10 Jul 2016

Omphale Pummeled Hercules: Not Just Ancient Greek Myth

Hercules was sold as a slave to the Lydian queen Omphale. Their relationship became like that of a wife and husband. About 1850 years ago, Lucian explained:
No doubt you have seen some picture of him: he is Omphale’s slave, dressed up in an absurd costume, his lion-skin and club transferred to her, as though she were the true Heracles, while he, in saffron robe and purple jacket, is combing wool and wincing under Omphale’s slipper. [1]

The phrase “wincing under Omphale’s slipper” refers to Omphale beating Hercules with her slipper. Domestic violence against men, like violence against men generally, tends to be ignored or trivialized. Yet ancient literature has preserved evidence of the extent and seriousness of domestic violence against men.
An epigram from fourth-century Alexandria takes a no-nonsense approach to domestic violence against men. It forthrightly recognizes women’s rule, which many scholars still refuse to recognize today. It also declares the pervasiveness of domestic violence against men despite men’s own shameful denials:

Anil Kumar On The Eve Of ICMI 2016

Brule with Anil Kumar from India at ICMI 2016 in London, UK

Modern Day Mother’s - The Biggest Enemy Of The Children

By We are always used to the concept of Mother as the biggest protector of their children. A mother can even shred her life to protect her children in a blink of eye. She can sacrifice anything and everything for the happiness and well being of her child. Well these used to be the truth. And I salute all those mothers who were like this, and I bow down my head with lot of gratitude, love and affection towards them. That was the sanctity and beauty of a mother for which we used to say one cannot repay a mothers loan( Matru Runa) even in seven lives.
Let us look at this in the modern day context, especially In India.  Indian families have been broken into small cells. Husband, wife and children. Many daughter in laws don’t want to stay along with their father and mother in-laws. To them it seems like a disturbance in their privacy. These old parents of husband are unwanted and by hook or crook try to keep them away for their families. It’s the days of woman empowerment so these wives win, and succeed in keeping them separately so that they can have their own private space, they and their hubby and their own children. In the process, they forget, how much important the love and affection and the teachings what their children could have got from their grand parents. To them it does not seem like a matter to be considered before their own selfishness.

What Happens After Cops Start Getting Shot?

Authored by Justin King: The airwaves are full of pundits screaming about violence against police officers. These are the same pundits that disregarded the warnings of experts in the field of insurgency when the Ferguson riots broke out and chose to dismiss the rioters as “thugs.” They continued to cheerlead for more police militarization even after the first officers were shot in targeted killings. They are now continuing their efforts to support police militarization. Those of us that warned of this last year, have watched in horror as all of our predictions came true. We are now in the fourth stage of the cycle of insurgency. The fifth stage is open insurrection. It is time for officers to dismiss the pundits on Fox News that have never held a firearm outside of a range and listen to people that know what they are talking about. None of us that have made these warnings did so because these are things we want to happen, we did it in an attempt to stop them from happening. A year after my first article on the subject, every single prediction has come true. Can the pundits on Fox News say that? No, and listening to their rhetoric has caused more cops and innocents to die.

Janet Bloomfield Arrives In London For ICMI 2016

Brule with Janet Bloomfield, aka Judgy Bitch,
pre-interview at ICMI 2016.

Erasing Woman Raping Man: The Old Virgin In Codex Salmasianus

Apparently unknown for nearly a thousand years, Luxorius brilliant, transgressive collection of epigrams have survived in only one manuscript. Luxorius seems to have authored his epigrams early in the sixth century GC. A manuscript containing 91 of Luxorius’s epigrams was written in the late seventh or early eighth century. That manuscript is called the Codex Salmasianus. Luxorius’s epigram collection apparently was unknown until the Codex Salmasianus was found and presented to a prominent scholar in 1615.[1] Yet establishing what Luxorius wrote still requires careful study and analysis.

How many generations of copies separate the Codex Salmasianus from Luxorius’s autograph or dictated manuscript isn’t known. When scribes copied texts, they sometimes made mistakes. Moreover, scribes would sometimes change text to reflect their views of what should be written. A scholar of Luxorius’s poetry stated in 1961:
the text became more and more corrupt in the course of successive copying and recopying. Copious emendations were required; much work in that respect still remains. [2]

Sage Gerard And Doctor Randomercam On The Eve Of ICMI 2016

Brule: I met with Sage Gerard on the eve of ICMI 2016 at the Excel Conference center in London, UK

Breakdown Of US Citizens Killed By Sexist And Racist Cops In 2016

By Tyler Durden: In the U.S. a total of 509 citizens have been killed this year alone by police. The body count for the previous year stands at a grand total of 990 people shot dead, according to the Washington Post. As the below infographic from Statista shows, most of those killed by police are male and white. 123 of those shot were Black Americans. This is a relatively high share, keeping in mind that close to 13 percent of Americans belong to that ethnic group.
Infographic: Breakdown of U.S. citizens killed by police in 2016 |