22 Jun 2016

The Chinese People Outraged “Do Not Succumb To West”

"If you do, our nation will suffer immensely, and the rest of the world will turn to ashes.” 
"China Will React if Provoked Again: You Risk War"
The AntiDiplomatico (Italy) interviews philosopher, Andre Vltchek: “Russia and China are forming an incredible defensive wall to protect humanity from Western terrorism.”
Information Clearing House: Andre Vltchek has become renowned in Italy for being the co-author, along with Noam Chomsky, of the famous book Western Terrorism (Ponte alle Grazie). A documentary filmmaker, novelist, essayist, philosopher and intellectual, multi-faceted Vltchek is the cosmopolitan man par excellence, a “true revolutionary” as he likes to call himself. In recent years with his camera and his extraordinary commitment against injustice on this planet he has explored every corner of the Earth and taken over the length and breadth of Western terrorism, one that our media likes to censor and hide from our consciences. After the interviews with the great Australian journalist John Pilger and the famous American playwright John Steppling, we have the honor and privilege of speaking to our great friend of l’AntiDiplomatico, asking some questions on burning current international issues. Alessandro Bianchi: I start from a brutal question: What has become of a country that it is offering Donald Trump as its ‘best candidate’?

Brexit: What Is It About?

By Paul Craig Roberts: If you read the presstitute media, Brexit - the referendum tomorrow on the UK’s exit from the EU - is about racism. According to the story line, angry rightwing racists of violent inclinations want to leave the EU to avoid having to accept more dark-skinned immigrants into England.
Despite the constant propaganda against exit, polls indicated that more favored leaving the EU than remaining until a female member of Parliament, Jo Cox, was killed by a man that a witness said shouted “Brexit.” Cox was an opponent of leaving the EU.
The UK government and presstitute media used Cox’s murder to drive home the propaganda that violent racists were behind Brexit. However, other witnesses gave a different report. The Guardian, which led with the propaganda line, did report later in its account that “Other witnesses said the attack was launched after the MP became involved in an altercation involving two men near where she held her weekly surgery.” Of course, we will never know, because Cox’s murder is too valuable of a weapon against Brexit.
There is no doubt that many in the UK are disturbed at the transformation of their country. One doesn’t have to be a racist to feel that one’s country is being stolen from them by people of alien cultures. The British have a long history of fighting off invaders, and many believe they are experiencing an invasion, although not an armed one. An armed one, of course, would not have the government’s and media’s support.

The Meaning Of Brexit

By Gilad Atzmon:
The Political is Personal
Whatever the British people decide about the EU the people who dwell on this island have been pushed to think patriotically and nationalistically. The decision each of us make to vote for ‘remain’ or for ‘leave’ will be based on the realisation that this political decision will have a significant personal impact.  
Party Politics is A Severe Form Of Detachment  
Both major parties failed to assess the huge appeal of the ‘call to leave.’ This blindness proves that the estrangement between the British political universe and the public is complete. This shouldn’t be much of a surprise. Many of the Britain’s political leaders are public school graduates. They are foreign to the experience of most of the British people. 
Big Money And The ‘Left’ Are United
The right wing capitalist Tories and the so-called ‘Left’ (Labour) support the remain campaign. How is it possible that the ‘Right’ and the ‘Left’ or shall we say, money and labour, support the same campaign or seemingly the same goal? Simple, the dichotomy between Left and Right is a myth. Both parties are funded by the same lobbies and serve the same interests. Both parties are supported by big money. Both parties are committed to consumerism rather than production. Both parties are tied with Jewish lobby groups and are attached to a Zio-con global agenda.

The EU Is Preparing For Another Stealth Coup

Taking its anti-democratic approach to a whole new level.
By Don Quijones: After years of tireless scheming behind hermetically closed doors, the time is almost due for the European Commission to give the respective national parliaments of the EU’s 28 Member States a chance to vote on the proposed trade agreement with Canada, the so-called Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). At long last, a secret agreement that received absolutely no input from the general public and a heck of a lot of input from the world’s biggest corporations and their lobbyists will be presented to and voted on by Europe’s elected representatives.
Or at that was the plan.
Ever since it began negotiating trade agreements like CETA, TTIP and TiSA, the Commission has repeatedly promised that when the proposed agreements were ready, it would let democracy take its course. But democracy and the latest generation of hyper-covert trade agreements are far from comfortable bedfellows, and the European Commission has already shown on numerous occasions a complete disregard for democratic process.
Lo and behold, last week a letter from the Italian minister for economic development, Carlo Calenda, to the EU commissioner for trade, Cecilia Malmström, was obtained by the Italian “Stop TTIP Campaign,” and posted on its site. In the letter, the two discuss the possibility of Italy’s government coming to the Commission’s rescue and effectively blocking the parliaments of all the other countries from having their say on CETA.
“I would like to inform you that Italy, after a technical and political assessment, is ready to consider to support the Commission on the ‘EU only’ nature of (the) above-mentioned agreement,” Calenda wrote.

"I Support Israel" Propaganda Meets Reality

Destroying The Feminist Kafka Trap

By : Did you know that feminists think zero reported rapes mean there is a tremendous amount of rape on campus? Or that low rates of military rape prove racism? Why do feminists think in such a bizarre, illogical and even juvenile fashion? Why do they even seem to cultivate and promote such lunacy? Can anything be done to stop the cancerous spread of their inanity?
In this article, I’ll open by reducing you to a child-like state of confusion and dependence. I will then use nonsequitur in the form of accusations to convince you that you are guilty of something you are innocent of. As you flail against your false anagnorisis, I will then offer you the tiniest sliver of hope, available only as long as you adhere to my poorly specified guidelines for your salvation.

Capitalism Will Collapse Because Elites ‘Allow Poor To Rot,’

RT: The banks behind politicians in the western world have allowed the poor to rot,” and now the elites in those countries, especially the US, are facing a revolt, journalist and author Tariq Ali told RT America’s Chris Hedges in an exclusive interview.
The elites who have run the United States and western Europe have proven incapable of offering even the smallest palliatives to their populations. They have allowed the poor to rot ‒ regardless of skin color ‒ and grow,” Ali said. “And so what we have is a protest against this center elite, which I call the extreme center because whether it’s social democratic or conservative, they unite to crush.”

Israel Sours On Netanyahu

Intro by PCR: Has the Israel Lobby assigned former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak and former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon to the class of “self-hating Jews?” These two former top officials of the Israeli government are obviously, to the crazed mind of the Israel Lobby, especially ADL, anti-semites for critizing the Israeli government.
TOI: Former PM Barak said that “only a blind person or a sheep, or an ignoramus, can’t see the erosion of democracy and the budding fascism in Israel.
Former DM Ya’alon said that Israel had been taken over by a “fanatical core group with a radical ideology” that freely attacks the Supreme Court, freedom of expression and other principles of democracy.
Barak said: “In capitals around the world — in London and Washington, in Berlin and Paris, in Moscow and Beijing — no leader believes a word coming out of Netanyahu’s mouth or his government’s.”
Netanyahu is the Israeli nut case elected PM by the vicious settlers. The traitors who comprise the US Congress invited Netanyahu to address Congress and give instruction as to the proper course of US foreign policy, which was “attack Iran.”