4 Jul 2016

Feminist Sex Is Morbid

Feminism LOL: Confused by modern definitions of “rape”? That's a good sign that you are mentally healthy. I'm going to make the case that feminist demands of the legal system are better suited to a church.

Complete Collapse Of Everything - Michael Krieger

What is coming is much worse than a financial crash. Former Wall Street analyst turned journalist, Michael Krieger, contends, “In my writings, when I first came out of Wall Street, I focused on debt, I focused on economics and I focused on financial markets. I did all of that stuff, but I stopped doing that for one simple reason. It was obvious to me . . . that this thing had only one way to go, which is a complete collapse of everything. We’re going to need to start over. There’s too much debt. There’s too much corruption. There’s too much BS. There’s too much war. There’s too much everything that is bad in this world, and debt is one aspect of it. Are we going to have to wipe out the debts one way or the other? Of course, we will.

America Destroyed

By Paul Craig Roberts: When I was young, America still existed. No more. Not even the blather from the 4th of July can hide the obvious fact.
The young do not know that they have lost their country, because they are born into a time when the country is lost. To them that is normalcy.
Besides, the young are too busy texting and describing themselves, often intimately, on social media to be aware of the fate that awaits them, lost as they are in their insouciance.
When I was young, the police were the public’s friends. We could count on them to help us, not abuse us. False arrest was rare. Abuse of citizens even rarer. Today both are routine.
Over the years I have written about the transformation of the police from protectors of the public into abusers of the public.
Over these years I have received many letters from former policemen who write that they gave up their profession out of disgust of the corruption and unaccountable brutality, or as a result of fear that they would be forced to participate in the corruption or become a victim of it.
Generally speaking, police departments are unaccountable, because mayors, county commissioners, and state representatives, as well as US Congressmen, can be arrested on false charges and demonized by the presstitutes as “criminals.” What police reporter do you know who is not on the side of the police, the source of his stories? The presstitutes participate in the frame-ups.
America is a lost country. The total corruption of every public and private institution is complete. Nothing remains but tyranny. And lies. Endless lies.

More Than Six Months Incarceration For Not Paying “Child Support” In Land Of The Free

The Court of Appeals of New York State, the highest court in the State, recently authorized incarceration for more than a six months for not paying “child support.” Men have no reproductive rights whatsoever. Men are also subject to state-institutionalized cuckolding and enormous anti-men bias in child custody proceedings. These weighty legal burdens constraint men’s freedom to engage in consensual sex of reproductive type. The court’s decision further disproportionately burdens men’s sexuality.
Law, policy, and public discussion concerning “child support” is filled with twisted words and deceptive statements. “Child support” doesn’t mean loving and supporting a child in the many ways in which children need support. “Child support” means one adult paying money to another adult, with no legal obligation on the recipient of that payment to spend it in any particular way. Moreover, the magnitude of the state-mandated payments between adults have no relation to the actual monetary needs of a child. The payments are indexed to the relevant adult’s income, not a child’s monetary needs. The state-mandated payments between adults are based on legal establishment of parenthood. For a man, that can mean nothing more than having sex one night with a woman and then years later being informed that she had a child and that he has been legally designated as the father of the child.

Hybristophilia The Female Attraction To Violence

bar bar: Ok, gentleman, today we’re going to discuss hybristophilia, a term I think most encapsulates the female penchant for the “bad boy”.  First the definition of the term according to a  medical dictionary online,
A paraphilia in which a person is sexuoerotically attracted to a person who has committed an outrage or a gruesome crime
Maybe it’s better to start with some examples found in popular culture and work our way up to the real world examples.  Many site the dynamic duo of the DC comics universe, the Joker and his equally psychopathic female companion Harley Quinn of being a clear cut example of the “Florence nightingale effect” In reference to the dedication that Florence Nightingale, who many consider to be the founder of modern nursing, demonstrated to her patients.

Come Again

Watusi87 Ft. bigCAKES - Come Again (Produced by Scam)

自杀之性 The Suicide Sex - Dr. Robert Whitley

Canadian Association for Equality: In Canada, over 75% of suicides are made by men, with over 50 men per week dying by suicide. Experts have labelled this a ‘silent epidemic’. In this presentation, Dr. Whitley will explore some of the socio-cultural factors that may be playing an explanatory role in these elevated rates of suicide and examine what can be done to prevent suicide and promote mental health.

Protest against MGM And Alison Saunders, Director of Public Prosecutions

Mike Buchanan: Alison Saunders is a radical feminist, the Director of Public Prosecutions, the head of the Crown Prosecution Service. In February 2016 she was awarded our Toxic Feminist of the Month award: https://j4mb.wordpress.com/toxic-femi...

Jason To Hypsipyle, Crazy Stalker From The Androcidal Lemnian Women

I remember when I, Jason, son of King Aeson, lost my sandal on my way home. How could I have foreseen that my lost sandal would take me into the child-desperate embraces of you, crazy Hypsipyle? Why didn’t my father’s brother just kill me? I would have suffered less if he had mercifully cut off my all-too-active head. 
Phineus offered sure prophecy to us, heroic Argonauts, blinded with our own folly. Phineus, a man who lived on his own, for dinner would prepare for himself a peanut-butter sandwich and some chips. What goddess would object to a man asking only for a sandwich? You would. You never got me a sandwich when I asked for one.
Phineus made his own sandwiches. But then horrid harpies would swoop down from their supervisory position, snatch his sandwich, and shit all over his plate. They watched and harassed him like you stalk and harass me. We chased the harpies away for Phineus. We would have killed them if the messenger goddess Iris hadn’t compelled us not to.
Phineus is now able to eat a peanut butter sandwich and chips for dinner in peace. I can’t eat dinner in peace because I fear for the children that I, too proud to practice a well-known Greek method of birth control, unintentionally had with you. Will you kill our children?

From Elie Wiesel To Jeremy Corbyn

Gilad Atzmon: Jeremy Corbyn thinks that his "Jewish friends'  are not "responsible for the actions of Israel or the Netanyahu Government." Corbyn may be right, but Elie Wiesel doesn't agree.  Israel and the Jews are for him one and the same...

Taunting Woman For Hating Men In Late Roman Misandristic Culture

The social construction of the male gaze expresses misandristic culture. It constructs men using their eyes and seeing as threatening and damaging to women. Although misandristic theory of the male gaze has been ornately elaborated in recent decades of academic scholarship, this social construction dates back to no later than late Roman antiquity. Luxorius memorably interrupted its hegemonic blinding with a poem ridiculing hatred of the male gaze.
Attempts to prevent men from seeing have dichotomized the male gaze by means of boundaries and divisions. An epigram preserved within the Anthologia Latina shows the mundane correlates of this ideological work:
About a sedan chair
The gleaming sedan chair encloses modest matrons.
It sparkles broadly on both sides as it is carried.
A pair of mules carry it under two poles,
and they move the swaying cocoon forward gradually,
taking care to move through public places such that
a chaste, married woman shouldn’t be darkened by the sight of men.