal Stage

By Gilad Atzmon: Can you imagine the Archbishop of Canterbury using the word ‘asshole?’ Can you imagine a supreme Islamic cleric referring to an intellectual in this manner? Rabbi Michael Lerner, the man who used Muhammad Ali’s funeral as a Jewish propaganda podium, wrote to me yesterday:
“Wake up, asshole - you are spreading lies and deceit about me.” 
The ‘progressive’ rabbi describes me as that place where the sun never shines.  I asked the Rabbi for permission to reprint his entire e mail to me but for the obvious reason the rabbi who claims to ‘represent American Jews’ kept silent. 
In my article ‘Rabbi Lerner - Master of Compassion or Master of Deceit?’ I exposed Rabbi Lerner as a con artist. I quoted Rabbi Lerner accurately and in context. 
In his email to me, Rabbi Lerner confirmed that he had consciously tried to deceive the American people. 
The Rabbi wrote: “I dared raise the issue of Palestinian freedom from Israeli oppression, the first time millions of Americans who don't hang out with the Left have ever heard a rabbi challenge Israeli policies.”
Why is it that American people don’t hear rabbis supporting Palestinian freedom or universal human rights?  Because Rabbis don’t support Palestinian freedom. Rabbis do care about one thing: the rights of their chosen tribe.

Brexit Chaos To Serve As Cover For ECB Bankster Bailouts

European bankster crisis gets impatient. 
By Don Quijones: Over the course of the last few months, Brexit has become one of the biggest catch-all preemptive scapegoats of recorded human history. Even far beyond the old continent’s porous borders, politicians, central bankers, and economists are warning their respective populations to brace for a serious aftershock if the people of Britain vote to leave the EU.
This is is a remarkable feat given that the UK has its own perfectly functioning currency, and as such decoupling from the EU, while bumpy, should not pose an immediate financial threat either to the UK or the EU, let alone the world at large. But try telling that to the eurocrats, politicians, and central bankers whose long cherished dream of creating a seamlessly interconnected, interdependent European superstate appears to be in the process of unraveling.
With no feel-good stories to tell the people of Britain, the only tack they have left is to ramp up Project Fear, which yesterday reached new levels of hyperbole when European Council President Donald Tusk warned that if Britons vote to leave the European Union on June 23, not only could it spell the beginning of the end for the 28-nation bloc but also for western political civilization “in its entirety.”

America's Gestapo - The FBI's Reign Of Terror

By John W. Whitehead and The Mind Renewed: We discuss the seemingly-inexorable transformation of the USA into a police state.

“We want no Gestapo or secret police. The FBI is tending in that direction. They are dabbling in sex-life scandals and plain blackmail. J. Edgar Hoover would give his right eye to take over, and all congressmen and senators are afraid of him.” - President Harry S. Truman  “Don’t Be a Puppet” is the message the FBI is sending young Americans.  As part of the government’s so-called ongoing war on terror, the nation’s de facto secret police force is now recruiting students and teachers to spy on each other and report anyone who appears to have the potential to be “anti-government” or “extremist.”

A Muslim Speaks The Truth About ISIS & The Jewish Hand Behind It + Auschwitz Gas Chambers Documentary - D Cole

Zionist Report: "ISIS is a Jewish movement intended to tear apart the [Islamic] nation and it did."

Israel Acts With Impunity And Is Welcomed Everywhere

Multi Cultural Societies are to create confusion. Morris.

The EU Wants To Impose A Tax For Sharing Links On The Internet

By Michael Krieger: No wonder the people of Great Britain are itching to rid themselves of this miserable, idiotic union.
TechDirt reports:
We’ve written plenty of times about ridiculous European plans to create a so-called “snippet tax” which is more officially referred to as “ancillary rights” (and is really just about creating a tax on Google). The basic concept is that some old school newspapers are so lazy and have so failed to adapt to the internet — and so want to blame Google for their own failures — that they want to tax any aggregator (e.g., Google) that links to their works with a snippet, that doesn’t pay for the privilege of sending those publishers traffic. As you may remember, Germany has been pushing for such a thing for many, many years, and Austria has been exploring it as well. But perhaps the most attention grabbing move was the one in Spain, which not only included a snippet tax, but made it mandatory. That is, even if you wanted Google News to link to you for free, you couldn’t get that. In response, Google took the nuclear option and shut down Google News in Spain. A study showed that this law has actually done much to harm Spanish publishers, but the EU pushes on, ridiculously.