6 Jul 2016

Feminism - Not JUST About Attacking Men

Bearing: Feminism is not just about hating men - feminist Jodi is here to educate us on the sideline activities of the movement. - While she gives it her absolute best attempt, Jodi can't seem to make sense of the complicated movement - or much else for that matter.

Barbara McKenzie On Jeff Halper

Intro. by Gilad Atzmon: Barbara McKenzie just published a deconstruction of Jeff Halper's recent rant.  Halper like JVP and other spectacular 'good Jews' are concerned primarily with anti semitism and other Judeo-centric tribal interests.  Their light opposition to Israel and Zionism should be realised in terms of controlled opposition.
The following is a segment from McKenzie's recent article.
"Throughout the Palestine movement there pervades a belief that a special concern of Palestinians and pro-Palestine activists should be the fight against antisemitism. Jeff Halper clearly subscribes to this belief, and indeed the bulk of this article is devoted to just this issue. Halper is concerned that without strong leadership ‘the Palestinian issue will deteriorate into crazy and, yes, anti-Semitic conspiracy theories’. Bizarrely, he points to Gilad Atzmon as guilty in this regard. As Atzmon replied to Halper’s post, ‘I argue that there are NO Jewish conspiracies. You people do it all in the open whether it is Goldman Sachs wiping out Greece or Jeff Halper attempting to kosherise the discourse of the oppressed’. And in truth, Atzmon has never concerned himself with the theories that traditionally cause the ire of protectors of Jewish sensibilities, relating to the JFK assassination for example, or 9/11. Nor has he written about the type of ‘conspiracy theories’ that Halper is concerned with here, and which are discussed below.

Title IX And US College Rape: A Series Of Injustice Part 2

By : The number of victims on campus continues to rise as not much is actually done about it. There is a pool of knowledge around the topic of Title IX and campus rape, but no one is really providing any actions. Victims of sexual assault are courageously speaking up; the Vice President has provided verbal support for one particular rape victim, yet no one is moving closer to action. No one is even discussing reforming the power to prosecute or not prosecute given to college administrators. The consequences are sexual predators remaining on college campuses, and lives of those who haven’t done anything wrong absolutely destroyed.
Please keep in mind, this series is not to showcase “his word against hers,” this series is not about rape victims, nor is it about other people who pay the price when colleges fail. This series is intended to bring light to a different fact base. Colleges are ruining the futures of young adults through their mandated responsibility, but a total lack of ability to adjudicate campus sexual assault cases.
In Part One of this series, I told you about a case from Boston College. A young man’s life was ripped apart, even after being proven 100% without a doubt innocent, because campuses simply do not have the capability to do what the “Dear Colleague Letter“ mandates them to do. Part two of this series takes us to a case atThe University of Kentucky.

Lupus Stupor

DoctorRandomercam: You all know how this works by now. The people who can't laugh at themselves? Pity them, friends. Fret not but pity them. And I shall see you soon.

On Purpose And Value Of Life

Czech MGTOW: Some thoughts about us, our civilization and where we are heading to.

Shymaa's Story From GAZA - "We Are the Ones"

By Gilad Atzmon: Shymaa, a little 4 yr old girl who laid in a comma in a GAZA hospital, during the summer of 2014. She would recover to find her entire family was murdered by Jews during an Israeli bombing. Her story sparked the 2 Unite All benefit album with 30 world famed musicians like Peter Gabriel, Roger Waters, Stewart Copeland, Philip Lawrence (Bruno Mars) and the Love All Love Wins / UDHR (Universal Declaration of Human Rights) 

The Gold Standard: Friend Of The Middle Class

By Antonius Aquinas: It has been theoretically demonstrated and seen in general practice that a monetary system of 100% metallic money devoid of central banking checks monetary inflation, prevents a general rise in the price level, and eliminates the dreaded business cycle while making all sorts of monetary mischief nearly impossible.  A gold standard is not only economically superior to any paper money scheme, but is morally just, which is why it is hated by the politically well-connected, academics, politicians, and the rest of the Establishment. 
Often not discussed, however, even by its proponents is the beneficial effect that “hard money” has for the middle class.
It is not a coincidence that since the U.S. left the last vestiges of the gold standard in 1971with President Nixon’s nefarious decision to no longer redeem international central bank payments in gold, real wages for Americans have stagnated.  Nixon’s decision to put the nation on an irredeemable paper money standard set it on a course of economic ruination, which is why he should have been hounded from office not for his role in the bungled, petty cover up at the Watergate.

Feminists Hate Women And Worship Men

johntheother: You are heroic. You are patient. You are kind, and generous, and compassionate. You cannot possibly be the horrible things they say you are, because if they thought you were actually evil, violent, and predatory, they would know not to say so to your face.

Who Will Replace Elie Wiesel?

"Palestinians are losing their rights, their water, their homes and their farms right now!" Said Brother Nathanael.

Oh My God, Brexit

Max and Stacy discuss NIRP absurdity as negative yielding sovereign bonds top $11.7 trillion whilst futures spike on banks buying back their own shares. In the second half Max interviews Ed Harrison about negative interest rates and the Brexit aftermath.