20 Jun 2016

Jewish Identity Politics - Gilad Atzmon With Vinny Eastwood

Gilad Atzmon: Those who are interested in my ideas will enjoy this show. We elaborated philosophically on many hot topics: Brexit, nationalism, irrationality, belonging, technology, beauty, Jewish power and Identity.

Feminist Professor Tries To Weasel Her Way Out Of The Draft. #Fail #DraftWomen

By We Already Draft Women in Times of War, moans Valerie Hudson. Poor snowflake. Equality sucks, doesn’t it? Let’s take a look at Hudson’s hilariously inept attempt to exempt women from actual equality.
When the combat exclusion for women was lifted in January 2013, I was very happy, as a woman and as a feminist. Women who volunteer to join the armed forces should also have the right to volunteer for infantry, armor, and artillery occupational specialties, given physical standards will remain high and bar both men and women who are not qualified for combat. In other words, if a woman has chosen this path and can meet the standards, why would we deny her the right to fight for her country? There is no reason we should take this choice from her.
Well, cupcake, women actually can’t  meet the standards, but you whiny, hysterical shrews have convinced the Marine Corps to risk the lives of their male soldiers to appease your futile and dangerous attempt to compete with real soldiers because otherwise you’ll cry.

Why Focus On Men's Issues? - Part 2 - The Dominant Paradigm

Canadian Association for Equality: A thorough analysis of The Redstockings Manifesto

Feminism v Civilization

Feminism LOL: You don't have to live in Canada to see what is happening to our legal systems all over the world. Stop letting criminals call themselves victims.

Praise Of Hundred-Petaled Rose Underscores Gender Inequality

Simple facts about expected lifespan and being murdered, to say nothing of reproductive rights, matter little in public discussion of gender inequality. The public meaning of gender inequality depends mainly on imagination. That’s why it’s important to study poetry.

In sixth-century north Africa, the man poet Luxorius wrote eloquent, insightful Latin poetry. Consider his poem entitled In praise of the hundred-petaled rose {De laude rosae centumfoliae}:
In praise of the hundred-petaled rose
This one, I think, the golden sun has colored with its own rising
or has wished to be one of its own rays.
But well-known as Cypriot’s hundred-petaled rose,
into it all the blood of Venus has entirely flowed.
This is the star of flowers, this is the nourishing Lucifer over the fields,
its fragrance and hue merit the honor of heaven.
{De laude rosae centumfoliae
Hanc, puto, de proprio tinxit Sol aureus ortu
aut unum ex radiis maluit esse suis.
Sed si centum cum foliis rosa Cyridos extat,
fluxit in hanc omni sanguine tota Venus.

Rape Equality

By : Sexual assault, especially rape, is an epidemic–barbaric, damaging to mind, body and soul, and intolerable. The time has come to take bold action to stop it. If fresh thinking and a systematic approach can eliminate various diseases and improve the quality of our lives, then it is not unreasonable to think it can be applied here. Along with better education–which Nobel Laureate Malala Yousafzai once suggested is “a solution to all problems”–it is conceivable that this threat can be eliminated.
Before discussing what needs to be done, it is necessary to understand how a gendered lens has influenced and, unfortunately, distorted perspectives. For most people, the word “rape” conjures up imagery of a helpless young female being held down and forcefully penetrated by a male assailant, a brutal and often bloody act, provoking empathy for the victim and disgust for the attacker. This perspective has been reinforced by the media and the arts, as well as by those who might be characterized as rape culture enthusiasts.
Generally speaking, the sociology of sexual assault has been under the purview of feminists, long regarded as the decisive scholars and dominant voices on the subject, since the 1970s.

BREXIT And The End Of The European Union EXPLAINED

WeAreChange: On June 23rd the UK will be voting to decide whether leave the European Union. Fear of economic collapse and hardship has gripped the nation, but who really benefits from the UK staying in the EU? You might be surprised.

Diana Davison, Georgialee Lang And Carey Linde For "The Accusation Is The Verdict"

Canadian Association for Equality: Diana Davison - YouTuber, Legal Activist - A popular vlogger on gender issues, freedom of speech, and feminist interventions in the legal system, Diana is known for her well researched videos addressing the growing challenges facing men in the courtroom. Encouraging members of the public to take an interest in the legal system and to add their voices to the discussion, Diana has become a strong voice in a community concerned with protecting and preserving civil rights. Diana has recently garnered a lot of attention with her research and coverage of the Jian Ghomeshi trial in Toronto and is regularly contacted by lawyers for her perspective and analysis of witness testimony in cases going before the courts.

Why Judaism Is Bankrupt

"It's a religion of death."
Said Brother Nathanael.

Glastonbury Festival And Segregation

Voluntary segregation is perfectly natural - why keep pretending otherwise?